What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Got a roll of Rerapan 100 in this little Vollenda


    If the weather clears up enough I'll probably take it along to a WW2 Decoy Airfield.
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  2. I will be shooting Minolta this weekend. Just got a SRT-201, 50 1.7 Minolta MD Rokkor-X, a Sigma Mini-Wide 35 2.8, and a Minolta flash unit. $40.
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  3. I've had this nice Miranda for at least 5 years and I think I've put only one film through it. I loaded some Ilford FP4+ yesterday and I hope to finish the film this afternoon.

    Miranda Auto Sensorex EE copy.jpg
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  4. This one has been whining at me jealously every time I walk by its case about the time I've been spending with my Rolleis lately so I stuck a roll of HP5 in it to calm it down. ;) 100 f3.5 Planar.
  5. _DSC2511.jpg
    A project I've been working on has come to fruition so I'll definitely be shooting a roll tomorrow, weather permitting - if not, Monday for sure.

    I got a couple of blank lens boards for the Rollei SL66 a couple of years ago and finally got one drilled and a lens mounted. I've had this Scottish J. Lizars "Challenge" camera floating about in unusable condition with parts missing since I found it at a yard sale 35 years ago so it has donated its lens.
    The lens is a Taylor Cooke Hobson 5.15" f6.5 Series III triplet so it should be different and interesting. The Bausch & Lomb pneumatic shutter is working perfectly, not that it is needed as the SL66 has a focal plane shutter of its own. I did some measurements and it works out that the Infinity distance is almost dead on for flange/focal of the SL66 - as it turns out with about one millimetre spare so I get lovely Infinity focus. I suppose I could shim that at some point if I really wanted to...

    Tomorrow I'll be shooting like it's 1900, only with some '60s ModCons to go with the experience.
  6. finished a roll of hp-5 in the ECand now i have a roll of ektar 100 in it for some flower pics

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  7. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    With my vehicle in the shop I'm taking advantage of a rental car to do a few excursions, and will be bringing along the Fujica ST901 with Fujinon 29-47mm zoom, which is not much bigger than a standard lens.

    ST 901.JPG
  8. Enjoyed seeing the MF SLRs.. wanting a "WF hood " for my Mamiya...he said......knowing full well it is out my pocketbook and hard to find. I just like the aesthetic! The SLR pentaprism if excellent and practical...but ugly! IMHO


    This lovely jewel has some limitations, but I want to use it anyway. I will also take along the little employed Jupiter 9. The only Zeiss lens I have is a prewar collapsible 50mm 3.5 Tessar and it is lightly hazed. It's great in the right light. The shutter is unreliable above 250th . partial exposed or second curtain problem-
  9. I came across this extraordinarily tidy copy of the somewhat historic Minolta 7000, the world's first SLR camera with integrated autofocus and motor drive. Now days, it's unusual to find one that isn't suffering from the crumbling plastic that many Minoltas of this era exhibit, so this one has obviously been looked after and probably stored in a case. It's fitted with the rather nice Minolta 28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens, and I'll shoot some Ilford FP4 Plus if I get a chance this weekend.

    Minolta 7000 copy.jpg
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  10. My newly overhauled Leica IIIf was not overhauled well enough and had to go back to the tech. I have to find comfort in reading about the camera, and use its Summaron lens on the M2 instead while I am waiting.
  11. Again lots of rain this weekend. Did manage to go out and play with my latest addition to my Leica collection.


    1959 Leica IIIg. Shot some Double-X this morning with a Summarit and Y1 filter.
  12. That VC Meter must have seen a thing or two. Never seen one this battered.
    If only the metal underneath was brass.
  13. It has served me well enough over the last decade. :D
    I considered having it repainted in RLM grey to match my rebuilt Leica IIIc-sync
  14. image.jpeg Walking around downtown Tupelo with this beast. Loaded with FP4+. Also finishing up roll of Pan F+ in Olympus XA.
  15. LeicaI_05.jpg

    Loaded with Agfa APX 100 for this week/weekend;
    1938 Leica I (model E), with 1936 nickel 35mm Elmar and VIDOM viewfinder.
    The lens hood is a Chinese adaptation of the Leitz FISON, shortened to work with the 35mm focal length.

  17. Stepping out this weekend with what looks like a virtually brand-new, fully functional black paint Nikon FA, purchased from a top flight Northern California ebayer I've purchased from for years. I also just picked up a virtually identical-condition silver FA so next weekend I'll be using them in tandem.

    Once I have them both in-hand I'll do a "family shot" with the 5 prime Nikkor lens (20-35-85-135-200) setup I'll be using with them.
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  18. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Time to give my Kiev-19 some exercise. Along with the Helios-81 I'll also be using Mir and Jupiter lenses (with Nikon interchangeable mounts).

  19. For a while, I have been enjoying my battered <NEW> Nikkor 35mm 1:2.0. I even found an original Ai conversion set for it but have yet to put it on. Then this week, a like-new 35mm 1:2.0 AiS presented itself, and I had to own it as a perfect fit for my F3. Optical formular is the same so I don't expect any surprise, but it feel so smooth...
    Film is home rolled HP5+.

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