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  1. Hi! My mom gave me her old Minolta XD7 camera from the 80s. I bought new batteries, loaded new film, and it was working no problem, and then yesterday morning I noticed I couldn't see through the viewfinder - it's black with this white circle in the middle. I don't know if the shutter is stuck (I tried snapping another photo & winding again but that didn't do the trick)... any insight into what this could be and how to fix it? thank you!
  2. FranzWeber

    old shutter

  3. © All copyrights to mzeePhotography

  4. Qld Shutter Solutions supply and install quality interior window shutters, plantation shutters and plantation shutter repairs in Australia, Brisbane and Gold coast. Best price shutters in Goldcoast for affordable shutter requirements contact us.http://www.qldshuttersolutions.com.au/
  5. Exposure Date: 2012:11:30 22:10:41; Copyright: Nathan Philps; Make: NIKON CORPORATION; Model: NIKON D90; ExposureTime: 5/1 s; FNumber: f/9; ISOSpeedRatings: 200; ExposureProgram: Manual; ExposureBiasValue: 0/6; MeteringMode: Pattern; Flash: Flash did not fire; FocalLength: 18 mm; FocalLengthIn35mmFilm: 27 mm; Software: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.3 (Macintosh);
  6. Exposure Date: 2012:01:13 22:55:16; Copyright: I; Make: Canon; Model: Canon EOS 60D; Exposure Time: 6.0 seconds s; FNumber: f/3.5; ISOSpeedRatings: ISO 400; ExposureProgram: Other; ExposureBiasValue: 0 MeteringMode: Other; Flash: Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode; FocalLength: 18.0 mm mm;

    © © Afshin Azizi Photography 2012

  7. I recently bought a Mamiya C330s with a 80mm f2.8 lens. I've cleaned and serviced these shutters before, so when its slow speeds weren't working, I decided to crack it open. I quickly discovered the issue: the slow speed assembly is completely missing. Is it actually missing, or is this just an new version of the shutter assembly?
  8. Hi there I'm new to the forum but I've already read a ton of threads. I recently bought a 500cm with some lenses. When I set the 250mm to a 1 second shutter an stop the time it takes a little longer than 1 second. Does this mean all shutter times are off? Or could it be just the longer ones? Thanks and best
  9. Hello friends, I bought a Canon A1 some time ago and been shooting with it for a while, using sunny 16 technique because I didn't trusted the lightmeter. I would like to hear from you whats probably causing this anomally. Indoors, even with light, pointing directly at a lamp, the fstop meter is no more than 8, maybe 11. Usually, outside the house, on a sunny day, at a speed of 1/500, the camera tells me to always shoot from 2 to 5.6. It turns out that the first time I tested a film with her, I followed her advice and ended up with an entire film overexposed. So, you see, it seems a little off. Didn't tried, although, shooting a film setting it up to P in shutter priority to test the "balance" proposed by the meter. what can be causing this? already tried new battery.
  10. Hi everyone hope you are all well at this time I have an otherwise faithful NikkorW 210 5.6 which has decided to jam up its shutter and is now inoperable. I wonder if there are any common repair tricks or tips to be learned to release the jam. The blades still revolve freely through the apertures but the release lever is stuck fast. At the moment in lockdown here in the UK its difficult to get anything posted or repaired. Hopin you can help Stee.
  11. Hi there! I am trying to repair one of these nice Minox cameras, I have a new batt, and have checked all connections are clean and dust free. What happens is: the solenoids open and close at same time, so, shutter blades open and close and no light passes by (and no exposure on film). Shutter blades are free, solenoids work well, photometer measures seem correct, but I get no timing delay for the second blade. I also tried with the flash inserted to test the 100 speed, but happens the same problem. Can some experienced expert help me out here? I am a bit lost on where to find this fault... :( Best regards, Sergio
  12. Hello all, So I recently got a Rolleiflex SL66, and there seems to be a slight issue with the negatives I get from the camera. I think I've narrowed it down the the shutter (see this previous post), but I've been wondering how easy it would be to clean the shutter. The rear plate seems quite easy to remove, only 10 flat-head screws to remove it- at least I think. I've seen photos of the left panel removed, right panel removed, but never the rear panel, so should I assume it isn't a part I should remove? Anyone have any information? I bought the repair manual online for $10, and that manual seemingly glosses over that part entirely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  13. Does anyone have a photo of the shutter mechanism of an Agfa Silette Type 3 with a Vario shutter? I dissembled this to get the shutter blades clean but have been stumped in tyring to find the proper location of the item and spring shown in my first photo. I know that the part is mounted on the brass pillar at the front of the mechanism in the second picture but I can not see a way of including it in the mechanism that makes sense.
  14. Hi all, I imagine this will require a CLA, but wanted to pop the issue I’m having with my FM3a on here to get some thoughts. When I advanced the film, the shutter release seems blocked and will not depress. I rewound and removed the film, but this did not solve it. When I use the advance lever, it goes all the way and back, but the shutter release is still stuck. The only way to make it work is to move the slotted screw/spindle on the base plate counter clock-wise a quarter turn. This allows the shutter release to be fired. It’s almost as if the advance lever isn’t fully arming the shutter release. Is this a spring issue? Any thoughts greatly received!
  15. Have been enjoying restoring simple cameras lately, the kind of cameras that some of you may just say "Why Bother!!?", but I find it relaxing when cleaning, taking them apart where possible and making them ready to shoot modern film. Example cameras I have restored/cleaned recently: Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Kodak Brownie Starlet Spartus Co Flash Spartus Rocket Kodak Duaflex II Ansco Panda Kodak Baby Brownie Special and Vredeborch ALKA Most of these cameras are plastic with rivets galore, but with a little patience and average tools (tweezers, screw drivers etc) they can be a lot of fun to restore and use. I will show the ALKA here and some photos taken during the restoration. It was an eBay acquisition, seller was very generous and took my offer, and sent it promptly with a hand-written "thank you card", real class. The camera had definitely seen better days, but the art deco beauty is still there. This is the simplest version of this model as it only is a point and shoot, no Bulb setting, no variable aperture (water house stops) or sliding green filter. The carry strap was missing, the protective glass full of grime and when moving the camera about, something was loose inside. The shutter was good and snappy however, indicating that the spring has still may years of service in it. Onto further inspection and restoration: Wiped the outside with a soft microfiber cloth and alcohol to get excessive dirt and grime off. Removed the film carrying piece and wiped that off well with alcohol using q-tips to get in to the crevices Noticed that snap/pinch ring holding the lens in place, was crooked and the lens was the loose object rocking inside the camera Pulled the snap ring off, cleaned it, cleaned the very dirty lens (now loose in my hands) until it sparkled. Spacers in front of the lens were cleaned as well. Put the spacers back, the lens and very carefully pinched the retaining ring back in place until it was snug and the lens stayed in place Removed the front panel by lifting carefully on the sides and cleaned the metal mirrors and viewing screens and optics. (at least 3 or 4 dry carcasses of insects fell out of this place :) ) Lifted the 4 tabs holding the shutter in place and lifted it off. Cleaned that as well and installed it back in reverse order. Cleaned the protective glass on the front cover and installed it back with little effort. Made a carrying strap from scrap leather purchased from Michael's It is now ready to go and quite happy with the outcome. Have a roll of expired Portra 400VC (May 2003, refrigerated of course) which I will put through this box camera and will revert back with results. For now here are some photos of the project.
  16. Hello. I recently bought an Olympus OM4 with a 50mm f/1.4 lens from an antiques shop. It is in very good physical condition and seems to work well mechanically, but there seem to be several electrical issues. The main issue is the shutter speed in Auto mode, which is significantly slower than the correct meter reading indicated on the LCD display. I have tried testing it to find a fixed pattern (a common error in the shutter speed - e.g. +2 stops) but it seems to vary from about +1 stop to +3 stops longer than the metered speed. Strangely, it is not a problem in spot metering mode - the shutter speed here is correct to the meter. The manual mode, of course, works fine. Today was the first time I noticed that the spot metering system was becoming temperamental. As I was testing the shutter speed issue, the spot metering suddenly stopped working - all of the associated buttons and memory levers did not respond. I later realised that the spot metering would only work when the lens switch (a conical button on the lens mount, below the red registration dot) was depressed by the attached lens, and this switch was temperamental. In theory, whenever the lens was removed, the camera would beep and the spot metering would be disabled. Unfortunately, the switch would often randomly disengage if the lens was touched or twisted, causing an erratic barrage of beeping and erroneously disabling the spot metering. Depressing the button with a fingernail (further in than the lens would) seems to create a more solid electrical connection, so I might find a means of fixing the button permanently. This video demonstrates the issue with the shutter speed.
  17. Last night I did a teardown on a Minox model B I just got on Ebay and I decided to do a video so people can see what getting into one is like firsthand. Camera turned out to have crushed shutter blades. 4 parts, 1 hour total part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:
  18. Hey all! I'm new to this, but I just wanted to see if anybody here knows a company or a person or (any tips) that can fix a Canon Rangefinder IV-SB (Serial code 109962) that has a shutter stuck and the film won't rewind. I sent it to a couple places and they either say that they don't have the part or that they have to re-build the shutter... I appreciate the help!
  19. Hello! I'm brand new to this community and am hoping to find some trouble-shooting pointers for my Olympus. I have this dreamy little camera that belonged to my mom when she was a teenager and I've been testing it out with a bunch of issues. The first roll I shot developed blank and I was told the shutter was broken. I didn't realize it needed batteries so I got new ones (now the little light comes on when I go to shoot) and tried a second roll, still blank. In testing the camera without film and with the back door open, it looks like the shutter is firing every 3rd-4th shot but was still producing blank film. The advance wheel also seems to let me advance waaaay past the allowed 24 shots of the roll. I'm not even sure where to start to try to figure out what's going on here. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  20. Hi guys! My first post isn't so lucky because I have a problem with my Bronica ETRS, I bought week ago. Outdoors, where's temperature about -2 deg. celcius the shutter is not going to fire without random delay. The mirror flips instantly, but the shutter needs sometimes half a second, sometimes 2-4 seconds, and sometimes doesn't run at all. I have done raplacement of old lube on lens shutter rollers, pins, crankplate, and even on some parts on body. Nothing better is happening. I have reading dozens of threads and got realized, that i have a little different version of body - with the one cooking pin only. I have no idea if it has any connection mith my issue. Mayby someone of you had similiar problem, and solved it. I hope:)
  21. Hi all, I recently acquired an old Miranda camera, a model F. It's a nice old thing, pretty sturdy and well made and so on. However, it has a fault, which is that what ever speed you set on the dial it always fires at the same speed. It's range is 1 -1/500 and I suspect it is always firing at 1/500, certainly one of the faster speeds anyway. It's not going to be cost-effective to get it repaired professionally (even if that's possible) so I wonder if there's anything (reasonably straightforward) that I can do to rectify this fault. Thanks for any advice. John
  22. I would like to get an understanding of the high-tech things that came together to make mirrorless dslr's possible. Seems to have been a long time coming even though cheap point and shoot cameras had electronic shutters and video capability for a long time now. Lots of benefits to the camera maker by eliminating many moving parts. But there must have been technical and financial hurdles to resolve. Any links about these issues and how they were resolved would be great.
  23. Hello all, I recently purchased a new Nikon D750 about two months ago. I have been loving it so far and it has been taking lovely photos. I am quite new to full frames and still need to learn a lot! I am currently in Indonesia doing research and obviously brought my camera. It has been working very well with no problems, but yesterday I went to take a photo and first it would not autofocus on any mode. When switched to manual, it would take the picture but the result was the image attached... I tried taking the lens off and taking a picture that way to see if it was the lens or the body and the results were the same. I cannot find anything similar online and am worried something has happened to it because of the humidity here?? It has been protected in a bag the whole time when im not taking pictures with it, but the humidity here is so high im not sure if that matters? Has anyone else had this/seen this problem and knows what it is? If so, is there a way to fix it myself or is it something that will have to be done by Nikon? I did try to take the battery out, reset all settings, etc. and still no change. Thanks!!
  24. So I was given an Olympus OM1 by a friend. He 'curiously' took a couple of bits apart, not entirely sure why. He didn't seem to fussed about the camera, and stupidly took the front element off, the lens mount, and the shutter speed ring as well... Basically he bodged it. So now the shutter speed ring doesn't turn, and obviously isn't calibrated. He doesn't know what shutter speed it was on before or after, but I assume the whole mech wasn't kept as it was previously. I have taken this in to a repair place, who said they'd fix it and service it for about £200. I don't mind paying that, if there's absolutely no way I can do the fix myself. Any ideas, websites, guides etc that could help me recalibrate the shutter speed mech? Thanks
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