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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by mauro_franic, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Kodak brings it on over and over again. Thank you!
    The new Portra 400 is sharp with subtle tones and tight grain structure.
    Beater bowl makes a great parabolic reflector...
  2. Too bad the focus was not on the hair. :) I just got a roll in 120 so I will need to shoot it after the snow.
  3. Dynamic range is quite ample as well.
  4. Ha. At least there were some hairs across the near eye to quantify detail.
  5. Looks promosing! I have a roll in my Rollei 35S at the moment. This little camera needs a good 400 speed film because you're guess-timating distances and you need all the depth of field you can muster. The last roll I tried was Max 400 and I wasn't very happy with the large grain.
  6. Al I shoot 100 an 200 slide film in my Minox Zone Focus and hit the sweat spot many more times than not. You just need to take it out more and learn to judge.. :) I know that learning to Judge is not PC these days. :)
  7. Also Al, I think you will be happy with Portra 400 printed at 16x20.
  8. I know I was always happy with my Minox EL at 16x20. No joke there.
  9. That's some sick lens.
    I would say Portra 400 easily has 15+ DR. Probably more shot at EI100.
  10. Is the EL 35mm?
  11. Yep It was known to be only second to the Rollei and then I think that was because it was more plastic than Rollei metal but the lens was just as good if not better.
  12. Cool.
    Here is the second shot straight from the scanner to see detail and grain.
  13. Eyes crop
  14. Cute little model you have there and I see attitude and spirit in those eyes. What is the crest on her shirt? Footballer?
  15. Yep. Argentinean Football Association.
  16. My daughter is probably thinking: "One more new film and I am going to Rochester to straighten things out with those Kodak guys".
  17. LOL That explains the Eyes and hair. I have blond hair a black beard and green/blue eyes. I doubt she will have a beard any time soon.
  18. If you people don't start buying, Kodak will pull it off the shelf in about a year !
  19. I'm loving the new Portra so far. My mainstay has been Fuji Pro 400H. But as Fuji can't seem to make up its mind what it's selling, nor letting anyone know, I've been migrating slowly to Kodak. Still have about 200 rolls of Fuji to use at the next 12-15 weddings or so.
    I've actually been using Ektar 100 more and more. Rated at 80-100, RPL scans them beautifully. Good skin tones. Been able to have 16x20 prints that look great from 35mm. 8x10 and 11x14 for albums and photobooks looks great. That said, 11x14 and 8x10 from Portra 400 are pretty much grain free anyway.
  20. I have not been able to find the new Portra in 35mm, It seems no one has it yet.
  21. It's been in and out of stock - they ship it, people buy it, fast. Got a 5-pack each in 120 and 135 back in November and December.
  22. Kodak is selling the heck out of it. Adorama, Amazon and B&H are sold out every other day.
  23. Freestyle is also still out.
  24. How is it scanned? This does play a role.
  25. Scott, I'm not sure I understand your question. Scanned looks like the scans I posted.
    Very nice in my opinion.
  26. To Dave's comment, I can confirm now that the new Portra shows no grain at 11x14.
    This makes plenty fine for most applications while offering huge dynamic range and sharpness at 400 iso.
    Nice work Kodak.
  27. I'm liking this film. I just got my first rolls back - all lab scanned. Haven't had a chance to do it myself.
  28. That's pretty much the deal breaker for me Mauro. My album prints never go bigger than 11x14. Portra is grain free at that size. Even a 16x24 will look darn good. My F5s are gonna be eating a lot of the film!
  29. I may well have missed it in previous discussions, but is anyone noticing any difference in palette/hue as compared with the Portra 400NC?
  30. The hue seems a tad bid warmer....especially when overexposed. Colors seems a little brighter, but not much. Skin tones very good.
  31. A bit more saturation, in the reds particularly I feel, compared to 400NC, but nothing serious. Great skin tones.
  32. Thanks guys, that sounds good! I couldn't seem to resist stocking up just a bit with NC before this new emulsion was available; love NC's rendition. But I look forward to the new version, too, after seeing and hearing about it here.
  33. I hope it doesn't disappoint you Dave. I was afraid the 7D was keeping you in a monogamous relationship.
  34. Jeff, my observation is that skin colors look dead on for a Vanity Fair cover with flash.
    Outdoors depending the time of the day it may have a hint of yellowish warmth.
  35. I shot a concert with Portra 400 and TMAX 400 at 1600. I will try to post some crops and comments next week.
  36. Yeah, the skin tones are great I think. This was shot in late afternoon light. Maybe 1.5-2 hours before sunset?
    I'd like to see your concert shots, so definitely post them.
  37. Wow Tim. That looks fantastic! What a 30 megapixel scan from 35mm!!! Excellent.
    Is that a Noritsu scan? Not too shabby.
  38. My Canon 100mm f2 is going to be Portra's permanent friend.
  39. First time I've gotten scans from Precision Camera. They are running a special for rangefinderforum members. $12/roll for these scans with free development. My Coolscan will sit unused for color for the near future. I think they are using a Noritsu.
  40. They (and you) did a fabulous job. Were you able to compare their scans to a Coolscan 9000?
  41. I don't have a Coolscan 9000, but I do have a V. At some point, I'll rescan a couple at 4000 dpi to see what I come up with. Probably next week some time.
  42. Mauro, Thanks for the good input! I'll be very interested in your results and thoughts on rating it higher for your concert images. As you might well know, and if memory serves, not too long ago on the Figital Revolution site, it was mentioned that this new Portra 400 could be rated higher with good results. Of course, I suppose how it compares with the actual higher speed films will be important. I really look forward to your post on this.
    Tim, I'll second that "Wow"; an absolutely gorgeous shot in all respects, especially the skin tones!
  43. Thanks for the kind comments!
    In my limited experience, rating it faster and processing normally gave roughly the same results as with 400NC and 400VC. Possibly an incremental improvement, but not revolutionary. Portra 800 is still going to give you more speed. As far as which people prefer, it probably comes down to whether or not people can get along with the grain in Portra 800 - which is manageable, but larger than 400. I personally would probably shoot 800 when I need higher speed film.
    I did not push process, didn't scan at home, and didn't really work the images hard in PS. It also wasn't the most controlled test, just a bit of playing around on a Sunday afternoon. I do intend to try out a roll with a push and compare it to Portra 800. Another time though.
    It would be great if Portra 800 got the grain improvement that 400 did.
  44. Here is the first scan from the concert.
    Sadly, (I experimented trying to have Target push the film for me) I believe they pushed it several stops. The film looks good but I can't really rate whether it is EI 800, 1600, 3200 or 6400.
    Here is a boot closeup. This shot is good to look at the grain in the dark detail-less areas. Also to observe the freaking awesome detail Portra 400 captures in the pants.
  45. Here you can inspect it at 4000 dpi at 100%. I just noticed a crawler on the carpet under the boot of the guitar player - ouch.
  46. wow, the details in the scan is just amazing!
    I just shot my first roll of Portra 400 on a short trip to Orlando. Really impressed with the color, clarity and lack of the grain. I think it is catching up on Portra 160 film.
    One more thing I noticed about the new Ektar and Portra compared to the old ones like Ultracolor is that it is much easier to get rid of the film curl from the new film and keep it flat for scanning. I had a much harder time to put some freshly processed 35mm Ultra Color 400 negative into my scanner carrier. Is that just my imagination? or did Kodak improve the film base in the new film?
  47. Here is George Lynch (Portra 400 - EI 1600). Focus point was on the front cheek (missed the eye)
    4000 dpi 100%
  48. Unfortunately I have A freezer full of Portra NC and VC in 35mm and 120 enough to last me several years to get through first.
  49. Mauro, your George Lynch shot shows how capable Portra seems to be. EI 1600? That's impressive.
  50. Has anyone run this film through the scan process to B&W? I'll bet it kicks butt too!

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