What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. For Anthony Marsh- Kodak Double-X (real name Eastman Double-X or Eastman 5222) motion picture stock with a daylight rating of ISO 250 and ISO 200 for tungsten. Eastman Kodak markets films for still camera market as Kodak and motion picture as Eastman. This is a different film than the Kodak Super XX that was replaced by Tri-X for roll film and 35mm sizes in 1954. It remained available in sheet film into the 90's as it was useful in making color separation negatives before newspapers used computer technology to publish color photos. Three exposures through primary color filters were made on this film and it required pinpoint registration during printing. During the the 50's, 60's, and 70's a popular way to economize with 35mm shooting was to buy short ends (left over motion picture film) and reload it into standard cassettes. Even today it is done, but short ends are hard to find now. In the early 2000's is was buying Eastman Double-X for 5 cents a foot, which was quite a bargain. In recent years this film has gained a following so at least a couple of vendors buy new stock and package it as 100' bulk as well as standard cassette loads. Alas, it is no longer a bargain. Standard rolls (36 exp) cost more than Ilford or Kodak films and 100' is hovering between 90 and 100 USD. The film fits neatly in ISO between Plus-X and Tri-X with lower contrast than either. A worthwhile film, if you don't mind spending the money.
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  2. At a $100 + shipping + tax per 30-foot bulk rolls, Double-X is no longer particularly interesting for me these days. I'm switching back to bulk-loading Fomapan after finishing off this batch.

    For this week(end) I'm using the Leica IIIg again, loaded with Agfa APX 100.
    The shutter curtain springs have been slightly tweaked after seeing the uneven exposure on the previous roll.
    Also acquired a nice leather strap and half case for it (added my own lug protection tabs)
  3. The D750 is headed back to Nikon for the fourth and last time so the D3 will be handling any digital chores. In many ways I prefer it, anyway. Such a beautifully built camera.
    _DSC2452 (1).jpg 35mm chores are moving over a Leicaflex for the next while. I'm still not 100% sure which will get the nod, the SL or the SL-2. My hand will let me know when I pick them up. A couple of rolls of Delta 100 await.
    DSC_8813.jpg This combination is going to head out for an extended session with the peonies tomorrow. I'm really curious how the Taylor Cooke Hobson looks when focused in the closest range. Perhaps Delta 400 this time around? Could be very interesting...
  4. We have a long holiday weekend, celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth, and if the weather clears I'll load up this Minolta Auto Wide and see what the particularly nice Rokkor 35mm f/2.8 lens can do.

    Minolta Auto Wide copy.jpg
  5. Thank you. I was clueless about the film.
  6. LEICA 3f red dial 20210608_122132.jpg 50cm 1: 2 SUMMITAR
  7. ROLLEICORD 1A FOMAPAN 100 20210609_114245.jpg
  8. Nikon F6 the last Nikon film camera and now discontinued. p300.jpg
  9. Beautiful! Can't help but thinking that Nikon didn't get enough credit for keeping this camera on the market for as long as they did. It was available for almost as long as the F3 and was the most refined film camera of all times.
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  10. upload_2021-6-11_10-13-43.jpeg
    loaded with Pan F+. Also still working on a roll of Panatomic-X in the Minolta XE.
    I've been pricing 100' rolls of film lately and Kentmere 100 is a good buy for me at 59.95 USD. Nearly everything from Kodak and Ilford are at or above 100 USD. The Foma and Arista branded Foma are more competitive in price with the Kentmere but I'll go with the Kentmere for now.
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  11. This weekend I'm using a Canon T90 with a 24mm Sigma Super-Wide f/2.8 lens. While the lens seems to be held in reasonably high regard, this is my first outing with it. Does anyone know if there's a difference in the optical formula between this lens and the Super Wide II ?

    Canon T90 copy.jpg
  12. It was going to be a Saturday walk in central Copenhagen with my Nikkormat EL w a 20/3.5 an a roll of HP5+, but a detour past one of the still surviving camera shops added a worn but super smooth F2 with 50/1.4 to the bag.

    My stoneage brain still does not understand why they are so cheap.
    The attraction to this one, aside from the price, was the lack of high pitched ring noice following shutter release and a responsive and stable meter readout.
    Besides, I didn't own a Nikkor 50/1.4 prior to this purchase.
  13. MedalistLeica.jpg

    Carried these two yesterday during a Photo Walk with a few fellow photographers.
    Kodak Medalist with expired Orwo PAN 400 (25 years old!)
    Leica IIIc with Sonnar 50mm f/1.5 and Kodak Double-X
  14. Still grooving on the Nagaoka 4x5. Picked up a wooden tripod this week for $36, "National Cine Equipment". Looks like Mahogany. Stands taller than I can use! Definitely a car-trunk to shooting location of < 100 yards.

  15. Nikkormat FT2 my Dad purchased new in 1975 that I inherited. Brings back good memories when I use it. p299.jpg
  16. IMG_20210617_075845_1.jpg
    Leica I model A, loaded with Double-X.
    No plans though.
  17. I will be shooting the Minolta SRT 201 with the dent on the side this Saturday. I shot some flower photos with it last night. Or I will be using the Nikon FG with it's lenses. Or maybe even the Nikomat FTN. Have some Fujicolor negative film loaded, and a roll of 200 ISO Kodak ColorPlus next.
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  18. I'm slowly acquiring a small collection of some of the better Vivitar/Kino/Kobori lenses, and this Kobori-made Vivitar 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 one touch zoom lens arrived early this week. I've run a test film and was impressed by the results and I hope to do something more serious with it this weekend. If the rain stops...

    Minolta XD-7 copy.jpg
  19. The rain is coming down in buckets and the lightning is fast and furious. Time for the Nikonos.

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