What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. This is on my list... a Nikon enthusiast that lives nearby I have crossed apths literally and in talking he offered me two the first and the S version stating their value as not worth the effort to sell and taking up room... so I too will be testing them soon!
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  2. Go figure. They are better and more capable than so many of the other film cameras where price has rocketed into the stratosphere - but that is our luck!
    I think this is also a great camera for someone to start exploring film. Start with AF and P and slowly turn off automation a little by little to the level you are comfortable with - and the price is right. Can be used with any Ai or Ai modified Nikkor and all the AF and AFD screwdriver lenses of which some are still in the Nikon catalogue.
  3. Taking the OM-1 out again today, but will have the Zuiko 35-105 with me as well as the 75-150.
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  4. chuck_foreman|1 said:
    I'd agree with NHSN, Chuck. The Nikon 801s is still one of my favorites, a very capable camera that's far more user-friendly than many of the bloated Nikons that followed. Good find!
  5. Thanks for the info NHSN and Rick I guess I'd better get hopping and try them out. There seems so much to them. I must admit I'm a little gun shy I don't have any AF lenses. In fact, I thought I'd screwed one up.. well I think now I've sorted it. My Nikon user experience is low compared to some other marques. Two things were probably factors 1: recharged Ni-Cads of questionable reliance. 2: dummy hand loaded film roll ..oh and 3: my ignorance and naivety. I thought I'd load the dummy film to learn how to use the camera.. but I think I mistook the timer for the rewind button then opened the camera back without rewinding the film..... modern technology Yikes!! I had one the mirror stuck up or halfway. I think it's ok now. I've been reading up on it a bit more. I do have the handbook etc ..but too impatient to read it it.
  6. I look forward to seeing what you can do with them, Chuck. I used to be impatient with these new-fangled cameras and managed some spectacular goofs, but these days I'll put the camera down, make a good coffee and RTFM. Just when you think you know it all another little gleam of enlightenment appears...
  7. Haven't used my Olympus XA in a while so it's going along with me (with a roll of Ilford Pan F+).
  8. Unexpectedly acquired a Mountain Elmar last week.
    Only fair to put it through its paces on a matching black-paint Leica II, loaded with some Double-X


    Unfortunately we're in for a wet&windy couple of days :(
    And living in the Netherlands....we don't actually have any mountains.....
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  9. D1X is manual if I put it in M mode, and might be classic by now, so I will take it out this weekend.

    It seems to be 20 years old by now, which should be pretty close to classic.
    I think digital cameras age twice as fast as film cameras.

    By the way, the going rate is $42. (Not including battery or charger.)
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  10. I'll give the Olympus OM-2n another outing while I decide whether or not to move it on. It sure is a pretty camera...

    Olympus OM-2n copy.jpg
  11. Very pristine example of OM-2n, Rick. I'm sure you won't have trouble finding a buyer.
    In addition to the XA, I'm using this camera over the next few days.
    film will be Ilford Pan F+
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  12. Well it seems I will be trying to use the the Nikon 801S... I've sort of determined the 801 is broken. Twice now through "testing" I've got it to the point of permanent "err". The first time I recovered, but this time??? So forward with the 801S Weather permitting of course... I'm getting to be such a Wuss

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  13. Way too many. hard to choose.
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  14. AJG


    Weather and time permitting, my Contax III with 8.5 cm f/2 Sonnar. This is the brass mount, uncoated version of the Sonnar, hence the deep lens hood. ContaxIII:8.5 cm Sonnar f:2.jpg
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  15. I have been familiarising myself with my Leica IIIF with Elmar 50mm F:3.5 for the past week, and will continue this weekend.

    Both camera and lens went straight to service after purchase, so besides checking that everything works at expected/intended upon return from the tech, I am also trying to learn the awkward operation of this strange piece of engineering.

    Although this particular camera and lens was made in 1955 (after the introduction of Leica M3), its usability is originating from the pioneering years of 35mm rangefinder cameras dating back to the early 1930's.
    It is not a difficult camera to understand per se, but every single operation seems to require an extra step or awkward action!

    Even thinking that this type of camera was the base of Henri Cartier-Bresson's photographs depicted in "The Decisive Moment" is mind boggling.
    I find it very slow to use and puts my complaints about the usability of my smart phone camera to shame.

    The viewfinder on the IIIF is tiny, that is why you often see Barnack Leicas with a SBOOI (50mm bright line finder) on top. I don't have one of those, thus I have to make do with a VIOOH finder - that is a universal finder that "zooms" from 35 to 135mm. Not the most ergonomical, but will have to do for now.

    I will use HP5+ as I always do.

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  16. AJG


    Good luck with your IIIF--I have a IIIa with a Russian 50 which is even more primitive than your IIIF. The speed of operation is relative--Cartier-Bresson might have compared a Leica with something using glass plates that required cocking a shutter separately and been thrilled with the speed and convenience of an early Leica. My Contax III is no speed demon either, but at least the viewfinder for the 50 mm lens and rangefinder are combined in one window. Film loading is a lot easier as well, and a light meter is built in to the camera, a big deal in 1936 when it came on the market. My photography students usually aren't impressed...
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  17. I'm using the SRT 101 that I pictured a few posts back with a Celtic 35mm f 2.8 today rather than the 28mm f 3.5 MC Celtic in the picture. Also I may switch to a 135 later. I hope to finish this film over the weekend.
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  18. Hey Mike
    If you don’t show, it didn’t happen! We want to see;)
  19. Here's a quick image of SRT 101 and lenses I mentioned.
    To left of SRT 101 and 35mm Celtic is the Sigma 135mm f 3.5 Mini Tele
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  20. I am planning on finishing up a roll of Fuji 400 Superia in my Olympus 35 RC.

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