How-to Manual Part 2: Unanswered questions (Experiment in crowd-sourcing)

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  1. Part 2: Unanswered questions
    This is the companion thread to How-to Manual Part 1: The answers; please see that thread for the general explanation of what we’re trying to do here.
    This thread is intended to collect the how-to questions that people need to have answered. If you’ve searched through the companion thread and didn’t find an answer to your question, then post the question here. People who know the answer are then encouraged (!) to post a description of how to solve the problem in the companion thread, Part 1: The answers. And it would be useful to post a note here, too, to indicate that the question has been answered.
    But as is the case with Part 1, in order for this to be useful, it MUST stay on topic—please do not dilute the thread with other kinds of comments.
    If you have suggestions for how to make this work better or want to discuss the idea, I’ve started a third thread—How-to Manual Part 3: Suggestions for making the experiment work better.
  2. How do I know if there has been any follow up to a comment that I have made on another members photo? Hopefully not some convoluted route but something simple such as what we had before.
  3. brf


    another question- can one upload an image with a comment as before?
  4. I
    I just posted a solution in the Answers thread--let me know in this thread (Questions) if it doesn't work<br><br>
    I'm still trying to figure out the answer to yours, Gordon, but need to do some experimenting. Does anyone else know the answer?
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  5. brf


    Leslie, thanks, but I meant a comment on a photo, not in a forum. So, question still remains. How to add a photo to a comment ( critique) on a photo. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, I didn't realize that we can no longer comment on our own photos or respond to those who do. That function has been deleted or overlooked.

    By the way, I think it might be helpful to sign each of our posts with the name we wish to use so that we can all decipher who's who. Regards, Jack
  7. Jack, I just did. Saw your post, decide to try for myself, and it worked, I commented on my photo 'linemen', as a reply to a previous comment. Maybe some erraticism is still sorting itself out, and is not necessarily a permanent state of affairs. (Or maybe somebody, be it programmer or god-in-the-ether, likes me better than you!)
  8. Wayne - Sorry, I jumped before I looked carefully enough. It was there all the time. If it were a snake it would have bit me.
  9. <br>
    Hi brf,<br>
    Could you clarify what you would like to do. Do you want to add a photo in a comment under another photo?(see your question above); Add a comment to one of your own photos? Or add a comment to someone else's photo, for example, in the critique gallery?<br>
  10. <br>
    Gordon, I have posted an answer to your question (if I have understood it properly) over in "PART 1". Unfortunately it is doesn't give you exactly what you need, but it is a partial answer.<br>
    It is under the heading "How to find a comment you made on someone else's photo (partial solution):"<br>
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  11. brf


    OK, sorry for not being clear: Let's say you want to post a comment on a photo, whether one's own or someone elses, no matter, along with that comment you want to upload a photo to illustrate a point or to show an adjustment made to the original photo. It used to be when adding a comment (or critique) there would be a request if you want to upload a file-no longer there. That is the question- how can this be done now? Thanks
    Greg Sava
  12. Laurie, I posted this to the other thread and Leslie asked me to post it here instead, so here's my problem after having read your solution to seeing comments:
    OK, here's what happens for me. I hover on my avatar at the top and click on MY PROFILE and am taken to PN's home page. Then I hover on my avatar again and click on MY PROFILE and am taken to the page with the bubble photo. I see COMMUNITY at the bottom and click on COMMENTS. It defaults to NEWEST and I get a bunch of thumbnails, all of which are my own photos. Down under that I get an orange bar that says LOAD MORE. When I click on that, I get a bunch more of my own photos and the last 5 or 6 Photos of the Week that I commented on. I see no photos of others that I've commented on in recent days or weeks. So, since I think the forums are working reasonably well, I'm going to completely sit out any attempts at actually looking at or working on my own portfolio or that of others. So, right now, for me, this is a forum only site and not a photography site. That seems to have been the site redesign focus and until I'm assured by admin or friends that they've bothered to put some thought and effort into the photography side of things, I will avoid it. Nice for a photo sharing site, huh?
  13. Laurie, when you go to COMMENT, you're actually finding thumbnails of others' photos you made comments on? Like I said, I'm not. I'm just seeing my own photos. And, when you hover on your avatar at the top of this page and then click on MY PROFILE, are you first being taken to the PN homepage, like I am? I sense the system is working very differently for different people, perhaps because of different browsers and programmer issues.
  14. Comment from Gordon on an earlier post (How to find a comment you made on someone else's photo), moved from Part 1:

    Thanks Laurie that does let me know what I have commented on but as you say gives me no idea of whether or not any response or dialog occurred beyond that. Better than nothing, I suppose, but nowhere near as well designed as the system that it replaced. Also, in the interest of clarity, I found the 'Comments' area under "Community" not "Favourites" or"Favorites" if you're Merikan and don't know how to spell.
  15. <br>
    Greg sorry for taking so long to reply. I posted an "answer" How-to Manual Part 1: The answers thread. I think it will be the 18th reply. In short, there isn't a way to do it at the moment that I can find. All you can do is paste in a link - so fairly useless. More details on the above ink.<br>
  16. <br>
    Hi, sorry to take so long to answer. I read your post but didn't have time to respond.<br>
    To answer your last question first - yes I get the same problem.I first get taken to the homepage and when I do the sequence again only then do I end up at my profile page. I think Leslie has the same problem so it is probably affecting a few people.<br>
    Now for the harder question. A couple of days ago I did a trial and left 2 comments on someone's photos. These appeared in my comments list in 1st and 2nd place followed by comments I had made on photos in the original So it appeared that everything was working okay. However today I made a comment on one of my own photos and this is now in 3rd place even though it is "newer" than the others. In addition, one of the old comments is in front comments made by Leslie as a trial on my gallery a couple of days ago. (I hope all that makes sense). So in other words either the sorting system is out of whack or the date system is.
    At least we know that a few people at least have this problem.<br>
  17. brf


    Laurie- thanks- another thing, in the past (way back then) the exif info would be uploaded with a photo when posted for critique. There still seems to be a few things automatically there, but they are really weird and not correct. For example- here the model is correct and the iso, however the real shutter was 1/80 and the aperture was f-14. I see no way of correcting or changing these. Any ideas? Greg
    Shutter Speed Value
    6321928/1000000 (6.322)
    Aperture Value
    Iso Speed Ratings
  18. Ha ha . Well just to these equence things are like a secret handshake game of some sort.<br>
    For me, when I get to the second "click on my profile", where from the above clues I am supposed to be taken to the "page with bubbles", I geta 404 page not found.<br>
    But then I'm an old guy not a new user, so I can't be expected to get it.
  19. This appears to be a bug--I'll add it to the list in the Bug Report thread. And so far I haven't found a way to edit the camera info.
  20. Can anyone tell me the maximum dimensions o a picture so that it can be viewed without scrolling when posting a photo to your portfolio?

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