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© COPYRIGHT 2007 WJTatulinski

Manistique Morning


First Place for Color Pictorial and People's Choice Award, 2007 Erie Shore Photography contest. Awarded Judges' Choice at the 2007 Baycrafters Show.

Exposure was 8 seconds at f22. Lee 3 stop hard grad filter. Gitzo 1325/Acratech ball head. Adjusted in Ektaspace using Photoshop CS. To reduce residual noise (especially in the blue of the sky) the scan was selectively processed in NeatImage Pro.

This image is Copyright WJTatulinski, 2007, All Rights Reserved.

For more information please visit my website at YARMOUTH LANE PHOTOGRAPHY


© COPYRIGHT 2007 WJTatulinski
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I was fortunate to have a turbulent atmosphere during my travlesthrough Michigan this year. Rising early to begin my jouney home, Iwas greeted by the warm sun shining across a very cold Lake Michigan.

This photograph is a horizontal composition of a previously posted http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=3430681">vertical composition. I used a single scan and exposure for thisone. Thank you for stopping by.

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I think I like the lighting better in this version, but prefer the other composition--the left side of this seems to feature a lot of dead space. I'd be tempted to say to hell with the rule of thirds and crop it some. Either way, this is an attractive, well-lit landscape.

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I like this one better: the light on the rocks is softer, and the wider format reinforces the feeling of space and solitude.
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I am always cognizant of member's suggestions and appreciate the feedback. That is when this site is at its best. Following Bob's take, any thoughts on a pure square cropping; or is it too static? Regards.

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I vote for the square because the tree line on the left doesn't add much IMO and there isn't a diagonal line in the foreground leading to the sun. Anyone else?
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I think you could play forever with measures in here and always obtain an excellent result!, I like the empty space to the left, flipping horizontaly also would make it! great colors and composition once again


Regards, Rafael

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I think the horizontal view is better than the vertical view. There is more detail in the middle of the frame and I like the sun in this capture more than the other. It must have been hard for you to drag yourself out of bed to catch the dawn.


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This image is so sharp & clean. Great intense colours & mood. The horizon is captivating, the low hanging clouds forming a natural canopy for the image. Excellent!
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two cents. The 6x6 is a much better choice for this image because it places the main focal point (the rock) in a position that brings harmony to the image.


A close look at this image shows great use of the rule of thirds except for the bottom center third. I am attaching a rough diagram to illustrate. The yellow squares are a look at how the golden rectangle conforms with the image. I find it interesting that you have several nice images resting inside this one.


Regardless of rules and guidelines, I love both of these images as they are. You have captured the big three of land, water and sky that are filled with interesting detail and color.


Welcome back.





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Great capture---right moment--perfect composition-stunning colors....A Wonderful Image.


My best congrats....At the next!!!!




PS: 10-10.

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Walter, absolutely stunning! Were you somewhere on US-2 when you took this? I'm hoping to get up north over the 4th of July (I know, worst weekend of the year, but I have a free place to stay right on Lake Huron). Love the true, rich color you've captured here. I also prefer your wider version over the square crop. Gorgeous capture!
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Guy, while I enjoyed your diagram, the 6x6 crop places the focal point, i.e. the sun, fairly close to the center of the frame, where the original post has the sun very close to being 2/3rds of the way across of the frame. What makes this work as a square crop (and Walter, I do think it is better square) is how the different, more subtle elements, are nicely arranged in the frame, as illustrated by the diagram. Perhaps the title, "To Hell with the Rule of Thirds," was a bit overstated . . . but I was listening to The Gang of Four's "To Hell with Poverty" when I made the initial post.
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Guy, I'm not sure why you charted the original image, which we'd all agree has a fairly conventional composition based on the rule of thirds.
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regarding the composition. Thank you both Guy and Bob for taking the time to plot this one out for me. When I made this I did not give much thought to the mechanics since I was too busy adjusting for the exposure. I framed it this way because I thought it would look good and be flexible.

Jen: Hi! Yes indeed it is just off 2, a little east of Manistique. The city has a paved walkway that runs parallel to the shore for, I think, a mile or two. So, unlike most other areas of the U.P., this spot is emminently accessible.

An interesting note here is that I am standing on a single expansive sheet of smooth, weathered, maroon-colored rock that extends out into the lake and along the shore as far as one can see. This rock sheet is riddled everywhere with little dimples about an inch in diameter, almost like it was hit by a machine gun. I have never seen anything like it.

Thanks again to all those who were kind enough to take the time and spend a few moments here. It means a lot to me. Regards.

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Nice photo, Walter. And taken with a nice camera to do it. For what it's worth, I prefer the square version, as it gives a stronger image, IMO. The lighting on the middle rock, and the contrast in lighting between the two sides give a nice touch to the square, without leaving too much dark space on the left. I am always impressed by your work. Best Regards.
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