One way to spot well-hidden fraud on eBay

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  1. I bought some cheap Chinese hub caps on ebay. I had to get 3 shipments of a set of 4 before I got a complete unbroken set. Nothing wrong with the caps, but the packing was completely useless, so they got broken in transit. I then wrote a review saying precisely this. The company then bombarded me with pleas to write a positive review instead. More and free hubcaps were offered. It was quite sad. They must already have made no money whatsoever on the ones I had bought. I didn't change my review.
  2. I bought a pretty neat Kodak folder on ebay the other week, complete and working, but the seller sent a derelict folder, larger and with the film winder completely missing, just a big hole in the side. It's beyond me how mistakes like that can be made. The derelict one wasn't even listed.
  3. One thing that continues to amaze is that people buy stuff on eBay that is cheaper than cheap, so obviously not as good as the many times more expensive stuff, and still complain when it turns out to be what it is expected to be.

    Re sellers from China, often what you pay including postage is less than what it costs to send a letter to your neighbour. But yes, you have to be patient, and it sometimes takes a few tries. I have never dealt with a Chinese seller that did not make good. Bad experiences (i had a few too, having traded on eBay thousands of times) almost exclusively with European and North American sellers.
  4. Yes, indeed, the US importer of the caps was embarrassingly eager to please, but it didn't mean that I was not pissed off with having to keep getting back to them in order to get a complete set, and then waiting for another (defective) set to turn up. The hubs themselves were fine, but why they did not pack them in a way that prevented breakage in transit is beyond me since it cost them all their profit, not to mention the time wasted.
  5. It's a volume thing. Increase packing costs for every single sale vs. taking a loss on a few sales with lower packing costs.
    Time is not a factor.
    In the end, you were glad you got your set of caps for little money, i guess. Same thing, sort of: cost savings vs. a little inconvenience and extra time. If you wouldn't be happy with that, you should and would have bought the set from a local dealer and carried the things home. So why complain?

    It looks like it is a "fashionable thing", complain about bargain sales from China or on eBay. But it is not as if we do not know why we buy from and through these channels, and what we might expect (which really isn't that bad, else those channels werren't doing as well as they do). It is our choice. So complain about that instead, i'd say.
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  6. Annoying about eBay reviews is, i find, that some sellers harass you for a positive review while holding back on their review for you, their client. That "if you don't give me a good review, i will use my review of you as revenge" thing. I do not give any review of a seller anymore unless he or she has expressed how they liked to get my money.
    Ratings, however, are highly overrated.
  7. Yes, they using escrow acct. And look for sellers ratings, feedback usually reflects all seller or buyer activities pretty accurately .
  8. Activities, but not products.
    If i buy a cheap item and it turns out to be as expected, i.e. what you can expect a cheap item to be, i give positive feedback because everything went as it supposed to do. It is deserved.
    Far too many buyes do not rate like that. They rate their disappointment over their own expectations. "I ordered an unbranded item that costs next to nothing while the real, branded one costs a ton, and what i got was a cheap knock-off! You are a crook!"
    Also when buying used. There is a good reason that sellers put emphasis on the short comings and defects of their items. Yet buyers often think that despite the mention of "BROKEN" they will get a product that is like new and only needs a good wiping down.

    Mind you, i'm not saying that there are not many crooked sellers on eBay.
    And escrow services sometimes work, but sometimes offer no protection at all. It can be enough that a seller sends a tracking number as proof that an item was delivered, while such a number doesn't say anything really. Not even that a package was sent (announcing a parcel online is enough to get a tracking number. You do not even have to hand in something to send. And it says nothing about whether the parcel is delivered. And it doesn't say anything about what is in the parcel. Yet the escrow service will take such as proof that an item was sent, and dismiss a complaint because of that. If you can't resolve an issue communicating directly with the seller, there's not much hope that it will be resolved.
    Again: high volume sellers are often easy in this respect. Just mention what you're gripe is, and they will not spend their time on a dispute, but make good.
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