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Poll. Would you buy a Leica Digital M?


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Ok, so seriously, no of course I wouldn't put a deposit down on a camera nobody's even seen yet, let alone me not having a chance to try it out. Plus, I'll let you first-guy-on-the-block-to-have-one guys beta test it for Leica, I'll wait for a few of the recalls and firmware fixes. Maybe by then some of the guys who jumped on them right away will have gotten bored and traded them in and I'll get one for a couple thou less.
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NO!...Hell no!


I always thought the allure of the Leica was the built-for-the-ages design

concept; a fifty year old M3 can still make images the equal of the M7, and as film

emulsions and lenses improved you just bought the new film and lenses. All this digital

stuff is obsolete in a couple of years, pixel count is ever increasing, and technology is

constantly improving. Why would anyone want to buy a finely-crafted Leica, "built in

Germany to the usual Leica standards"--for five grand, no less--with a bunch of electronic

crap that will be last year's technology in a few months, and will likely not work as well as

the current stuff from Nikon/Canon?

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No, No and NO. The Leica appeal is unique to film, to me.


I just saw an Edison cylinder player and it would seem silly to make a digital capture system - cd- and play it back through an acoustic horn. I doubt the Leica look can transsubstantiate to digital with results any better than Canon or Nikon can produce.


Even after the last roll of film has been coated in Croatia or China and shot, I can still (fondle my Leica and) admire the mechanial genius of it, just as I marvel at the instruments made in Newton's time.



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so now I'm confused.


you leica heads will fight to the death to defend the idea that a Leica M lens is superior in

every way to every other lens ever made and defend the high prices of leica M bodies

relative to other film bodies and yet when faced with the prospect of actually getting to

use those wonderful lenses on a digital body the response is that you can get better

results with a canon dslr?

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I would think that owners of the autofocus/autoexposure Contax G2 would be more tempted by a digital version of their camera than then manual focus/manual exposure Leica owners. If Leica people wanted an electronic, automated, battery dependent digital camera there are several options but I didn't even see a huge surge of people buying the M7 with Aperture Priority.

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Aw, hell no.


It would have to be full-frame, 12+ MP, and under $4k. I don't Leica's inclined to make such a beast at that price. At $4995, you have to also figure you'd have to buy at least one additional lens to keep your current working focal length set. So, it's really like $6000+. I'm happy with my 5D. I doubt Leica's noise levels will match Canon's, so the theoretical advantages of being able to hand-hold a rangefinder at slower speeds is 'mooted.'


I waited on the dSLR for a full-frame sensor, so i guess the same standard would apply for a rangefinder.

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