What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

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  1. 73' Nikon F with 85mm f1.8 Nikkor lens. This was my first F, purchased in 1972, I used it in high school as a yearbook photographer, in college at Brooks Institute of Photography and at work-Sandra National Laboratories. I still use it today, it always works and I know what the results will be. Another plus is that it looks really cool. This is it for my assortment of F's, I saved the best for last. Nikon F 1st.JPG
  2. 47 year old Olympus OM-1 (non-MD), original owner. Converted to 1.5v battery during CLA @ Photosphere years ago. Recent new leather covers.

  3. Minolta SR-1s with 28mm f3.5 Rokkor lens.

    This is a great camera to use simple controls, nice size, light weight and uses affordable Rokkor lenses. It was CLAed by John Titterington. I use it as an alternative to Nikon and Leica. Up until a couple of months ago Rokkor lenses were very cheap to purchase. This combo was put together for about the price of an inexpensive dinner. I personally think the SR-1s in one of the prettiest camera around.

    Minolta SR-1S.JPG
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  4. image.jpeg
    A better view of one of my favorite rangefinders. Loaded with Kentmere 100.
  5. Assuming I can locate some film before the weekend (may have to stoop to purchasing a disposable camera and extracting the film from that) it will be one of the two below. The 35RC was the reason I bought a large lot of miscellaneous gear, and it was every bit as nice as I'd hoped. Ordered a new light seal kit for it since it's a cheap, easy thing to do, but overall it seems in excellent mechanical condition, including the light meter.

    The SL2 MOT was bought to resell but now that I am holding it in my hands I think it might stick around for a while. It's a heavy beast but just oozes mechanical quality.

    image1 (33).jpeg image2 (9).jpeg
  6. Love the Leicaflex SL2 MOT, there were only about a thousand made. The 35mm Summicron is a great lens, hope you keep the combo!
  7. Yes, I got it with the 35 and 90 (which I am selling since I don't care for that focal length). Gotta figure out a slight wobble in the lens barrel of the 35, but that's all part of the fun. The optics are excellent.

    According to the serial # the SL2 is from the batch made in 1976 mixed in with non-MOT SL2s and not from one of the dedicated serial # batches.
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  8. Beautiful Leicaflex, Christer, a rare one indeed. This weekend I'll take up some rather neglected MF gear, in the shape of my favourite old Bronica S2a.

    Bronica S2aa.jpg
  9. Circa 1974 Nikon F2(2).jpg My 1974 Nikon F2 and battered but reliable 85mm f1.8 Nikkor.
  10. IMG_20200807_092451_1.jpg
    2nd attempt with the K.W. Patent Etui. No plans for the weekend yet though.
    Last time I used this one it had a light leak in the roll film holder and the shutter was a bit iffy.
  11. This week-end I will exercise my Spotmatic SP with a 28mm Super-Multi-Coated Takumar. It has been a while for this combo.
  12. I don't know, you could almost see that as an advantage! Lightning photos. I used/use a wired remote. It's a bit awkward though. It's a shame the bodies are mostly unrepairable these days. I have a 1 and a 2 that are just paperweights at this point.
  13. The Yashica FR (manual match diode metering) is hard to find these days. The FR-1 (aperture priority and manual mode) and FR-II (aperture priority only) seem more plentiful.
    Still wondering about how close to SRT CLC the metering on the HiMatic 7 is. I don't see much difference in meter reading when switching from horizontal to vertical, but the high percentage of properly exposed frames on a roll of Kentmere 100 at least shows the metering to work well under varied light conditions. As much as I like my Konica Auto S2 and S1.6, I think I'm getting more correct exposures on automatic with the 7S.
    I'll post from latest 7S roll on the weekly film camera thread on Thursday.
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  14. this is going to be a problem this weekend as i am working. i have 3 cameras loaded with film but i think it will be the Bronica EC with hp5.just pickedit up and running a roll thru it to check focus.i figured i'd show a little camera porn . P1060705_edited-1.jpg P1060649.JPG
  15. My second Hasselblad purchased in 2002. 2020 D3 3400.jpg
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  17. Canon 7 loaded with HP5 and Nikon FE with PanF. Should do the trick.
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  18. My Rolleiflex Automat from 1937 is still going strong, and I'll take it for a workout this weekend.
    The Tessar lens is uncoated so I use a yellow filter to add a little extra contrast.
    Normally I prefer Ilford HP5 but I found an expired roll of Kodak Tri-X that I wanted to use before I forget about it again.
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  19. Next camera I plan to load I would call a "hybrid classic"- modern film camera with classic lens
    Modern Pentax ZX-5 (AF went south several years ago) and classic SMC-A Pentax 50mm f 2
    As the ZX-5 has the "crippled" K mount it will only meter properly with A series lenses and later.
    Undecided on what film to run though it just yet.
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  20. Also bringing this one along on some of my outings,
    Likely this camera will get the first roll of Ilford Pan F+ that will be in my bulk loader soon. The Sigma Super Wide II 24mm is one of my favorite wide angle lenses.
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