What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Beautiful example of the SRT 101, Rick. The SRT series are among my favorites as well. Minolta slightly modified the SRT 101 over the years. Early ones had the single slot take up spool (still IMHO easy to load) but later went to multislot later. The highly desirable mirror lock up eventually disappeared during the last few years. I have several Minolta wide angle lenses, but never owned the one in your picture.
  2. Yes, this copy of the SRT 101 has the multislotted spool and film loading is certainly simple and foolproof. Of the others in the series that I have, I think the SRT 303 is my preferred user, with both mirror lock up and the aperture displayed in the viewfinder, along with the shutter speeds.
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  3. Here is an earlier SRT 101 with the single slot film take up. One of my Minolta 28's shown here. I will probably load this one after I finish the film in my Nikon FE this weekend.
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  4. This Rolleicord Va (version II) was part of the batch of 4 cameras I bought not too long ago. I am going to put a last roll through it before it moves on to a new owner.
    It has a very nice Xenar taking lens which I like a lot, but since I already own another TLR with a Xenar, I decided to let this one go.

  5. Nice looking Rolleicord II, Neils. I have a Rolleicord III (also with Xenar) that I like. Focusing screen is not as bright as later models, but enough contrast that I can still focus it easily. If I used it more I might upgrade to a brighter screen.
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  6. You are right Mike.
    It is my impression that Rollei(flex/cord) screens are generally darker when compared with competitors of similar vintage.
    The screen in this one is acceptable but nothing to write home about.
    However, for very old Rollei(flex/cord) samples it sometimes makes more sense to replace the mirror before the screen. I have a Rolleicord from 1936'ish where the mirror has deteriorated quite a bit. Fortunately replacement mirrors are available and they are not as costly as a bright modern replacement screen.
  7. Thanks, Neils. That is good to know. I really haven't thought about checking the mirror.
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  8. Shot that roll of FujiColor Superia 400 in my Olympus 35 RC, and finished it in Townsend, TN in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Plan on taking the Olympus back there in a few days, a Nikon or Nikkormat, and the 3 rolls of FujiColor C200, and having some more photography fun. Tough terrain for gimpy me, hope to get the film in later on this week, processed and scanned.
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  9. Did you get to go to Cades Cove? Beautiful country. Look forward to seeing the pictures.
  10. Didn't quite get to Cades Cove. Traffic yesterday was heavy. Mom and I will go back likely on Wednesday. And it should be less crowded.
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  11. Lordomat02.jpg

    In the camera bag this week. Testing this Leidolf Lordomat, with 50mm f/2.8 Lordonar and loaded with Kodak Double-X

    Slow speeds were sticking and the rangefinder was off in both vertical and horizontal alignment.
    Fixing the vertical alignment was a pain! No info on it to be found online anywhere. It involves taking off the top of the camera and bending the sheet metal hinge that holds the rangefinder mirror/arm. :(
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  12. Half of a 36x roll is still in this kit, so will "burn" it off at Friday's Farmers Market. I have some serious choices (of cameras) should I continue Sat or Sun. Life is Ruff ! Fed-3-DSCF5401 ces10 bm rx.JPG
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  13. The first "modern" Nikon I acquired, a Nikon F-601, along with a friend. I try to exercise them every now and then and I shot a film with one during the week, and there's a film in the other I hope to finish tomorrow. Good, strong, simple cameras, and a pleasure to use.

    Nikon F-601 copy.jpg
  14. I am not so sure about "simple" - in a classic camera context at least.
    I remember how I struggled to become familiar and comfortable with an F-801 back in the 90's - and ended up selling it in frustration and return to an FE of the late 70's.
    Back in March this year, an F-801s landed in my lap by coincidence, and I expected to hate it, but I found it very simple, easy and convenient to use.
    I am thinking that the complexity of these 90's AF cameras dwarfs in comparison with the contemporary digital cameras.
    BTW, I love that 35-70mm lens - it not much larger than a 50mm AF and stays compact regardless of focal length chosen.
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  15. NHSN said:
    Yes, I guess it's all a matter of degree...To me, these early AF cameras are just the box cameras of the new era of cameras we use today. Or sometimes struggle with today... They still have buttons or sliders for all the functions, and not a menu in sight. Compared with, say, a Minolta Maxxum 7 or a Nikon F5, they are very unsophisticated.

    I'd agree regarding the lens. It's tack sharp stopped down to f/4.5 and beyond, and has far less distortion through it's zoom range than most lenses of this description. With a little luck I might have some images to post over the weekend.
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  16. You may be right. Upon further reflection, my struggle or dislike may have been not so much about functionality which remained pretty much the same (+AF) but perhaps more a matter of getting used to a digital representation of exposure values and settings - much like the difference between an analogue watch face versus the digital LCD representation of time.
  17. Got the film to the lab Yesterday, and it will be processed and scanned. Should have scans available by next Tuesday or Wednesday.
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  18. It is Rolleicord-weekend again this week. The Rolleicord Va (ii) from last week has found a new home, and this week I will be exercising the shutter of a Rolleicord II (type 1) from 1936.
    It is an obviously loved camera: A previous owner decided it was worth having the lens (a Triotar 75mm/1.3.5) coated - most likely after WWII when such services became more common. There is also a flash sync modification which is obviously non-standard.
    The shutter appear to work fine and the lens is clear but the focusing mirror is almost completely deteriorated, thus the sportsfinder will come in handy.
  19. combatgraphic.jpg

    Still got a load of loaded sheet film holders, so I'll probably take the Combat Graphic with me to a Living History event / militaria fair this weekend.

    Also still need to fill up a roll in the Lordomat and test a Contax II I've serviced for someone.
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  20. This weekend, I am likely going to finish up the roll of FujiColor 200 in my Olympus 35 RC, if not before the weekend. And start a test roll of FujiColor 200 in my just acquired Konica Auto S2 (which itself is in beautiful condition, thank you eBay). I just took delivery of the Konica about 20 minutes ago.

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