Delkin to Introduce XQD Cards

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Aug 18, 2018.

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    Ellis Vener has posted the following link to another forum:
    Delkin Launches Premium XQD Cards

    It is a press release to be go to the public on August 21. Therefore we are a few days early.

    Last year, Delkin had announced that they would introduce CFexpress (CFX) cards, probably later in 2018. CFexpress cards have the same form factor as XQD cards and use the same underlying PCI technology, but CFX cards will use multiple PCI lands and will be faster.

    It is a bit unexpected (at least to me) that Delkin would suddenly get into the XQD market when they are almost ready to introduce its successor. However, since Lexar is still unable to deliver XQD cards after its ownership change, maybe Delkin is trying to fill the void.

    It is expected that the up-coming Nikon mirrorless camera will have at least one XQD slot. Therefore, there is clearly demand for XQD cards in addition to demands from D4, D4s, D5, D500, and D850 owners as well as certain Sony camcorder owners. Assuming that the Nikon mirrorless camera does take XQD, it is very good news that there is another supplier besides Sony. Ever since Lexar left that part of the market, there has been some XQD shortage on and off, and prices have gone up, although prices for memory cards have gone up a bit overall anyway.
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    Now it is August 21 (2018), and the new Delkin XQD cards are official.

    This is a link to the Delkin web site, where it specifies that their new cards are compatible with all existing Nikon DSLRs that have XQD slot(s):
    Delkin Premium XQD Memory Cards - Delkin Devices

    And Adorama and B&H have them for pre-order on their web sites:
    The prices are similar to their Sony counterparts, but the Delkins are 120G and 240G instead of 128 and 256.

    Assuming the up-coming high-end Nikon mirrorless camera will also have an XQD slot, having a second XQD supplier is welcome news. Still not sure what is going on with Lexar XQD, though.
  3. There's now a supply of Lexar 32gb and 64GB XQD cards at Amazon.
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    Well, Mary, sort of. Amazon's current price for a 32G Lexar XQD card is $101. That is quite high and about $11 more than a Sony 32G.
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    It looks like the Delkin XQD cards can now be pre-ordered at Adorama, and they will ship in late October:
    Delkin Devices Premium XQD

    They have 64G, 120G (not 128), and 240G capacities.
    Prices are similar to equivalent Sony XQD cards.

    B&H is still showing new item coming soon. A second supplier of XQD cards is really good news. In particular, the Z6 and Z7 are coming. Those are the first two Nikon cameras that require XQD cards without any other memory card option.
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  6. I've had a hard time finding XQD cards for my D4, still haven't got one. Good to hear this though, I knew something would shake the card makers up to get to work.

    Rick H.
  7. Incidentally, I've been assuming that the Nikon-branded XQD cards are just rebadged Sonys, on the basis that Nikon don't own a fab and outsourcing a custom memory card would be weird. And that Nikon could choose to switch supplier if they want.

    Am I making an ass out of u and mption?
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    Sorry, it looks like it is actually pre-order at Adorama, not yet in stock.
  9. While the Nikon cards are rebranded, it is not clear to me who is making them. The 120GB card capacity matches Delkin's and not the typical Sony 128GB but Sony may also be making those sizes, just not (yet?) widely available.
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  10. Good to know there's more competition. Let's hope it will bring the price down.
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    Both Sony and previously Lexar are selling 128G XQD cards. Delkin are/will be selling 120G cards. Perhaps Nikon is merely putting a yellow Nikon sticker on Delkin cards.

    And CFX CF express) cards should be just right around the corner. I know predicting the future is always a bit risky, but if CFX cards are not available in late 2018, most likely they will be in early 2019. Nikon has promised that they will issue firmware update to accommodate CFX. Therefore there will be a few choices for XQD-type cards in the next 6 months or so. I am not sure which new devices will require CFX. Perhaps we'll see some new 4K camcorders at PhotoKina. (CFX is not compatible with CFast.)
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