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    Lovely light and decay here. Certainly deserves more views.... but that seems to be the way of things. Cheers!
  2. cyanatic

    Daniel & Jack -- Thank you for your comments. I had no idea this was selected. I received an email notice related to Jack's comment. Jack -- I do miss talking to you and a number of others on here. I will try to continue to participate. Like you, I won't bemoan the current state of things. I will just try to adjust and figure out a way to get through this website more easily. I think you commented several weeks ago on another photo (don't know if it was mine our yours, Jack) regarding having discussions. I thought I commented that I was in agreement, but I may have had to log off to attend to something else. Anyway, hope to discuss more with you, Daniel, and others.
  3. cyanatic

    [*sigh* -- This site is so clunky. Why not have an area right underneath the photo, like the old PN, to leave and see comments. Rather than this stupid box off to the side, floating in space....sorry, rant over.] This made me think, "Jack McRitchie with a dash of Stephen Shore and a soupcon of Lee Friedlander. Something about the way this is framed, and the angle, that gives life, prominence, and significance to that painted over sign. And it stands in relationship to the white building in the right background. And the shadow of the upper, unseen, part of the power pole. You've always had a gift of somehow giving life to inanimate objects -- or finding the right way to present the life to the viewer. [it was very good to hear from you, I saw your comments, thank you. I am mostly active on Instagram these days. I am going to try to be more active here again -- I even posted a brief comment in a forum yesterday -- but it just seemed so much easier to move around in the old site. What troubles me here is that everything seems isolated. No sense of community or central gathering place. And, as you said, most people want to sing and not listen, but in some ways there has always been some of that here, and on other photo sharing sites as well. I'm not going to lament popular, plebeian taste...it is what it is. Regardless, it is nice to make contact with you again. You are definitely a draw for me to come here, a kindred spirit. Stay well, Jack, see you around.]
  4. cyanatic

    Street Scene, Napoli

    Good Lord, it is hard to get around this site anymore! I like this a lot, Jack, as well as a number of others that I have been able to view. I am so happy that you are still active, my friend!
  5. 95% of the time, 1 camera with a 21mm or 35mm prime. Maybe a lens cloth in a pocket and a plastic bag if there's a threat of rain. If there's an event (Women's March, Political Protest, Gay Pride Parade, Air and Water Show, etc.) I might carry two cameras, one with a 21mm, and one with a 50mm or sometimes a telephoto. Maybe an extra memory card too. Almost never carry any kind of pack.
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    Navy Pier, Chicago 2018

    © STEVE_GUBIN_2014

  7. cyanatic

    Adams St, Chicago 2018

    © cSteve Gubin 2018

  8. © STEVE_GUBIN_2014

  9. cyanatic

    © cSteve Gubin 2018

  10. cyanatic

    © cSteve Gubin 2018

  11. cyanatic

    Child at Cloudgate, Chicago 2018

    © cSteve Gubin 2018

  12. © cSteve Gubin 2018

  13. © cSteve Gubin 2018

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