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Poll. Would you buy a Leica Digital M?


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Why don't we have a quick check?


Let's say the digital M comes out at the end of the year with the

mooted features: 10.5Mp, 1.33 crop sensor etc. Built in Germany to the

usual Leica standards. Let's say the body price is $4,995 for sake of



Please just say "yes" or "no" as the 1st word of your response if you

have more to say. That'll make it easier to count.

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No. I'm waiting to see the specks:


1. Will the digital sensor be upgradeable? When the next generation of 18-20 mega pixel digital cameras come out, will I need to buy another expensive digital M body?


2. How much will I have to pay for Leica's 15mm lens (so I can get my 21mm perspective back against the 1.33x frame)? I refuse to buy a $3,500+ lens that doesn't couple to the RF!


3. How will the digital sensor specifically handle fast lenses? (Will they vignette?)


4. A-la-carte options?

When you come to a fork in the road, take it ...” 

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if it comes out in BP edition with engraved Leica script, similar proportions to a

traditional M series (bar M5 of course), built to last with upgradeable sensor than YES.


if it looks like a plastic toy, ergonomically sucks, and breaks if a phat kid steps on it - No

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