Nikon Introduces Mirrorless Z System

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  1. I agree with Joe! While I don't use high flash sync but if you do then a high sync speed is much better the FP because FP wastes too much flash power.
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  2. Re slow 1/200th synch speed.
    "Does it really matter that much?"

    - Yes! If you want any real flash power the puny Nikon speedlights (radio controlled or not) are woefully inadequate. You need one or more monolights with some real 'poke', and to use them with a virtual leaf shutter in X-synch mode, not the wasteful HSS extended pulse mode.

    Not talking about electrical noise BTW, but dBA.

    And still no 16 bit A/D option!
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  3. I have enjoyed using a Sony A7I for fun, but still greatly prefer my D810 for when I need to get photos. Although I am sure the Sony III series are better than what I have, the Nikon system and UI is just more effective for me.

    It looks like the Nikon Z system will give me the option to choose a mirrorless body where the advantages of that technology will benefit. What I (hopefully) anticipate vs DSLR's will be increased AF (perfect) hit rate on a subjects eye at close distance/open aperture, smaller & better wide angle lenses.

    Lack of 2nd card slot is a little disappointing, but maybe wi-fi link out back up for mission critical events would work out. Other specs look like reasonable choices to me, maybe the frame rate with AF could be a little higher.

  4. No, it's not a typo and they are not trying to put you off. The figure is the results of tests conducted under CIPA protocol - a protocol devised to compare "apples to apples" when comparing battery life of cameras.

    Here is a link that explains the test protocol (in layman's terms):

    Battery life based on CIPA standard: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

    The figure given is correct as is the figure given by DPRevies that they got 1600 shots and some video the way they used the camera. What will you get? It depends upon how you use the camera.
  5. For speed and reach I use a D500. My only full frame body is a D800e. ***IF*** the D800e fails at some point in the future, I could see the Z6/Z7 as a replacement given the type of photography that I do with the D800e. It will allow me to continue to use my F mount lenses and with Z-mount lenses, give me a smaller package. The lack of a 2nd card slot is disappointing.

    But at this time my D800e is still going strong and since I’m generally a late adopter anyway, I probably won’t jump in until the 2nd or 3rd generation of the Z platform.
  6. 500% wrong....? in which case CIPA is NOT representative

    ... unlike WV emission figures.
  7. Hey Shun,

    Were you able to get a reservation for the Z event at San Jose Camera? It was "sold out" by the time I opened my email about it this morning.
    Yeah, these cameras are going to sell!
  8. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Wow, I received e-mail from San Jose Camera at 5am this morning about the Z launch event. Can't believe it is all sold out in a few hours. I think we missed Keeble and Shuchat in the South Bay (San Francisco) area. I went to their D5 event a few months before they went out of business.

    There is certainly interest in Nikon Z. Whether that translates to a lot of sales remains to be seen.
  9. Yes there is certainly a lot of interest but may not interest in buying. Some are interested in whether the Nikon can beat their Sony.
  10. But the difference between 1/200s and 1/250s is just one third stop. Such a small difference doesn’t require you to add more flashes or larger ones for that matter. Canon 5D series is the most popular professional camera in the world and all of those models have a top sync speed of 1/200s.

    Use of high speed sync is fine in practice for what I shoot and allows me to shoot at wide apertures in situations where it would otherwise not be possible. The power loss for going from 1/250s to 1/500s is one stop. Usually this speed is enough to allow me to choose at the aperture I want in outdoor situations in the kind of lighting that I like to work with.
  11. OK, just curious. I know this doesn't effect the performance of the camera at all, but what was your reaction to the shape/look/design of the camera from a strictly aesthetic perspective?
  12. I am talking about having the electronic shutter and it can sync to the full 1/8000 shutter speed. 1/200 and 1/250 is irrelevant because I would bet that the Z will sync at 1/250.
  13. Likely you won’t be able to use flash at all in fully electronic shutter mode. Z6/Z7 sync is 1/200s.
  14. Just read the DP review first impressions.
    Looks like the Z 7 autofocus is OK and that is all it is. Probably not that much of a surprise.
    Glad to see that the Z cameras have in body stabilization but that is not enough yet for me to add one to my arsenal.
    I do like the size of the camera and the substantial grip. Some of the Sony mirrorless system cameras look tiny and unbalanced
    on the longer focal length lenses. Size does help when your balancing on a tripod and after having put my d3200 on a long lens to see how it would handle I feel that
    there is merit in having some mass. I was pleased with the D500 for that very reason. I don't care how the body looks as much how it feels and functions. The Nikon 1 system was just too small for my taste. I hope this new start does well and evolves but has very good and not just useable compatibility with my current lenses.
  15. People here seem to concentrate on bodies rather than glass...however has somebody noticed that the NanoCoating is absent on Z or "S" line of lenses (even on 58/0.95) !? I wonder from where the letter "S" is comming ??? (maybee : Special, Super, Sealed, Small or Simple :) ).
    And the absence of second card slot ... just imagine nowadays shooting an important wedding with no like Russian roulette. Yesterdy one of my ExtremPro 32Gb SD card suddenly and totally unexpected died , I have 3 64Gb XQD cards for my D4s and have no problems so far....but...
    All I'm saying is simply this : For that amount of money Nikon should give us a 100% professional mirorless system, or maybe they imagine ordinary people will give up their 1000$ phones and stay in line to buy "Z" cameras.
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    Actually all three initial Z-mount lenses (24-70mm/f4, 50mm/f1.8, 35mm/f1.8) have Nano Crystal coating, but apparently Nikon does not use that N symbol on their mirrorless lenses any more.


    See the following press release:
    Nikon | News | Nikon releases the NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S, NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S, NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S, and the Mount Adapter FTZ, and develops the NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct

    Nikon is not providing details on the 58mm/f0.95 lens yet, but expect it to be very expensive such that few on this forum would be getting it, anyway.

    I don't like the fact that Nikon only provides one XQD slot on the Z6 and Z7. XQD is reliable enough that I may tolerate it, but I wouldn't use a camera without dual cards to capture weddings or other critical, no-second-chance occasions. Hopefully there is enough complaint that Nikon will correct that issue in the next generations.
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  17. I think the bodies are aimed at the enthusiast segment for now. When there is a reasonably complete native lens line (the three f/2.8 zooms are a start in that direction), and once the new technology has been put through its paces and refined over a couple of generations, then there may be fully professional bodies including dual card slots. For now there is much development, testing and refinement to be done.

    I think XQD card failure is probably unusual but I don’t have enough data to make conclusions on that. The reason Nikon put in a single slot is likely because the insides are crowded and power consumption, heat management and grip size are limiting factors.

    For a wedding I would simply use two or three cameras and design the shoot so that a card failure is not catastrophic for the coverage.

    My interest in these cameras is related to silent operation but a 1/15s electronic shutter read time is not tempting. I am happy to wait for Nikon to develop a faster sensor so that movement is not distorted in silent photography. At that point I may buy into the new system.
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  19. Does the new Z bodies have mechanical shutters? Are they compatible with current and recent flashes? Specifically SB-800 of which I have 3?
  20. I honestly think we need to wait for a production camera with production firmware and then see reviews done with that, and test it out ourselves, before making too many conclusions about suitability to purpose. Not preordering a camera before trying it out is probably a smart thing to do in any case.

    Yes, there is a mechanical shutter. The Z7 and Z6 are compatible with optical and radio CLS control of flashes, i.e. SB-5000 and SB-700 are mentioned in the brochure. The WR-R10 can apparently be plugged into the side of the camera without the WR-A10 adapter, so it's a bit simpler setup than using e.g. D850 where you also need the adapter. I don't know specifically about the SB-800 but I would think that they are compatible, since they're CLS flashes.

    I really like it that the flash system is compatible. I particularly like the radio-controlled SB-5000.
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