Why are viewfinders rectangles or squares?

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  1. You make me feel very old. They were indeed circular. My family had one in the late 1940s. I didn’t like it because I wanted the screen to be rectangular, like a movie theater screen.
  2. As well as I know, CRTs were circular for a long time, but inside a box with a rectangular window,
    so you might not notice. Round is stronger for the high vacuum for CRTs.

    But the image was still rectangular, though maybe getting close to the curved part.
  3. The great advancement in Western art was the invention of the rectangular frame, which allows for control of elements of composition. The ancients, such as Egyptians, ancient Chinese, etc. had other means of composing art.
    As an aside, many early silent films projected a circular image because lenses at the time often failed to cover full frame.
  4. Yes. And the frame itself reminds us of and consciously or unconsciously reinforces the idea that we are looking at an artifice.
  5. Some photographs are naturally round ..
    Peleng 8mm Fisheye, Nikon D700
  6. I have two round viewfinders; One by Nikon, one by Kenko.

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