Agfacolor Slides - 1930's Leicester Scenes

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by John Seaman, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. Thanks John!
    They're in a lot better condition than some cut-and-mounted Ektachromes that I shot in the 1970s. Maybe the sleeves kept some airborne chemical bleaching agent away from them?

    Whatever. They're a little slice of history that's been preserved.
  2. Oh, BTW.
    The big display of bananas in the market would place the date as either pre-WWII or after 1945.

    Late 1930s would be my guess.
  3. I've made that point a couple of times in earlier posts. Perhaps some of the American PN members don't realise how scarce things were in the UK in wartime. And I think it was some years after 1945 before supplies of things like bananas and oranges got back to normal
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  4. I have some Agfa film that I shot in the early 60s, and it is nowhere near the color (even with adjustments) of your film.

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