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  1. I recently encountered the following early 1961 ad promising the product would work for "countless years" , that is, 2020!:
    Modern Photography February 1961​
    I looked and a related product was for sale on eBay, but "untested".

    Of course, it does have another year to go.

    Now that we're living "countless years" in the future, I'm sure that more old cameras of that vintage are still working than old flashes, or am I wrong?
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    I think you're probably right, as in many cases the capacitors have leaked or the batteries have lost the ability to hold a charge. Having said that I still love and often use my (at least) 25 yr old Metz 45CL-4 flash with all my camera bodies.
  3. The battery would definitely not hold a charge by now. More likely less than 5 years but do you count that as a failure? Other than that I think a few of them should still be working.
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    Oh yes - some are still working, I also have 2 Vivitar 2800 hotshoe models from the mid 1980s which work fine as well as Minolta Electroflash from even earlier which also works fine. I'd definitely call a leaky capacitor a failure as well as a rechargeable battery which couldn't hold a charge any longer, as many are no longer repairable.
  5. Thank you for the cool post. Well the early 1930's Speedgraphic worked perfectly when I sold it 8 years ago, focal plane shutter and all. My Vivitar 5600 flash that I got for Christmas in 1986 stopped working reliably in 2016. The flash still works but the triggering system is extremely unreliable so I had to replace it with a more current Metz. The Metz is so complicated I am still trying to figure out how it works...just don't use it often enough.
  6. I expect a good number of capacitors are still good but as for NiCad batteries I would say none is still good today.
  7. My oldest flashes are a Vivitar 283 and 365, then add in a "younger" Canon 577, 199, and 299T. All from the 70s or 80s, and still doing their duty with rechargeable Nickel-hydrides. Knock on wood. But an original equipment Ni-Cad to last that long? No way,
  8. No Tesla for me.
  9. Haha, great ad! I'm strictly a digital photographer with a (now 6-7 year-old) Canon Speedlite 580 EX II flash that I almost never use. Up until some 6 years ago it was still the best Canon Flash on the market. It's now no longer available and has been replaced by the Canon 600 EX series (2012 onwards).

    It's wonderful to read that the 'Allied Impex Corporation' (if ill-advised) made design/tech. predictions almost 60 years into the future! Perhaps they had (at the time) supreme confidence, no clue about the potential for future innovation or just thought "well if people buy into the ad, so what ?"

    Whatever the background, the ad is interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Where’s the part that says 4 out of 5 dentists—I mean photographers—agree? :rolleyes:
  11. :) This is a fun discussion! I've got a fancy "Nikon speedlight" for my dSLR, but the two old Vivitar 285's still work fine; I've had them since the early/mid-1990s I think. Great old flashes. And with their variable power and little hotshoe slaves, they can still be handy for fill in staged photos with 'real lighting.' :)
  12. My Vivitar 283 still works just fine.
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