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  1. Basic Guidelines: In the strictest sense, nature photography should not include "hand of man elements". Please refrain from images with buildings or human made structures like roads, fences, walls. Pets are not permitted. Captive subjects in zoos, arboretums, or aquariums are permitted, but must be declared, and must focus on the subject, not the captivity. Images with obvious human made elements will likely be deleted from the thread, with an explanation to the photographer. Guidelines are based on PSA rules governing Nature photography which also cover the Nature Forum. Keep your image at/under 1000 pixels on the long axis for in-line viewing. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site at Flicker, Photobucket, your own site, etc

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    Good Morning,
    One of the greatest strengths of MiN, perhaps THE greatest strength is our diversity. We are from all parts of the global community. We are from all walks of life. We span age groups. We are from across economic backgrounds. We speak different languages, though we come together with one. We look out the window and see different views. The nature within our reach may be different. One has a forest, one has desert, another has the coast, yet another has an open expanse that goes on forever. It is all the world that WE live in.
    Each week WE come together for a common purpose. We share our love of nature through photography. We share knowledge. We share our world as we see it so that others can see it also. We each bring ourselves and our natural world. Together we are inspired, enlightened, entertained, and educated, through the power of photography. Yes, it's a small part in a big world, but this is a place where WE come together, and that's a big slice of goodness.
    Monday in Nature is a place where all birds of all feathers are welcome to flock together.
  2. Great to be back after four weeks of hiking and exploring. Gancheng Po in the Langtang valley of Nepal.
  3. More birds
  4. Nice Christoph. A very ordinary spider from me - but in January?
  5. Greetings from Uruguay. We found this fellow on our fence post this morning. It was about the size of a common June bug.
  6. Golden-Fronted Woodpecker seen at a state park in central Texas.
  7. Christoph, welcome home. Wow, what a way to start the day!
  8. Just a pelican coming in for a landing. Nikon D7100 with 18-140 at 140mm, f/8, 1/1600s, ISO 280.
  9. A lot of rain in northern California lately.
  10. This is a slightly different version of an image I posted earlier this month on the no words forum. I hope you will indulge me, I like it.
  11. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Canvasbacks (Aythya valisineria), in Palo Alto, California. The one on the left is the female.
  12. Waterfall near the south shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin
  13. Gup

    Gup Gup

    We are fast approaching the cold zone part of our winter here in the 'near north' of Ontario after 2 weeks of our annual January thaw which brought + temperatures and days of rain. Temperatures above freezing for a week, or so, means the gradual melting of almost 3 feet of accumulated snow. This makes for a tougher existence than if it would just stay cold and keep snowing. I have ways of dealing with lots of snow but the January thaw means treacherous conditions for driving and walking. Firstly from the layer of slippery slush on top of the hardpack that affects steering and breaking and causes hydro-planing at speed to the inevitable loss of life that occurs here every year from weekend warriors riding their snow machines onto too thin ice.
    Our next weather event will be the February cold snap bringing sustained temperatures in the minus double digits and that brings with it a whole new form of defence for problem-free survival. Starting with plugging our cars in at night to ensuring our water lines are insulated and heated. It also means dressing accordingly when leaving the house. More layers, the warmer hat and mitts, maybe longer underwear and the big, heavy boots. Snow tires all around equipped with carbide studs and a safety kit in the vehicle with a blanket, candles, power bars, etc. is just normal routine here. Battery cables, a shovel, a manual come-along winch with chains and rope and some form of device to put under the drive wheels for traction are compulsory trunk items. We live remotely on an unassumed road without a neighbour for a kilometre, or so, and must always be prepared and ready for anything.
    That all being said, neither my Queen or I would have it any other way. We built this house 26 years ago and spent the winter parking out on the main road and walking in a half kilometre each trip to town. Groceries, laundry, and eventually two babies were all dragged home on tobogans by foot in those wonderful days gone by. Several trips back and forth were not unusual.
    MIN is my favourite thread here at I think it is, week after week, some of the finest work available on this site in any one collection. Hats off to all who post regularly and strive for excellence.
    And thanks to Laura, as always, for providing us with somewhere cool to go each Monday.
  14. Red-tailed
  15. Part of a bird...
  16. It's been cold and wintry here, and I haven't gotten out much, so for the moment we'll just have to settle for
  17. From November, some fall color.
  18. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Tim Holte, those colors are quite something, very complex. I am sure it would have been even better if I used a better monitor.
  19. House finch in the snow.
  20. Shun, you're right about seeing that image on a monitor....the bigger the monitor the better the image looks.
    Really nice images this week. They're always great, but some weeks really stand out.
    Thanks Gup, it's always an honor. Love the deer trail.
  21. No nature pics last week so a great excuse to go for a hike on Paines Prairie - bison came on to the trail today which can be a bit unnerving when they are in front and behind...
  22. Looks like today is for the birds. Who am I to ignore an egret posing for me this afternoon.
  23. No feathers, but a tree....
  24. A "Sunbow" around my favorite tree.
  25. Core Creek Park
  26. It was a foggy morning today so things were damp. I went out to photograph antique farm equipment in the fog but got caught up with the small things. Leszek I really like your tree photo.

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