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Yashica 5000 (Copal SV) shutter locked

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Hello all!


So diving into the wonderful world of Rangefinders, I've found myself with a keen interest in Yashica's (I'm already in love with the Electro 35) But I wanted to check out something a little more manual.


I got a Yashica 5000, which, seemed in relatively good condition, shutter was a little sticky, no cosmetic damage etc.. However, the shutter seems to be stuck in a 'cocked' position.


So I set out to clean the shutter mechanism, following various advice from forums, blog posts and other places.

Checking things over, I needed to ensure that the shutter release was still connected to the shutter mechanism.


This is what I see when firing the shutter






I have removed the self timer mechanism as this seemed to be locked up and unreliable, I still see the symptoms in the video posted above. the gears for the shutter speed selection all seem to be moving freely.


The shutter should be moving similar to this as I believe the shutter in the Yashica MAT TLR is very similar to the one in the Lynx




I'm scratching my head over this one, is there a way to force the shutter to fire? To at least confirm that the blades themselves are not causing the issue?

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About 90% of the cameras with leaf shutter will not work because the lubricants used have dried out and hardened. Many times lubricants will have migrated to the shutter blades which causes the shutter blades to stick. Usually the only solution is a complete teardown and cleaning. Gotta get all of the old stuff out. I am sure some of the advice you have gotten is to put a few drops of solvent on various parts. This may work in the short term.



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Thank you for your suggestion, I have already cleaned the blades and but I can confirm that the shutter was working until cocking it once suddenly revealed this fault.. From what I have read, a symptom of this is the shutter mechanism firing as normal but the blades either being sluggish to return or simply not returning at all.
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Looking at your video it appears it starts by you advancing the frame lever. If so at the very top center of the shutter there is a shaft which should be turning and it is not so the shutter is not cocked. All that is happening by advancing the frame lever is the shutter button interlock is released so the button can be pressed.
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So I have managed to get some movement out of the Shutter mechanism and I can now cock and fire off the shutter. However there's still a problem.




So this shot shows the main delay catch that is now in the 'de-cocked' position. This now moves freely and as expected when pressing the shutter release.




Now we have what I think is the problem. The Green arrow shows the part that is now not moving which by extension I assume is preventing the other parts (yellow) from moving in a clock-wise direction which from what I can see is what moved the shutter blades themselves.

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Okay, finally, I have results..


After removing the shutter speed gear set. I can see the problem.




It looks like this little lever which should slot into the little stud that is on the ring that moves clockwise.


From the video, you can see that if I physically move this lever into position, the shutter works exactly as expected.


Now I need to work out why this does not slot into place when the shutter is cocked.

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This isn't my example but it shows what is missing on my shutter. There is a hairline spring that wraps around the pin to this lever which opens and closes the shutter. I believe the spring is still there on mine, but it has been dislodged.


So now I can foresee the arduous task of putting the spring back in place.


I'm not getting many responses here. But im posting my progress for anyone that might have the same problem

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I wasn't sure about that lever till now. Its supposed be hooked into the shutter actuating tab. Its moves back and forth to open and close the shutter blades. I can be a bit tricky to hook it in place and then reassemble the shutter. I've looked through most of my shutter photo collection but can't find a clearer picture.
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