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  1. I know you are watching, @tai



  2. tai


    I am very grateful to you, Pierre, for your wonderful sign of attention! An adorable picture with a cheerful color scheme plus a smile! I like it! It's important for me! Sincerely, Tatiana
  3. tai

    Ancient discussion

    Dear colleagues, I am glad for your attention and kind words! The past 6 years with you were pleasant, interesting, joyful and useful for my development! And I am very grateful to you for this! Best wishes! Sincerely, Tatiana
  4. tai

    Ancient discussion

    Dear Photo.net colleagues, I wish you and your loved ones happy Easter holidays and all the best! I hope you smile at this picture of an ancient question. Sincerely, Tatiana
  5. tai


    Thank you very much, Patrick, for your support! Sincerely, Tatiana
  6. tai


    Many thanks to you, Vincent, for your attention, understanding and support! It is very important to me! Sincerely, Tatiana
  7. tai


    Dear Giangiorgio, I am very grateful to you for your attention, understanding and support! Sincerely, Tatiana
  8. tai


    Dear Colleagues, I am now on a planned break with Photo.net for self-education. But today's events have thrown me off balance and forced me to publish this image, created today from a photo of a chrysanthemum. It is a nightmare and shame for what I did not do. Sincerely, Tatiana
  9. tai

    Winter Park Embankment

    Many thanks to you, Pierre, for your attention, warm comment and compliment! Glad you liked it! Sincerely, Tatiana P.S. Once again I want to thank my dear viewers! I'm planning some pause from Photo.net. Take care of yourself!
  10. tai


    Excellent photo, Pierre! Congratulations! Sincerely, Tatiana
  11. tai

    Winter Park Embankment

    Glad your attention, Warren! Thank you very much for your winter beauty observation and compliment! Sincerely, Tatiana
  12. tai

    Wet February

    Interesting picture and title, Tony! I guess the plot with a walk in bad weather plus an aperitif, lunch and a digestif. Original light and textures. I like your tricks. Bravo! Sincerely, Tatiana
  13. tai

    Prague swans

    Charming picture, Wayne! Harmonious image of old Prague plus birds! Beautiful color scheme and PP! I like it! Bravo! Sincerely, Tatiana
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