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A Place to Rest.


Four seconds at f22. Didymium filter. Photographed during an overcast rainy day.
I am very happy to say that this photograph won First Place in the 2006 Erie Shores 23rd Annual Photo Competition (Environment Category).

THIS IMAGE IS COPYRIGHT WJTatulinski, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

For more information please visit my website at YARMOUTH LANE PHOTOGRAPHY


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I reshot this using a much smaller aperture to gain a better DOF.

Unfortunately, the weather did not hold, making this a rather rainy

day. The river had swollen considerably. Comments and suggestions are


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Now this is better, it has great colour, fabulous composition, its a wonderful shot. I could look and enjoy this one for a long time.


Great job Walter.



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Beautiful photo.

It's not so easy to get enough DOF with large format cameras, but there's enough it, at least for me.

(I was thinking if the background bridge is in the DOF or not.)

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Walter, this is your best one of the series imho. The exposure is balanced, the colors nice and saturated (and not just because of your enhancing filter). I don't know anything about medium and large format cameras and accessories but I would've liked to see how a polarizer could have removed some of the glare from the water (detail...) Nice job.
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Thanks Timo, the full rez original is far better than this. I have a problem when downsizing and uploading that I can't seem to overcome.


Margaret, I made a couple of exposures at this site. Some with a polarizer, an ND grad, no filter, combinations including the kitchen sink, etc. I thought this one had some potential. Because of the lighting conditions the Didymium was the way to go on this one. The turbulance in the water and the long exposure negated much of the benefits from the polarizer. I might post one more of these.


Thanks to all for so many helpful comments and ratings.



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I liked the previous version of this scene, which you posted a few days ago, but this version is absolutely stunning!




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I have an old Ricohflex TLR that I want to start using again (cheap, late '50's vintage camera, but has a very sharp lens), but need to find a cost effective way to scan the negatives.
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It needs this extra DOF you've given it to get the foreground. I think this is an improvement. All the colors were still there and I like the stream full as it is here. I also liked the stream just trickling in the other one. You are so lucky to have this place to be able to return to in all seasons. I would love to see a quartet: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer from the same viewpoint. Congratulations
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Very nice! Didn't think the DOF change would affect the image so much, but it's raised this one up a notch for sure! I like the natural orange frame all the way around.
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I like this version better than the original. I am a big fan of low light as it seems to emphasize the colors that are there. Also I like that there is no sky in the picture as I thought it detracted a little from the last version.
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