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Rolleiflex/Rolleicord TLR users please check in...


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I was just hoping to get a current pulse of what's happening in the Rollei TLR world as of late. What would be nice is if current regular users would make a post with their Model and possibly a favorite image taken with their camera. Any other info would be nice also.


Having been a Rollei user for many years I recently got back into the game with a wonderful f/3.5 F planar Model 3 outfit that I am LOVIN' I previously owned a EVS model that I used for nearly 2 decades before going over to the dark side (digital) Glad I'm back...s-l1600.thumb.jpg.372b957f62c96f4c28bb23cd7ff26747.jpg

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[ATTACH=full]1353010[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1353011[/ATTACH] Good morning,

I own several Rollei's and just picked up a mint 2.8F for (what I think) was a steal. Now to unload my other Rollei's. My new 2.8F next to my 3.5E.

[ATTACH=full]1353010[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1353011[/ATTACH]

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Here's my two Rolleiflex's. A late white face metered Rolleiflex T (early 70's)and one of the very first Rolleiflex Automats from 1937. Both fully functional.

I do not own the Yashica-D anymore. The Yashikor triplet was not surprisingly rather unsharp when compared with the other two.


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