What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. I'm making an effort to get back into shooting film, so this weekend I'm shooting one of my favorites, my black XD11, along with this lovely little camera I got for about $5. It's a Vivitar XC-3, a camera I've never heard of or even knew existed until a week ago. I'm shooting a Tamron (screw-mount adapter) 35-135mm zoom that my father used to use on his Vivitar 220/SL. 024a.jpg
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  2. In addition to the Auto S 1.6, I decided to give my Nikon FE-2 (with 50mm f2 some exercise. I have a roll of Kentmere 100 loaded.
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  3. Agfa Selectaflex, with 50, 35 and 90mm lenses. First roll after CLA. Hoping that something will come out. Maybe next weekend the FP4+ roll will be finished.

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  4. With my first grandchild due tomorrow I will probably have a roll of HP5+ in my Pentax ZX-7 with 50mm f2.8 macro for available light close ups. I'll have to shoot a few digital shots for family but after that it's film.
  5. Cool looking camera. I hope it performs well for you.
  6. DSC_8416.jpg

    Yashicamat circa approx. 1957 (best I can figure.) No letter designation has Yashinon lens.
    I am not a Yashica expert but have owned a few including the g's and for me this one is the best of the bunch. Very smooth film wind, all metal nothing cheap about it or it's finish.
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  7. I'll grapple with this Ihagee Exa, though I'll probably fit a better lens than the standard Meritar. Unique construction, with a surprisingly bright viewfinder.


    Exa Pnet.jpg
  8. I have a Nikkormat FT-3 hopefully arriving by late next week. If so that will be one of the cameras I use next weekend.
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  9. This afternoon (Friday here) it's off to Honolulu & the China Town District with the Agfa Isolette II & then Sunday (after the market) it's back to Kakaako & the "new" murals with the Fed-2 (b/w) & horrors !!,, my XE-1 !! (picture censored for those tender eyeballs Iso2-Weston-horz.jpg ). The XE-1 is for a historical job with a University of Hawaii prof. Aloha, Bill
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  10. Don't have an XE-1, but do have an XE-5, XE-7, and XE. Really like the quiet shutter and smooth film advance.
    Although big and heavy compared to some SLR'a, I sometimes combine it with compact lenses. Here's a shot of my XE (with 45mm f2 Rokkor-X mounted) with a pair of Sigma's- 24mm f2.8 mini wide and 90mm f2.8 macro.
    This one gets some use as soon as I finish film in Konica Auto S1.6.
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  11. Taking a break from rangefinders to finish a partial role in the Contax RTS II with CZJp glass.
  12. Nikkormat FT-3 with 50mm f2 Nikkor.
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  13. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    This weekend I'll be out shooting with a newly acquired F3HP or two. I just finished shooting with 3 Nikon FA's this week.
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  14. The Fed-2 & XG-1 (with a 135 Celtic) are off on Saturday to cover the "March for Our Lives" event in Honolulu. Sunday it's just the Fed at the Market. Aloha, Bill Red Fed-2-horz rr.jpg
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  15. Mike, the XE/XE-1/XE-7 is one of the nicest cameras ever! The smoothness of the film advance and the shutter button is magnificent! For me, a similarly nice camera is the XD11 (which I'll be shooting this weekend, along with my Vivitar XC-3), with a wonderfully smooth film advance and shutter button. Minolta created masterpieces with these two cameras.
  16. Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and I'll be able to get out and about with one of my favourite cameras, the Canon T70. I'll use the 35-135mm Tamon lens as pictured below, with a load of FP4.

    Canon T70

    T 70 Pnet.jpg
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  17. I like the range of the 35-135. Sometimes I got out with that lens on one camera and a 24mm on the other. Mine is a Minolta 35-135 f3.5-4.5 MD. Bought it from family camera store stock in 1983. It's a good fit on the XE series Minoltas.
  18. Gorgeous shot, as always :) I'm quite surprised to hear that the T70 is one of your favorites. I have not run across anyone singing its praises and, with you having so many excellent cameras, this is not one I would have predicted would be one you would like. It isn't even very manual. What do you like about it?
  19. I got a head start, this week, and went out yesterday with 4 cameras, and finished off the rolls in 3 of them, including my first roll of 120 in the Mamiya RB67. I sure hope I didn't completely mess everything up on that roll. I haven't worked much with the RB67, or any other medium format body, and it has so many safety interlocks that it's often a struggle to figure out why the @#$%^& thing won't let me take a shot. On the other hand, it's very satisfying when I manage to figure it out and make an exposure.

    I also finished off the rolls in my Minolta Hi-Matic 7S and my Fujica Auto-M 35, both of which have bottom-mounted advance levers, but on opposite ends of the camera. I think I like the Fujica a bit more, in terms of ergonomics. Unfortunately, I forgot to mark which roll was from which camera before dropping them off for developing, but I should be able to identify them from the contents because yesterday was the only day that I shot both of them on the same day, so the subject matter will be different.

    The one that didn't see any action was the recently "refurbished" Konica SII I posted about, and got lots of help with. That will be the next one up, but I ran out of time before I got to it, yesterday.
  20. Well, for a start, it has probably the best viewfinder of any SLR I've used, very bright with both microprism and split image focusing aids. It's a very simple camera, with a choice of shutter priority or manual mode and spot or average metering, both very accurate. It's dead easy to make adjustments to exposure or ISO with two buttons, "up" or "down", with a good clear indication on the small LCD screen and a bright display indicating aperture selected, or recommended, in the viewfinder. The camera is powered by two AA cells which run the single-shot film advance and rewind, and metering. The camera has a great grip and handles very well, and it's just the right weight for a photographer who likes a solid camera. Overall, it does everything I want, with no fuss, and lets me get on with the job of composing and shooting. And then there are those nice old Canon FD lenses...I managed to shoot some film late yesterday so I'll post some samples in the current "Weekend" thread.

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