I need help! College is stressful!

Discussion in 'Education' started by robyn_maddux, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Dang Necrothread. I didn't look at the date.
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  2. William Michael

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    The OP might be long gone, but, I for one am still reading the commentaries because I have an active interest in this particular topic, that's why I subscribed to the thread in 2015 - to read others' opinions.

    Times change, membership changes and membership activity changes.

    The recent commentaries have been quite useful to me.

  3. Many years ago I knew someone who traveled the world as a National Geographic photographer. He was a person with independent source of income and did not depend upon photography for a living.
  4. Getting published in National Geographic is a lofty goal. These photographers are well seasoned, motivated, innovating nature photographers. Majoring in photography does not guarantee an NG assignment. To make a living in nature photography, many have to do other things such as running workshops, writing, ... I remember John Shaw's advice to a question from someone who wondered about making nature photography a full time job: "Don't quit your day job!"
  5. Reasonable, sound advice. Though I’d balance it with “Dare to dream!”
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  6. Robyn, I offer one final suggestion. Sign up with PN, and submit your work for critiques. There are some heavyweight photogs on this site, and I'm confident you will learn quite a lot from their feedback. As one with no formal training in photography, I certainly have.

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