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© Copyright 2008 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

Autumn at Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio,


Gitzo 1325/Acratech ball head. Cable release. Exposure was 2 seconds at f11 Levels adjusted in Ektaspace using Photoshop CS3.

Copyright 2008 WJTatulinski, Yarmouth Lane Photography, All Rights Reserved

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© Copyright 2008 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.
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There usually is not this much water flowing over these falls at this

time of year. Comments are invited...Regards.

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Well composed and exposed. Velvia at its best... A wonderful shot. Just a nitpick - perhaps the water colour could be pushed a bit more towards pure white (there seems to be a bit of a magenta cast). Best wishes. Peter
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Thanks Peter. The color cast is from the filter...I'll make the suggested correction. Regards.
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Very well done , love your work and have been patently waiting for your next masterpiece.!
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Real nice autumn shot! Might agree on the magenta cast, but appealing as it is. Nice website and a great folio you have...i guess your sales are going well. Regards!
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This is a fresh approach on this. I've never seen a shot from this side. That is the side where the farm is I believe? I like the wider angle of this with those wonderful fall colors in the background. I see that you shot this on October 13th so I guess it to late to head out there. I'm sure most of the leaves are gone. I was thinking about it but never got it together though I did head back to South Chagrin and I did get out to Ashtabula County to shoot covered bridges.

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Atle, I have uploaded a revised edition that should correct the color cast. I did the original work-up on this one around 3am so my eyes were not really doing what they should have been doing ;0) Thanks for stopping by, it has been a long time since your last visit.


Jim, yes indeed this is from the "wrong" side of the river. I had to perch myself on a rock ledge that overhangs the cliff. I must have been been crazy to do that! The Park Service has really done, in my opinion, an injustice to these falls. Their approved viewing location does not give anything like this view. Of course, their location prevents people from dying, too. I went back to this location the other day...the colors are gone.


Thanks Jeff. In addition to this 6x7 I took a couple of shots with my 4x5. There is a world of difference between the two formats. I may get one of the 4x5's drum scanned. Regards.

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Gorgeous fall colors and I especially like the angle here.

I think the shutter speed accentuates the details in the water in such a beautiful manner.


Great capture!

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Many thanks Seung. The day I took this was quite inclement; it was overcast and just finished raining. The conditions were perfect for Velvia. Regards.
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glad to have you stop by Bryan! I was lucky, it rained like crazy the preceding night and the leaves stayed on the trees. Lighting for this was nice and flat. I was lucky I didn't fall into the poison ivy bush next to me; lucky I didn't fall into the ravine, too. Now, I ask you, with this much good luck why can't I win the Lottery? Regards.
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