I need help! College is stressful!

Discussion in 'Education' started by robyn_maddux, Jan 29, 2015.

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    The OP might be long gone, but, I for one am still reading the commentaries because I have an active interest in this particular topic, that's why I subscribed to the thread in 2015 - to read others' opinions.

    Times change, membership changes and membership activity changes.

    The recent commentaries have been quite useful to me.

  2. Many years ago I knew someone who traveled the world as a National Geographic photographer. He was a person with independent source of income and did not depend upon photography for a living.
  3. Getting published in National Geographic is a lofty goal. These photographers are well seasoned, motivated, innovating nature photographers. Majoring in photography does not guarantee an NG assignment. To make a living in nature photography, many have to do other things such as running workshops, writing, ... I remember John Shaw's advice to a question from someone who wondered about making nature photography a full time job: "Don't quit your day job!"
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  4. Reasonable, sound advice. Though I’d balance it with “Dare to dream!”
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  5. Robyn, I offer one final suggestion. Sign up with PN, and submit your work for critiques. There are some heavyweight photogs on this site, and I'm confident you will learn quite a lot from their feedback. As one with no formal training in photography, I certainly have.
  6. Making money in photography and becoming a millionaire in sports... about the same odds. My son tried the same thing in 2004 and he graduated an Optical Engineer when he saw his prospects disappear in 2002 . He does photography (amazing stuff as well as his wife's stuff) as a side hobby. Every "craft" show I see photographers selling their photos, and very few buyers then 10 years ago. It's like cut glass, we had a famous cut glass company a few towns away from me. They were there some 100 years but in 2006 they closed their doors. No one buys cut glass as gifts anymore, no sales, no business. Thing change, digital changed everything. Sort of like the automobile, horses disappeared and their related jobs. Restaurants, hotels and gift shops opened.
    There are a lot of free on-line photo course ! !
  7. Have you seen Fashion Photography in the past 15 years. It has nothing to do with quality... actually I don't know what some of them have to do with anything. You can make money... or you can be a winner in some photo contest here or there. Some of the crappiest "photos" are sold for $100K.
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  8. I don't follow fashion photography at all, but I get your point.
  9. I don't follow fashion photography at all, but I get your point.
  10. There are many educational institutions, so the choice is yours. I will only add that online resources, like this website, will help you to better understand this craft. If you go to school/college and are serious about your art and craft, you can also get in touch with real opportunities as well. For example, to start working with a professional film crew, and the contacts you make among professors and fellow students may open up some potentially great opportunities for freelancing photography while they are still at school.
  11. I need help! College is stressful

    Jack it in and become a hobo.
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    I have heard that both the Armed Forces and Correctional Institutions are eager to provide college grade training to suitable applicants - and you get fed, clothed and housed while you study. There is, of course the daily danger of getting killed - so if I were you, I'd opt for the Armed Forces.
  13. My guess is the OP is a happy freshman by now.

    [See date of posting.]
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