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Found 14 results

  1. I recently purchased this Yashica T3 camera in almost mint condition for more or less current market value. The previous and only owner said they literally only used it once. I popped in a roll, began to shoot, but after about 5 frames with perfect operation, I noticed that the after the 6th shot, one of the camera aperture blades seems to have gotten stuck. I tried to shake the camera while pressing the shutter in order to see if I could get the blade to be released but it has not worked. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this without a crazy complex disassembly (the shutter assembly seems very difficult to get to - A repair manual can be downloaded here: MEGA)?
  2. rwjemmett

    Forest Glow

    This image was captured with a Yashica Electro GSN film camera in January 2021. I have added a border.
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for a first TLR, with a budget of up to £200 or $250. I have looked at Rolleicords and Yashicas in particular, but is there any which you would recommend, or perhaps any more obscure cameras? Any tips or hints? Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Hello, I just purchased a Yashicaflex online because I wanted to take the leap into medium format cameras. However, I am absolutely clueless. I have downloaded a light meter app and may be able to figure that bit out, but right now I'm stuck on the silliest and simplest thing! How does one change the ISO? I know my camera has a button with the ISO levels on it, and a little red indicator dot but I have no idea how to switch modes. Right now it's on ASA? I'm sorry this is a terribly foolish question! I just want to know how to use this and the manuals I've found don't talk about this? I also don't know exactly which model I have, as it was advertised as A-II but doesn't have a film reverse button? If you read this, thank you. I will take any help I can get :)
  5. Hello, I've returned to photography after a time away and moved up from 35 mm film to medium. I bought a Yashica 124 g mat recently and have put three films through. All fine. So far. However, last time out, after shooting 12 photos I rewound the film correctly. Unfortunately, instead of rewinding clean, the mechanism continues past 12 and onto 1, 2...etc I stopped here. I originally set the film internally correctly for 12 shots. I've seen similar problems in the forum but not the same. Has anyone any suggestions? Or suffered a similar problem? Greatly appreciate any suggestions.
  6. I purchased a Yashica mat 124g for the low price of $50 in a clearance section. Gorgeous exterior and case. However, obviously there are issues hence the low price. 1. Self-timer stuck due to being set while in the flash sync mode, easily repaired. 2. Crank lever and mechanism jammed (had similar issues with an older Yashica model rather often but eventually would function properly again. 3. Frame counter does not move despite the back closed and using a test roll of film (I always have a roll specifically for testing cameras). 4. Light meter is untested, that will follow after all other repairs are made. I removed the cover for access to the crank and frame count mechanisms and on first glance everything is clean and lubricated. However, the spring for the mechanism to switch between 12ex and 24ex was shot and needed to be replaced. I keep spare springs on for such occasions. Spring replaced and tested for similar tension as the original and all is well. After testing each function in order of correction functioning such as when the crank is moved into the shutter cocked position, the series of mechanisms to deploy the shutter followed by continuing to wind to advance to the next frame, the crank does become stuck which will not proper advancement of the film for the next exposure. When all mechanism do decide to work properly, the frame counter disc will not move on its own. After running over the mechanisms again I am able to spin the disc from empty to the first frame. I have done quite a bit of research but have not found any solutions to this specific issue. Does anyone know what may be causing this?
  7. Hello all. I'm using an old Yashica microtec zoom 70 and Im having issues with white half moon spots appearing on both righ corners of my photos. The half moons come out on the exact same spot on every negative. I'm quite new to photography and I don't know if it's a problem caused by the lens or the processing... I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem in the past and knows how to resolve it. Thank you!
  8. Hi guys, Got a GX in today, and apart from some dirt everything was working fine until the shutter button has stopped firing. It was firing correctly at the beginning, but right now it doesn't click and obviously the film lever doesn't work as well. I'm guessing is not the usual sticky shutter blades problem as it was indeed opening before this happened. I noticed that the firing button had some issues, not clicking if the film lever wasn't back to its first position correctly. Anyone with some insight? Couldn't find anything related on the web. Thanks for your help!
  9. I left my camera (Yashica Mat 124G) unused for several months now I cannot tell The film counter is on 02. The asa setting is 400 and the film reminder is on B&W. There is many steps before making it to 02 frames, I don't think I did them without film inside. But I am not sure 100% What should I do now ?
  10. hey guys, i just got a yashica mat 124 g, i opened it and took off the finder to clean what i could (not an expert). the camera seems to be firing at all speeds and apertures, but there are some issues: 1.the 'knob' to open and close the back, is very stiff, what could i do to 'soften' it? 2. the flash selector is stuck and will not move 3.asa dial is very stiff, but still working (on meter reading too) 4. the shutter button kind of gets a bit stuck when pressed all the way (does not affect actual shutter) could i get a bit of help? i can work around some of the issues (not using flash), but was looking for an 'easier' fix thanks guys !!
  11. I've just bought a used Yashica Microtec Zoom 90 without the user manual. It has a green light in the viewfinder that sometimes flashes quickly, sometimes slowly and sometimes is just on constant without flashing. I expect this is similar to other cameras in the Microtec Zoom series. Can anyone please tell me what this all means? Are these warnings or confirmations? Thanks!
  12. Hello all! So diving into the wonderful world of Rangefinders, I've found myself with a keen interest in Yashica's (I'm already in love with the Electro 35) But I wanted to check out something a little more manual. I got a Yashica 5000, which, seemed in relatively good condition, shutter was a little sticky, no cosmetic damage etc.. However, the shutter seems to be stuck in a 'cocked' position. So I set out to clean the shutter mechanism, following various advice from forums, blog posts and other places. Checking things over, I needed to ensure that the shutter release was still connected to the shutter mechanism. This is what I see when firing the shutter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbhwLUcOiCg I have removed the self timer mechanism as this seemed to be locked up and unreliable, I still see the symptoms in the video posted above. the gears for the shutter speed selection all seem to be moving freely. The shutter should be moving similar to this as I believe the shutter in the Yashica MAT TLR is very similar to the one in the Lynx I'm scratching my head over this one, is there a way to force the shutter to fire? To at least confirm that the blades themselves are not causing the issue?
  13. Hello, I'm working on trying to resurrect an old Yashica-mat TLR camera. Everything on the camera seems to be in pretty good shape, except that the shutter blades were gunked up with old oil. So, I ran the shutter through my ultrasonic cleaner with naphtha, then followed the instructions below to disassemble the shutter and make sure everything is clean inside. http://ratfactor.com/yashica-d-tlr-copal-mxv-shutter http://pheugo.com/cameras/index.php?page=copalmxv Once it was back together I ultrasoniced it 1 more time to make sure everything was clean and I didn't contaminate the blades, then let the naphtha dry overnight. It's clean and shiny now! The shutter blades open and close quickly too. The only issue is that the speeds are off. Using the microphone on my computer I timed the shutter speeds. The fastest speed I can measure is 1/50 of a second. All the speeds do seem VERY repeatable, just too slow. The four slowest speeds are on the slow range of the speed regulator, by the way, and then 1/25 and 1/50 are on the high-speed setting, so both modes do both seem off. (low speed) 1s setting takes 1.92s 1/2s setting is 0.967s 1/5s setting (0.2s) is 0.366s 1/10s setting (0.1s) is 0.135s (high speed) 1/25s (0.04s) is 0.128s 1/50s (0.02s) is 0.041s So, what can I do here? Is there a way to adjust the speed of the speed regulator to fix the speeds? Unfortunately I'd need to adjust both the high and low speed modes. Or do I just need some sort of lubricant on the speed regulator it for it to run faster? Right now everything is dry and free of solvent/grease (what you see on the blades appears to be some issue with the plating on the metal). I've reassembled the shutter back to where I'm ready to reattach the speed cam. Thanks for your help!! Dave http://i.imgur.com/pr36XPzh.jpg
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