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Poll. Would you buy a Leica Digital M?


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B&W film. This simple, perfect transducer, silver halide particles exposed to varying degrees of light through a uniquely engineered piece of glass, some remaining others washed away during an imperfect chemical process, leaving behind a representation of a reality that�s discovered upon the uniquely individual printing process, what GW referred to as �what things look like when photographed� does it for me. As an amateur, I�ve already got what I need and want from leica. A digital M is about as attractive to me as a digital Nikon or Canon or whatever.
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No - not this time, but once the dynamic range exceeds NPH, and it's full-frame, temptation

may become overwhelming ( low noise at high ISO and greater than 10M pixels taken as

assured ).


But in the intervening 2 to 4 years, if a MkI exists, buying a second film body and lenses, will

seem more like a long term plan than a dead end.

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absolutely not ... too pricey, too late, too little value. then again, I am not much for alligator/zebra/antelope/ skinned Leica offerings either. the ONLY reason to own a Leica, is the Noctilux. and it must be full-frame to embrace its essence.


five-grand ... ponder this for a milli-second?

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I'd rather get a digilux 3. Unfortunately, the digital M will have sucked up the resources

needed to produce the next Digilux. I'd imagine an upgradable camera of at least 10Mp with

a Leica quality zoom to match, full manual control with an evf that helps me focus better than

an rf patch would allow. I no longer fear that film will die completely, so I'll save my M lenses

for a film camera. It may cost $5000 but if the zoom is that good it could be the last camera

you need to buy.

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