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too tall or too rich

Wayne Sadler

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The three tallest buildings in the center of this image are from right to left 1) Central Park Tower, 2) 220 Central Park South and 3) One57. They are aligned on what is affectionately referred to as Billionaires’ Row on West 57th Street in midtown Manhattan in New York. The tallest of these three is Central Park Tower which rises 1,550 feet (472 m) with 98 above-ground stories and three basement stories. The upper floors of each of these supertall skyscrapers are referred to as condominium units, duplexes, penthouses, apartments, studio apartments - anything but affordable housing. It was reported that in 2014 the cheapest units in One57 (staff’s studio apartments) were marketed at $1.59 million each. One57 also holds the distinction of setting the city’s record for the most expensive and second most expensive residence sale - $100.5 million and $91.5 million. In January 2019 a four floor mega condo at 220 Central Park South sold for $238 million. Makes you really question the old saying: You can never be too tall or too rich.
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Outstanding cityscape/architecture image Wayne! It has a such a good point of view bringing the street level into the base of the massive skyscrapers. Well done! Todd
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What I noted immediately was the appearance of what could be haze on and around the tallest sections of the buildings you described, Wayne. While this could be literal, I see it as metaphorical. To me, the haze symbolizes cold. These buildings spoil the appearance and atmosphere of the neighborhoods that border Central Park. Although The Dakota is much further north than the structures in question, more of the glass and steel that hypothetically take the place of the previous ones potentially will spell the end of Central Park and the rich enjoyment it has provided. A rhetorical question: Will the existing bridges in the Park be replaced by these contemporary interlopers? The bottom line is that this image is extraordinary in its composition, design, color palette, detail, and effect. It tells a story that must be told. - - My best always, michael
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Thanks, Michael. You hit the crux of the issues with these supertall skyscrapers. Many feel they are destroying the "character" of the city. They dominate the skyline in gaudy ways and seem menacing. A piece of ice fell from one of them hospitalizing a pedestrian. Their problems are becoming legendary.
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Hi Wayne,


a very suitable subjecct for your painterly approach! I like the colors and the mild abstraction. Thank you too for the description, I didn't understand the title. These are truly paradigms of a society that has grown lop-sided. Kind regards, Vincent

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Thanks, Vincent, for taking time with this image. You are right. These tall expensive bohemoths are unpleasant commentary of our society. It makes me take more seriously the biblical statement about a rich man, a camel and the eye of a needle.
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