Mirrorless Monday_March 26, 2012

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    Canon A650, hand-held.
  4. .
    Cruz • Mission District, San Francisco • ©2012 Brad Evans
  5. I've been playing around with a 100 year old Zeiss Tessar Series IIb lens on the Samsung NX100. This one:
    I affixed it to a Novoflex bellows to focus. The lens is un-coated. It's sharp but not too much and a bit on the low contrast side with very smooth bokeh. Fun!
    Here are a few results:
    Spring Blooms
  6. Old Stream
  7. Budding Tree
  8. Sanford that second picture is remarkable. Have been virally challenged thsi week, so here's one from last year.
  9. Another budding tree. It's spring time for sure.
  10. Great pictures so far. Rob, that little insect on the daffodil makes the shot! The weather has been mixed around here. Went for a hike, never found the pond, so all I have is trees...
  11. Managed some tulip shots yesterday though it was drizzling. Here is one.
  12. Thanks John
  13. Just got back from India where I used two mirrorless cameras, X-100 and Leica M4. This is a shot in a brass foundry with the X-100 at 3200 ISO. The Fuji amazed me with its high ISO results and quickly became my available darkness camera.
  14. Olympus lenses are great - beautiful bokeh in that tulip shot. Here is a backlit orange rose from a lesser lens.
  15. Canon FD 85mm f1.2L on a Sony Nex 5:
  16. A light breakfast... ;-)
  17. Just back from a trip to Berlin; here's a detail of the dome of the Berliner Dom (NEX-3 and 18-55 zoom)
  18. This is the leading edge of the massive storm that swept down the West Coast, up through Texas, into the Midwest, and on to the East, spawning tornadoes in some areas and lots of hail in others. For us here in North Central Indiana it didn't do too much but rain and look ominous, fortunately. This was taken through the dirty windshield of my car on the way home from work last week.
  19. A much more tranquil day, this past weekend...a quiet day at the pond.
  20. We were in Florida last week enjoying the perfect weather. This was at Disney city. Panasonic DMC ZS5. No PS. no comp.
  21. [​IMG]
    Samsung NX200; iF16mm f/2.4; ISO: 3200; f/2.4 @ 1/100th.
  22. [​IMG]
    Samsung NX200; iF16mm f/2.4; ISO: 100; f/8 @ 1/2000th.
  23. [​IMG] Ricoh GRD

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