Jan De Bever, a Memorial

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  1. Don't recall the name, does he have a gallery here?
  2. LINK: jdebever | photo.net
  3. Most of Jan's work was pulled awhile ago. I have about 500 or more of his photos that were sent to me recently and I know that there was more.
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  4. He posted photos in Canon EOS Thursday.
  5. I wondered what happened to him. Thank you for posting this information, mickeysimpson. I will miss him. RIP!
  6. He was always posting on Canon EOS forum , RIP Jan you are will be missed.
  7. I remember his EOS contributions. A sad day. RIP.
  8. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

    I remember him and his photos. He posted about his illness, and I too had feared that he might have died. Thanks mickeysimpson for keeping in touch with him, and for sharing the news.
  9. So sorry to hear that. I remember him well. Thank you for sharing.
  10. What terribly sad news. Jan was open about his battles with cancer and many of us encouraged him keep going. I enjoyed the few personal exchanges we had. Jan was a wonderful man and he will be missed by many here.
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  11. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. I'm sorry for the loss of his input to the forums here, and to the friends he's going to be missed by.
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  12. I confess to not knowing Jan or his work. But all the posts on this thread attest to his humanity.
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  13. I remember him well. I will miss his posts, his talent, and his humility, but I'm glad that he's at peace with no more battles to fight.
  14. As am I Andy.
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  15. I was wondering about him not posting and hoped he would be back again.
    Rest in peace Jan
  16. So sorry to hear we lost JD. He was a regular on the Canon EOS forum and will be missed. Rest in Peace, JD and thank you for sharing your photography and thoughts with us.
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