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    Its not to say other bugs won't be addressed, they will, however in effort to cross the highest priority ones off first we are focused on the following. If bugs come in that appear "easy" in eyes of Devteam, then they may take it on.

    1.) Speed - will be top of their list on a continual basis
    2.) Hidden Folders will be back very soon - testing solution today.
    3.) Tracking comments
    4.) Log In / Log Out - we've made some promising progress on this.
    5.) Member Center - Galleries

    Again, not to say other bugs reported aren't important - they are, but the above is what we're focused on in the short term. The process is dev team member works on solution in his environment, pushes it to test in our QA environment, if tests out OK, we then release to live environment.

    I hope this helps a little. Thank you all for you patience while we work through this.

    Should we create a thread - "I am angry and I want to strangle Glenn?" this way we can keep those threads separate from the bug reporting threads. We'll read both - would just help with organizing hate mail vs bug mail.
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  2. So being angry means being "hateful"?
    Mr Photonet, There is plenty of good reasons to be angry, so please don't separate the angry comments from "bugs", as this overall mess is in itself a major bug.
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  3. Thanks for the update, Glenn. Not the highest order of things that are annoying me, but I appreciate that they're bothering others, so I'll wait my turn! Knowing what's going on is very useful (it'll stop me checking some things unnecessarily); I look forward to your next report.
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    Thank you for your feedback and patience. Have a nice day.
  5. I think that many of us are angry and want to strangle Glenn not primarily because of the bugs, but because of the whole approach which you have taken toward the redesign of the site, which we utterly don't care for. And I don't know if you consider it a bug or not, but these little slivers of pictures that are used as thumbnails is something that I find completely annoying. How can you compare or find pictures when you can only see little bits of them?
  6. Well, I want to strangle somebody for the update policy. Glenn is currently safe because I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, and assuming he's just the messenger. :)

    (Disclaimer: I know the dev team actually got threats last time. That's absolutely, mind-bogglingly out of order, and I want to be clear that I'm just joking.)
  7. Just to add a few notification only works rarely and when I do click on a response it opens to a Safari p/n page that keeps reloading about once a second.
  8. Do you guarantee all bugs to be fixed by February 30, 2017? :D
  9. I stll can't update my profile. That's *not* a bug?
  10. I wish we were still able to submit images for ratings.
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  11. 3/3 ...but it was the best image I have ever released, oh how could they, why,, Not sure if I will miss that a lot. Perhaps come up with a better rating system similar to professional photo judging. Maybe something like the PPA 12 elements of merit criteria. LINK. Something that could have some meaning and thought.
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  12. The solution that you have come up with to notify us of replies to comments we have made on other member's pictures is not a good answer. Take a look at the number of comments I have made in the past. Can you imagine what my e-mail inbox would look like? You had a perfectly workable, easy to use system in the three lists from the old system, conveniently located on your work space page: comments you have made; comments you have received; and follow up comments. Is it a technical impossibility to simply bring these lists back? I'm not being sarcastic; that's a real question.
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  13. Hope someone is working on the insane auto-refreshes.
  14. This morning in an effort to try and sort for ourselves this mess for notification, a simple experiment between 3 members rapidly turned into 21 emails in my inbox. I can only imagine what a persons inbox would look like should they comment as often as Jack and some other dedicated members do.
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    Hi Jack - apologies - yes I should have provided more detail behind "Tracking Comments" noted above, that is also being worked on. The thought process behind getting notifications was to bring users back to the site, that is a feature in "my account" that can be turned on or off. If you don't wish to receive notifications, then that button should be turned off. BUT - for those that visit the site daily and log into the Member Center we are working on bringing back
    comments you have made; comments you have received; and follow up comments. Nothing is impossible - it can only seem it at times.
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  16. Glenn, if you could bring back those three lists, I'm sure you would make a lot of frequent commenters happy. Also, I would recommend starring the three threads by Leslie (How to Manuals 1,2 and 3) as they are attempts by members to share info on getting around the bugs that roam these corridors and should not be lost in the progression of threads.
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  17. Agree with Jack. Laurie and Leslie are doing a great job with the crowd sourcing effort. Those threads deserve stickies. It will be a lot easier for others to see the threads and maybe get assistance without posting an additional thread. If those threads supply an answer to a problem, and then you folks in the fix it center come up with a system wide solution, then that remedy could be posted in those threads also as a follow up. The effort in those threads is deserving of attention and support.
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    Will do!
  19. To clear this problem clear the cookies from your browser. The "keep me logged in" checked is the cause.
    This solution works in Firefox and Safari, try it on your browser. Firefox-Options-Privacy-Show cookies- scroll to the folder, highlight, delete selected.
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