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Rocky Mountain Film Lab - WARNING

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<p>I haven't seen any reviews from 2012? Did everyone just give up or did they get it together? I sent them two rolls 2 weeks ago (I wasn't aware of any of these problems) and their site (which apparently is down now) was working then. After reading all of these stories, I'm not really sure what to do? Wait a year or two or just call them now and ask to send it back right away? I'm wondering if anyone had good experiences with them? </p>
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<p>If it's any consolation I've developed film as old as 1947 using Ilfsol 3 with no real issues at home in my sink... it took me 15 minutes instead of 3 years to get my film back :) I'll do this for you, for an unreasonable price, but I'll do it and get it back to you faster than they will.</p>
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<p>Hello,<br /><br />I sent to the RMFL : one film Kodachrome II & one roll Kodacolor-X on 2011-10-17 From France.<br />They encasched 88,00 USD on 2011-11-10.<br />Every year, since this date, I send them an email to get news of the process.<br>

I never got any answer. I'm not very fluent in english so I don't want to call them by phone.<br>

Is anybody can relay my demand and get an answer back by email ?<br>

Than you<br />Best regards.<br /><br /></p>

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<p>There are a lot of postings on various forums over several years, and the Lab and its owner appear to have gone out of business and bankrupt. I think that the prospects of recovering any film now doesn't look good.<br>

All I can find is a (long) blog, dating from 2010, which gives some advice and the contact details for the bankruptcy trustee (in red)....might be worth an email or letter there, as a last resort.<br>


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<p>Rocky Mountain Film lab. Just received bankruptcy discharge notice from the court. They have had my film for 6 years, since 2008. Sure would like to get it back. I have called twice and talked to different people. All very nice. Still nothing. <br>

M. Ritter</p>

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