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  1. Important: please keep your image under 700 pixels wide/high for in-line viewing, and please try to keep the FILE SIZE UNDER 300kb. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site (at Flickr, Photobucket, your own site, etc).

    Are you new to this thread? The general guidelines for these Thursday threads are right here. Remember: only one image each week!​
    Time for Canon POTW #5. The numbers are slowly creeping up there, but we aren't breaking 100 yet. Encourage other EOS folks to get on board the thursday photo thread wagon.
    I though I'd post something recent that I didn't like, just to be different. It's a decent example of being in a situation where you know that there is SOMETHING there, but not being able to capture it quite right. This was a nice wedding location next to a pond with the late summer evening sun coming in low. But I just couldn't really get what I wanted. Too much stuff in the background (often unavoidable at a wedding), trees in annoying locations, etc. I converted to b/w to see if I like it any better this way. I'm not sure I do. Canon 5D 24-70/2.8L.
    As for the rest of you, let's see what you've got.
  2. Street portrait on Takeshita-dōri in Harajuku, Tōkyō.
  3. Greetings all. Was testing out my new 55-250 EF-S yesterday.
  4. This shot was taken yesterday morning after I drove my son to school. Less people uses this old fashion way when dealing with Autumn leaves. Lots of work still to do since only very small amount of leaves have fallen out.(5D,70-200/2,8 L IS II)
  5. From this past weekend. A national charitable "fly-in" for R/C aircraft at the Raleigh Durham Radio Control (RDRC) field in Youngsville, NC. First time shooting R/C aircraft; in-flight shots were much more difficult than shooting their full size counterparts. A challenging, frustrating at times, but fun day of shooting. Powerplants in some of these planes are miracles of modern engineering. I liked how this one produced lots of smoke while being put through its preflight checks/warmup. (7D w/100-400L)
  6. Here is my submission
  7. Taken on vacation in Australia of my grandson. A week later the lens gave up with an error99. I don't think it was the because of the wet weather. I am still on vacation and miss the lens as I use it as my walkabout lens.
  8. I like this time of year when the Autumn takes care of colors. Looks like this year this season will extremely short and the colors will be washed out by never-ending rains. So I have my camera with all time and try to take pictures whenever possible. This shot was done on my way to office
  9. [​IMG]
    5D + 70-200 f/4L @ f/4
  10. I was in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brasil last Saturday training some people. Normally I go to the beach for a little afterwards. I wasn't planning to go on Saturday as I wanted to stop and take pictures on my return to Joinville. I decided to go to the beach just to see if there was anything to photograph. I'm glad I did. I spent about an hour photographing four kite surfers. Here is one of the results.
  11. This area of Berlin was a stop for trains that took Jewish children to Nazi Death Camps. It was also where other trains smuggled them out to safety. The statue was donated by one of these children that was saved. I saw the kids climbing on it and thought it made a dramatic picture.
  12. Heck, if only the EOS Forum regulars, you know who you are, would get in here with a pic, this thread would be sent into overdrive.
    To Catch a Butterfly
    One of the joys of childhood
  13. Second try: Not a great shot, but I like it...
  14. At a mall in Helsinki, Finland
  15. Just got this moon rise over the tree top before a sudden storm arrived and the heavy clouds covered the sky for the rest of the night.
  16. Went to Sherman Texas and had a great time
    Canon 5D 17-40 at 17mm
  17. First test of my 17mm TS-E, f4 and the pier is in focus to infinity.
  18. Last Friday evening.
    Aviation is just a fad -- it will never catch on -- so I decided to shoot the big jets while I have a chance. (TIC)
    It was foggy evening in Los Angeles and I had to point the camera at the engine noise and fire the shutter when the lights appeared just a few seconds before the jet touched down. This is a Qantas Airbus finishing a long flight.
    Canon 40D with an EF 70-200 f/4 IS L lens
    200 mm, f/4, 1/80 sec, ISO 1600
  19. Candid shot of my grand daughter while playing.
  20. Canon EOS 20D, EF 10-22 @ 10mm, ISO 800, 1/320 @ f/3.5
  21. Muddy thoughts?
  22. One aspect of my photography is documentation -- similar to a photo diary. Thus this photo of the newly installed rear derailleur on my road bike. It replaced an 8-year-old derailleur that finally broke down -- I am VERY hard on these components so only buy and install Shimano's best stuff.
    7D, 24-70 at 38mm, -.5 EC, 1/60, f/4.5 hand held (I am impatient).
  23. Got to shoot a "trash the Dress" session for a friend. (someone help come up with something better than "trash" for the name of this type of session)
  24. A few weeks ago when the hummingbids were really in ful swing I spent any spare minute atop an 8ft step ladder to get photos of the hummers perched on a limb they seemed to frequent. (I posted a similar photo in a previous Canon POW) I took a lot of photos, but didn't have any of the male. I invested hours and hours waiting on a male and finally this one landed to let me take several photos. I got lucky with this one and got its tounge out. Although I was thrilled to get a male hummer, the ones with the Ruby Throat from which it derives its name, I don't think they're quite as beautiful as the females. They have the red throat, but the rest of the body doesn't appear as elegant and clean as the females. Anyways, here it is.
  25. Mallard Drake takes off:
    7D, 500mm f/4L IS, ISO 800, f/8, 1/1250-second
  26. Taken soon after I got my 5d2 (otherwise I'd be in the Nikon forum). I went to one of my favorite landscape places in Humboldt County.
    5d2, 1/400 sec, ISO 400, Tokina 150-500, f?
    Makes me want to walk into it.
  27. I was at a friend's wedding, inside a beutiful church. Looking around for some good opportunity. Light was barely sufficient
  28. <img src= "">
  29. kts


    spent about an hour trying to catch last nights super harvest moon effect but the clouds got in the way....snapped a few with the clouds and moon and this one just before leaving.
  30. I went to the seattle aquarium with my best friend over the weekend. I liked the starfish, cause it was in this super long tank that had strong water currents blowing through it about every 20 seconds, which explains all the bubbles in the background.
  31. I went to the seattle aquarium with my best friend over the weekend. I liked the starfish, cause it was in this super long tank that had strong water currents blowing through it about every 20 seconds, which explains all the bubbles in the background.
  32. Trying out some sort of texture shots, really liked the symmetry of the leaves...they just kept moving in the wind. I quite like the way the focus shifts through the image.
    50D 60mm Iso 200 f2.8 1/125
  33. The Great Allentown Fair
  34. Quick comments here on a few that really caught me:
    Just Page 1 now:
    Josh -- some tough light and a tough angle you tried to deal with. B&W helps though.
    Bueh -- love the color and pose. Did you ask her to pose for photo directly?
    Matti -- indeed, an evocative, sui generis autumn photo, but with emotion. (I sure don't miss raking leaves)
    Mark -- biplane, smoke and power, just an iota more of space where wing touches your frame
    Simon -- funny! these chameleons are funny looking all the time; nice pose
    Jeff -- lots of fun for that happy kid and the puddle and the yellow jacket (and fun for viewer), LOL!
    Vladimer -- red, in your face!
    Paul -- superb, pale portrait. Excellent.
    What else is cool? The fact that most posters provided a narrative on the Reason Why -- the reason behind the shot. Excellent. (however, still a couple are posting too large - Y-axis - images)
    WHAT MOTIVATED you to take the shot? Just typing the numbers/tech data is **boring**.
  35. These low light, handheld shots are always a challenge. The VC helps, obviously. I especially liked the flag in this shot.
  36. Recent trip to Vancouver, B.C.
  37. "(however, still a couple are posting too large - Y-axis - images)"
    Yeah, I know. Im still tryin' to get it figured out. Ill have it right by next week... =P
  38. This pumpkin photo was made last weekend. Not cropped.
  39. Quick comments here on a few that really caught me:
    Just Page TWO now:
    Dan - nice, but too large :(
    Louis - to catch a buttefly catching the flowers... well done, the red flowers really help this image.
    William - harsh mid-day light still makes for a nice picture though.
    Mark - on my side in your mall B&W, shopping cart looks out of place there.
    Andy - probably something good but we won't see it... :(
    Robert - scary indeed, i love it. Nice framing. Motivations? Luck of the draw?
    Scott - tilted, a bit glary too. Close one.
    Dave - superb and good story too about these new jet planes, wonderful! What an age we live in.
    Doug - rather cute. You KNOW that anyway.
    Are Canon shooters 98% male? What?
  40. I really like the stuff going up these last two weeks. J
  41. mike newman
  42. Nice shots....Here's a pic taken at the locale garden center..... a call for a mate!
    Canon 40D
  43. Stitched infrared sunset from a couple weeks ago.
  44. I was recently on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. A ranger recommended I drive out to the Marble Overlook for a night of camping under the stars. As the sun was starting to go down I noticed the wind was picking up. I also noticed that the trees on the overlook were all shaped strangely and it occurred to me they were sculpted by blowing wind.
    I wanted to capture an image of the overview and also the sculpted shape of a lone tree against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon; this picture is the result of that effort.
  45. I was taking my grocers in to the house when I saw this dragonfly flying around, witch is rare beacuse they stay down by the pond. Then the dragonfly settled down on a outdoor chair and I grabbed my camera and made a few pictures before it decided to move on. With opportunities like this I feel like saving even money up for a true macro lens. I'll get there some time soon. But in the mean time I still enjoy viewing what I can make with my current equipment.
  46. Out looking for bugs again. 5DM2, MP-E 65mm @5X, MT-24EX+Diffuser, ISO 100, 1/200, f/5.6 (f/33.6). Immature milkweed aphid climbing on adults underneath a milkweed leaf. The little one is about 2/3 of mm long.
  47. Came across this guy as I walked by the train station in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Thought he looked cool. Music was pretty good too. EOS 7D, 1/20, f/4, ISO 100, EF-S 17-55mm @ 51mm.
  48. Walking along a trail over the weekend and decided to focus on the weeds in the foreground. Realized later on that I inadvertently changed my ISO to 1600.
  49. So many good photos here today. Hope everyone had a good Equinox and start of Fall. My photo was just taken over an hour ago looking over the Delaware River from New Hope, Pennsylvania looking to Lambertville, NJ (a few miles North of Washington's Crossing) Temperatures were in the 90's today and not uncommon for the beginning of Fall in Eastern Pennsylvania. Excellent photography weather and marking the start of another great Fall photography season. Happy Shooting everyone.
  50. Ken, thanks! These things are really such red (I don't know exact name of them, in my childhood they were called 'wild apples', it's rough translation from Russian, and sometimes 'Chinese apples'). I didn't do anything to the raw file, just uploaded it to LR3.2 and exported it (which leaves 'Adobe Standard' processing of course)
    And yes, I forgot to mention magic numbers: 7D, 100/2.8L, IS, ISO 640, 1/100, f/4.0
  51. EOS 450D with EF-S 60 Macro
  52. Here comes mine.
  53. Here comes mine. Last Vegas trip. 7D and EF-S10-22
  54. I did it again. Here is the picture.
  55. [​IMG]
    Taken in candle light, while testing the high ISO capabilities of the 40D. Lens 50mm f1.4.
  56. It's here..
  57. Just a comment as a whole:
    Canon people still have a lot to learn as they seem tech challenged in posting photos, as compared to Nikon. Three things going on still and often: too long in the Y axis but OK in X so PN software still permits; too large period -- PN software just gives a link to the static image location; broken links as someone attmepted to post something somehow and they failed; and four, failure of posting an image and not coming back and fixing it. OH WELL! Slow learners here. It can't be made any easier.
    Another comment: 90% of these are Really Good. The photographer motivations, sometime obvious, are also helpful, fun and maybe an aid to others. GOOD WORK.
  58. Coney Island, NY
  59. One more try
  60. I submitted a photo above from my flickr account. My apologies if this is creating a problem for anyone. In my first attempt I believe I tried to paste the HTML code from the flickr site. It didn't work. Then I tried to edit the post about 2 or 3 times trying various things. Ultimate result: I still don't see the photo, just an x where the photo should be and I can no longer edit the post. Yet others can apparently see the image as it's received a large number of hits from I am going thru the archives to try to figure out why!
  61. I was snapping pics of a few butterflies on this plant when I spotted this pink caterpillar hiding in plain sight.
    Canon eos 50D Iso 200, 1/60, F7.1; EF50 F2.5 Compact Macro
  62. Ken Papai
    Although I found Josh's instructions quite through, I suspect many don't read them. I've seen your remarks about "Y Axis" several times now and to be frank, I was only guessing that you were saying one dimension is too long (I had to look it up to be sure) Perhaps if you just reminded people that the "longest dimension" can not be over 700 pixels, length OR width, that would help. The time you take to comment on all these photos is most appreciated! AND yes I do "KNOW" ;-) and will try to come up with a different subject for next week!
  63. Also, there are still a handful who don't know how to post a photo after they type in comments (like I am doing now). I've been asked to post this version.
    Super simplified -- "How to post an image?" to this thread?
    1. After you type your words (like I am doing now), press the "SUBMIT" button below.
    2. Next button you press is "CONFIRM"
    3. Then press the CHOOSE FILE button.
    4. Finally, browse you PC's directopry folder to an image that is 700 px wide or less and select. PN uploads your image file -- I hope you selected a JPG image too.
    5. Type a Caption, too many forget that step--type a CAPTION e.g., "2 Buddies"
    6. Press UPLOAD button and you are done.
    If you follow the KEY steps 4 and 5 this is a no brainer. Unless you are advanced and know HTML well, then don't attempt an inline image hosted elsewhere.
    Finally -- PN does not resize your images like Facebook does. YOU are responsible for the image file's size in dimensions.
    How large an image file in bytes? It's been hinted that 200KB or smaller is ideal for this forum. I hope you read this. ;-) 140KB to 180KB provides plenty of image information for 700 px images with good enough quality for this forum.
  64. This was taken at Lodi Lake in Lodi California. I liked the semi silhouette of the people against the lake and the big trees. 5D Mk2 ISO 200 Sigma 24-70 @ 34mm f 9.0
  65. [​IMG]
    The BMF Band
    (Because there are three photos that make up this image and I did use different focal lengths, I'm only going to list the exposure settings for the primary image on the left. The other photos will have similar exposure settings.)
    Canon EOS 7D
    Shutter: 1/60
    Aperture: f2.8
    Focal Length: 17mm (Canon 17-55 F2.8 IS)
    ISO: 2000
  66. Doug & Ken,
    In my particular case, I did read the instructions as specified on the FAQ page (/ Since that page indicated that posting HTML was an option, and since I use Flickr as my primary site for sharing images with family and friends, I choose that option rather than uploading a copy of that image to pnet. Why the HTML snippet from flickr did not work here, I do not know. But I must state that the information provided in the FAQ is definitely not detailed enough. I don't know if there is any other more detailed information outside of the FAQ page. I certainly haven't found it so far. It would be extremely helpful for first time posters to PNET if appropriate detailed instructions could be provided, on the FAQ page or on a page pointed to by the FAQ page, with examples (of both normal posting as well as HTML or link based photos from external sites) including screen shots.
    Without that you will continue to grind your teeth and curse every time a newbie like me tries to contribute something to PNET. And I speak as a person with 20+ years of programming experience on embedded systems. Of course I have never programmed in HTML. But posting a picture to the forum is not rocket science and simple examples that show how this can be done would go a long way to help PNET ignorants like me learn how to do this properly. Cheers.
  67. Computers! Bah Humbug!
  68. mike newman on posting
  69. well done ken.. thanks
  70. Over past 30+ years I've programmed and learned fluently HTML, XHTML, C, Lisp (!), Pascal (!), 6502, 80x86, Basic, and C#. Also done embedded programming and old fashioned Websites since 1995. The instructions are easy peasy! Most people's HTML errors are not referencing the correctly hosted .jpg file itself on Flickr or similar. I've seen people try to paste in the html link itself to the page, which is way wrong (that's what Praveen did).

    I've been on for 8 years and posting photos is so simple and basic: thus, my counterpoint.
    Anyway, back to the good stuff, why we are here - capsule reviews of pages 3 and 4:
    Eric - red sunset, excellent, perfectly exposed. Red & black only.
    Mike S. - steps, water, contemplative, evocative of 'deep thinking' or just mind-a-blank (mine often) and total R&R?
    Ken - (mine), phoned it in?
    Britton - lovely wedding shot of the dress trashing in sepia, excellent.
    Nathan - bird lover you are and I love the greens and other colors.
    David - another birder and nice take-off and so colorful again!
    Jim - muted landscape, low contrast, effective still. Diagonals all over!
    Massimo - candle/little girl: very cute and touching.
    Brad - - (extra hyphen) I love this and it is an amusing B&W. photo in a macro photo of a photog.
    Thom (pg. 4) - blue and bluer and dark and pretty.
    David - starfish in SEA. Missing one of his toes though in your frame but the star looks happy.
    Karen - a color explosion! It jumps out of the screen at me.
    Mark - I've seen that swirl similar before but your pulled it off well-2 sec. exposure?
    Eric - a little too dark and castle alone, small in the frame mysterious?
    JDM - similar to the swirl - nice jellies, perfectly exposed too.
    Jim H - pumpkin closeup with the stem perfectly composed in the frame.
    NICE WORKS! -kjp (excuse my typos - computer geeks are not supposed to be expert typists, we rely a lot on copy & paste)
  71. One question to You Ken if I may. Why does these 700 px photos get enlarged (they appear bigger than 700 px - click your photo to see what I mean) when they appear on PN? The reason I am asking this is that they look blurry unless you do extra sharpening to them.
  72. Oxen in a 4500 lb. pulling contest
  73. I'll try again
  74. Ok, I will give it another try.
    Driving from Phoenix to San Francisco, we stopped at Santa Barbara. This is a view of part of the harbor. Beautiful area.
    30D Sigma 10-20 1/320 f7.1, ISO 200 16mm
  75. Ken, My compliments to you for your brief critiques/comments. Good Job. I think we corresponded one time long ago. Regards, Roger
  76. Dick -- post a JPG file (AKA "JPEG") (file extension is normally ".jpg" 99.9999% of the time). Do that, supply a caption, ensure your image is 700px wide or less and the world's your oyster.
  77. Ken Papai said:
    > Anyway, back to the good stuff, why we are here - capsule reviews of pages 3 and 4:
    > Eric - red sunset, excellent, perfectly exposed. Red & black only.
    Ken - Thanks for the comments...and for including my work in "the good stuff!" At least on my (admittedly poor) laptop monitor, there's a bit of blue for counterpoint in the upper right. :) I have a few versions which I hit with a touch of curves and exposure changes (shadows and mids up a half stop or so ). I always shoot raw + jpg, but in the end the version I posted is nothing but a resize of the as-shot JPG.
    I also have to thank Josh for starting this weekly set of threads. Been a while since I've been inspired to pick up the camera.
  78. Ken, I will repeat again that the information on the FAQ page is insufficient. You go on to mention all your accomplishments, but fail to realize that I mentioned my experience in programming not to tout my horn but to drive home the point that I am not completely tech-ignorant, and yet I still had trouble with something as simple as posting an image on this forum. If you or the PNET admins fail to realize that this is a real problem, so be it. You can carry on your merry ways; I may try once more next week to submit an image, and if that still does not work, I will stick to just reading PNET articles rather than participating more actively. It's too bad as, other than the pissing matches that people seem to get into quite often here, this site is quite useful and informative.
  79. Praveen,
    If you use Flickr, it's simple...
  80. One from NYC...
  81. Dean, Yes thank you. This is the sort of thing that would be useful in a FAQ. In any case, I had done exactly what you show in your post (as I have done often enough when I have posted in Flickr threads) and pasted it in the Response box, typed in a line of text after it, and everything went haywire. I therefore, incorrectly, made the assumption that the PNET is not compatible with the HTML snippet from Flickr and hence tried editing the post trying different things. It still did not work. I went back to the FAQ to see if I had missed anything. By the time I came back, the edit button on my post was gone.

    Now, if there had been a more detailed description in the FAQ, chances are this would not have happened. I will admit that it is almost 99% certain that this was an operator error on my part, but how do I determine that this is the case w/out having a good FAQ as a reference or posting potential junk Responses in forums? Maybe a practice thread is what's needed, where people can learn by trial and error?

    Finally, just before I saw your post, I tried the process of submitting an in-line image from Flicker again here without actually clicking on the submit button. I was able to figure this out after 10 minutes of playing with the buttons at the top of the Response dialog box. So this is no longer an issue for me personally. I suspect though, it will remain an issue for others.
  82. Ken. I just picked the wrong pic out of the file. sorry
  83. Mesa Arch, Canyonlands, Utah 9-13-10
  84. Washington DC. 5D MkII, 70-200 f/2.8 + 1.4 Ext, 1/30 f/11 ISO100
  85. Ok, so I thought since this is the first time I've participated in this thread, I'd include one of my first photos from my current digital setup that I am also not completely happy with (How's that for covering all the bases?).
    What motivated me was checking out the portrait ability of my rig, which was new at the time of the photo (40D, 100-400). What I like is the exquisite detail in the subject. What I don't like is the way I failed to recognize the different DOF of the vertical branches on the right.
  86. I'm late to the party. Ah well. It was a long week.
    A B&W from me. This guardian angel stands in a local cemetery. Her skirt is gathered to form a small bird bath, after a rain anyway.
  87. My first attempt at IR photography. For those who say it can't be done with a 7D, I beg to differ.
  88. Thanks, Ken. Yes, a bird lover I am. I'm currently chasing pileated woodpeckers. Well they're pretty skiddish so there's not much chasing, more sitting very still and hoping to get lucky. You know I'll post that pic here when I get it, which could be within the next 3 days, 3 months, or 3 years. They are quite a challenge, especially with a 70-200mm as my longest lens. Camo and patience are mandatory.
  89. Matti asked, "Why does these 700 px photos get enlarged (they appear bigger than 700 px - click your photo to see what I mean) when they appear on PN? The reason I am asking this is that they look blurry unless you do extra sharpening to them."
    A: they don't. PN displays them as-is in this forum. They are not enlarged nor reduced. They are displayed "in-line" so to speak. They are not clickable. Unless someone has coded and made available via an HTML link, what you see is what you get (unless you might be using some obscure browser that is resizing images for you?). [that nice bluebird from Gorilla above is a perfect example of a click-thru image via HTML coding]
    Submitters concerned about the quality of their work, must optimize for this 700 px limit for this EOS Thursday forum. If that optimization is about custom framing or sharpening then that is each photog's concern and certainly varies to subject type and detail in the image.
    Nearly always, when I submit an image at 700 px it's generally sharp enough (due to the bicubic sharpener reduction algorithm in Photoshop) and I do nothing special to it beyond a black frame.
  90. Oops... Ken, You are absolutely right. They (pictures) appear as they are. I forgot that I had made my fonts bigger and photos got larger as well. My bad, sorry. No need to make extra sharpening to photos.

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