Nikon Introduces Mirrorless Z System

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Sucked into the vortex of the techno industrial complex.....
    Perpetual purchasers of the obsolete......

    I want to be buried out by the mailbox with my old Pentax.
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  2. They AF with Nikon lenses - the third party solutions available for that purpose on Sony cameras aren't very convincing.
  3. I do think that the adapter would function well with all F mount lenses with built in motor. Without built in motor then it's full manual but that's OK too.
  4. Correct, based on follow-up information. I watched the video last night, which estimated the price at 440,000 yen, with taxes, which translates to $3960.

    The amazing lens lineup for the Z is comparable to the kit lenses which form the baseline for Sony. Having room for only a single card flies in the face of customer demands. An XQD card to boot. Fortunately someone took over their manufacture after Lexar bowed out.

    There is no compelling reason to switch from Sony. However the Nikon badge and price points will probably attract newbies and dedicated Nikon users. It is clear that the Z developers worked. under the heavy hand of the DSLR faction at Nikon, with a de facto "non-compete" agreement.

    The Z7 has two programmable buttons near the lens mount, on the right, whereas the Z6 does not. Battery capacity is close to that of the Sony (84%), but don't expect it to hold up as well as in the D850. MILC's have a lot more things to draw power than a DSLR. Sony managed to reduce the power demand in the v3 cameras to 40% that in the v2 versions, while more than doubling the battery capacity. It is not unusual to get 800-1000 shots and all-day use, in single-frame mode. In high speed mode, the number can exceed 6000. The Nikon will probably have better capacity than the pre-release estimates.
  5. I understand that a battery grip will be offered, and wonder if it might include a second memory card slot. That will make the added slot look like an afterthought, but would still be welcome.
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  7. ShunCheung

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    Having only one memory card slot is a very obvious feature for the Z6 and Z7, and at least IMO, that is a major disadvantage of those camera. The fact that one card slot is XQD makes it a bit better since XQD is very reliable, but any memory card could fail at some point. I am quite sure that Nikon engineers and marketing have carefully considered the pro and cons about not including a second, perhaps SD slot, as the D850 and D500 do. I just don't quite agree with their decision.

    I kind of doubt that the D6 and D7 have interface connections at the bottom of the cameras to send image data back and forth to the up-coming grip. If they are planning a second card slot in the grip, I would imagine Nikon would have already mentioned it. It looks like the grip will only supply space for a second EN-EL15(b) battery and perhaps shutter release and dials for the vertical orientation. The size of the camera limits the size of the grip such that there is no room for the larger EN-EL18(abc) battery, but an SD slot should have been possible.
  8. ShunCheung

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    Perhaps I am reading too much, literally between the lines, into this road map, but for 2018, there are three green lines for the three lenses in the initial announcement. For 2019, it looks like there will be up to 6 new lenses (red). For 2020, there are also 6 blue lines, but only 3 lenses listed and the other 3 blue line left blank. For 2021, there are 8 blank gray lines.

    I wonder whether Nikon has plans for up to 6 new mirrorless lenses in 2020. The three not yet listed could include DX lenses for future DX mirrorless bodies, but Nikon doesn't want to show their hands for DX bodies.

    Since I don't seen any 400mm/f2.8 Z mount lens listed, I have the feeling that Nikon's next flagship sports camera will continue to be a DSLR. I would expect a D6 in late 2019 or early 2020 ready for the 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics. Since it will be in Japan, I am sure the likes of Canon, Sony, and Nikon will use that occasion to showcase their new cameras.

  9. Is there any information that describes the buffer size/capabilities for both the Z 7 and the Z6 ay maximum frames per second or various frames per second? Is the Z6 designed for action shooting vs the Z7?
  10. They listed in the short video portion of the presentation that the camera will offer 4K at 30fps and 1080 at 120fps. To me it seems like in 1080 there would be choices that you could make such as 24,30 or 60. Maybe they just listed the high end and skipped the rest. Also on another point if the camera has poor battery life they are going to offer a power grip. Also I saw somewhere that it will accept USB charging and wonder if you could power the camera from a USB brick while shooting. Anyway it looks like a nice camera and a great introduction for Nikon. They will only get better at least for the Pro line gear. The single card slot is not going to be popular among the high end camera customers as the lack of a flippy screen for vloggers/you-tubers.
  11. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    The Z6 can capture up to 12 fps (with some limitations). Since it is a 24MP body and uses one XQD card, as long as you have one of the latest, fast XQD card (e.g. 2933x) and use 12-bit compressed RAW, I would imagine that the Z6 can write to the card faster than what it can capture so that buffer size doesn't matter.

    The Z7 can capture up to 9 fps (again with some limitations), but since it is 45MP, I don't think it can write to XQD faster than it can capture, unless you resort to shooting only JPEG.

    For the exact performance numbers, we need to wait until we get our hands on production models. 12 vs 14 bit capture, uncompressed, lossless compressed and lossy compressed make a difference too.

    The Z6 seems to be the "economy" model. Its fps is higher mainly because it is "only" 24MP. It is not the equivalent of the D5.
  12. Since most of us didn't watch the launch live does anyone know if there is a video of the launch somewhere?
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    Both B&H abd Roberts Camera have Live discussions scheduled as well. Received Emails from them. I'd guess every major vendor will have something if you care to check their sites.
  14. ShunCheung

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    If you go to the original link:
    Nikon | New Products Global Launch Event

    It says the archive movie is coming soon.

    The opening part is Nikon's CEO talking about Nikon's 101-year history, the Nikon F, D3 ....
  15. I hope the Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter will allow the Nikor 600mm f4 lens to operate as quickly as it does with Nikon's DSLRs. Its reassuring that Nikon has not left the adapter to third party companies. The FTZ Mount Adapter has a tripod mount but does not look like it rotates. That would have been nice. I have no plans at this time to buy just yet but look forward to seeing this system evolve. Mirrorless is inevitable and this looks like a first decent firststep. What no $400 battery grip?
  16. It seems natural that a Z-8 would incorporate a second card slot. I may have been a little rough on my first post, but the cameras do look good and as a mirrorless enthusiast and lifelong Nikon enthusiast I'm hoping for the best as competition will only strengthen the herd. I see that many Photographers still struggle at the notion of Mirrorless. As we've seen in just 3 years, the features and overall effort to make techno marvels is quite impressive. Finding ways to bring DSLR performance without a mirror is more challenging than first thought it seems, but getting so so close.
  17. Agree. Nikon should concentrate on what it does best. The Nikon brand is highly regarded with countless loyalists; so why muddy the water and risk becoming second-third best or worse?
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  18. Believe it or not, it's already available at eBay from Japan, just at a higher price... link.

  19. Poor battery life, no SD or second XQD slot, delayed f/2.8 zooms that should have been available at launch, a manual focus lens nobody was asking for, and exorbitant UK pricing. But otherwise I quite like the look of them!
  20. I read that the upcoming battery grip may hold two batteries so that should help a lot.

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