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© Copyright 2009 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

Hale Farm, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio


Exposure was 2 seconds at f22. Gitzo 1345 tripod, Acratech ball head, cable release. SIngh Ray reverse 3 stop NDG filter. Scanned twice for shadows and highlights and then merged. Levels adjusted in Ektaspace using CS4.

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© 2009 WJTatulinski, YARMOUTH LANE PHOTOGRAPHY, All Rights reserved.


© Copyright 2009 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.
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I should probably rotate this about 0.25 degree CW and throw in some noise reduction too. And it's over sharpened to boot. Oh well, it was just a quick one.
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Very attractive and colorful composition. The reflections and the distant blue sky are really nice. IMHO, the golden sky is a little over-saturated. You are absolutely right in noting that the ripples in the water are a bit over-sharpened.The tilted horizon is not a very important factor for me because the water body is a curved one. To me it’s a very nice presentation. Best regards
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Thanks Sumon, It is not so much that the horizon is off because, as you correctly mention, the shoreline curves around. It is the steeple of the church that is not perfectly vertical. A slight rotation would fix that. The Velvia is always yields a saturated result for this type of shot but a little selective desat would probably not hurt.Regards.
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Walter, this is a very nice image. What I would change here: the reflection is lighter than the sky, which looks a bit unnatural. Selective levels would help that. Other than that, an outstanding shot.
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Thanks Peter, that should not be a problem. I noticed that as well (but after I posted the image). Regards.
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