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© COPYRIGHT 2005 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

Falling : Blue Hen Falls, Autumn, Cuyahoga Valley National Park


For World Class Chromira prints of this and other subjects please visit Yarmouth Lane Photography.
Exposure was about 5 seconds at f22. Gitzo 1345 and Acratech ball head. Cropped and Levels adjusted in Ektaspace using Photoshop CS.
This image is COPYRIGHT 2005 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.


© COPYRIGHT 2005 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks Bob. Yeah, 35C (95F) is pretty darn hot. At least I can put on another sweater to stay warm; but you can only strip down so far to get cooler! Thanks for the comment. Regards.
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The colors, the framing...the definition of Picture Perfect.


Medium format + Velvia; could there be a better combination? It's photos like these that make me want to take the plunge into MF.

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Outstanding. The colors & richness are incredible.


Where in Ohio was this shot. I'm in north western PA near the Ohio border.

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Velvia & that Pentax of yours sure do look tempting - This is a really lovely photo, with interest from front to back - and lots of lines to draw the ey right into the fall.
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Tom, I added some location information to the Tech Details. This is just about midway between Cleveland and Akron, in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Thank you all for visiting. My best wishes for a great Holiday Season to everyone!

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It's lovely!


I planned to visit this spot every year when I was in Cleveland. Never did it. I really miss the color!

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Ah, my old childhood stomping grounds in northern Ohio. I can still remember the sugar maples and buckeyes, among other things.


This is excellent, Walt, tne kind of thing we have come to expect you to do every time--but it is no less excellent for that.



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Thanks Lannie. Yes, I know I have visited this location many times, but I still believe that its true potential is left undiscovered (by me). Thanks for the visit.

Qingfang it is never too late! These falls will be here for some time. Thanks for the comment.

Pedro das ist ein sehr ausgezeichnet Kommentar. Vielen Danke und Fröhlichkeit am Weihnachstag haben!

Mit Wohlgefallen blicken auf Alles!

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I would first like to thank everyone again for stopping by and commenting on this photograph. Hopefully this scene of Autumn brought some warmth to our PhotoNet members during what seems to be an especially cold season.

On another, much sadder note, it is unfortunately once again necessary to respond to the continuing problem on this site of troll accounts. You all know the kind that I am referring to; no Bio page, no uploaded photographs. The troll rate or comment is not motivated from an honest interest in the photographry at hand but, rather, from some misplaced or perverted sense that they alone must police and "balance" the TRP.

Oftentimes, these troll accounts flagrantly display racial prejudices in the comments that they leave. One such example is the Di Jo account, which has just rated this a 3/4. The following is a direct quote from Di Jo that was given back in February of this year on a well known and respected PhotoNet member's photograph. I repeat that this is a direct quote which I had cut and pasted here:

"... Yes I gave you and your friend (Mr. Julio Segura Carmona's, He and his friends with names like his are much worse then You!) those marks because I have been watching for some time how you and your friends inflate the marks by giving each other 6 and 7 even when the picture are not worth it, So you can be on top of the list of top pictures so more people will see them. So I thought I would try to balance the marks a wee bit and gave the marks I did, but even with my marks you and your friends pictures are still inflated..." Di Jo, February 20, 2005; 12:30 P.M

The photographer susequently deleted his photograph (can you blame him?) but the information is still in the PhototNet database (photo_id=3130627). Friends, I foremost draw your attention to this troll's deprecation of the Hispanic race (Mr Carmona and Mr Hernandez please take note). With an eye open to this trolls previous rating/commenting history I can only assume that I am being targeted, or should I say stalked, because I am Polish and have a highly rated photograph.

Di Gel, open your eyes, pull your head out of whatever hole you have it rammed in, and get a life. Mottershead took rather effcient steps to prevent reciprocal mate-rates from occurring so what exactly are you after here? More race hatered perhaps?

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Walter -- As usual, a stunning work. I think you singlehandedly are keeping the Pentax 67 alive by showing what can be done with this camera in the hands of a master. And also thanks for taking the time (now and in the past) to deal with the larger issues that keep cropping up on this website. Happy Holidays, and have a great New Year. Bob
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very special walter, love the format, the lines and colors surrounding the waterfall and drawing our eye to it. and very pretty colors.


have a great holiday, thanks for the correspondence over the year, hope you stay in touch. cheers, ben

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Very beautiful, Walter! We don't get those autumn colors down here in S Texas, but we also don't get the snow and cold! It was about 76F here today and a gorgeous day.
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Walter, you have wonderfully captured the essence of fall. I really like the perspective on this shot. Perfect exposure for the water. You have motivated me to try MF. I picked up a Mamiya 6x7 and perhaps I will post some shots this year. Thanks. Happy Holidays.
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These awful and discrimiatory 'troll' accounts could be less a problem if only registered (and paying) members were allowed to rate images?


Numeric ratings don't mean much to me though and to a certin point, 'Di Jo' may have a legitimate complaint about some certin inflated ratings, but the obvious negativity and discrimination is way out of line.


Anyhow, I love this image. The colors and tones sing of Velvia lushness and the whole scene revolves around and compliments the small falls. Excellent!

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Yes Marc, I agree that there has been uncontolled rampant rating inflation on this site, and that some problems still exist. But to a large extent that issue is being addressed through the proper channels, that is, by the site administrators themselves. Where I disagree is in the vigilante types who still troll this site.

Further, there is absolutely no credibility in the ratings and inflamatory commentary delivered by someone who denigrates established members, has a penchant for bigotry to the point of racism, prefers to attack anonymously, and fails to contribute to the site either financially or intellectually. The DiGel account is not a bonafide account but is owned by another posting member who suffers from low self esteem, believes that his efforts are not being properly recognized, and feels compelled to lash out at anyone who may, at the moment, apperar to be "robbing" him of his glory. In my life I have met many such societally challenged miscreantic failures. They never amount to anything more than a noxious passing of gas.

I thank you, as well as Bob Hillman, Kim, Sondra, Ben and the others, for stopping by and visiting. Hope you all have a great Holiday Season!

P.S. Good for you Guy! Which Mamiya did you get? Regards.

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