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I'm sort of new here in an "it's complicated" sort of way. I posted pretty regularly for about eight months in 2028/2019, mostly in No Words, but never did an intro post. I gave up the commercial email I used for this account in 2019 and didn't think to change my address here, so when I forgot my password I could not recover my account. Last month I signed up again and William Michael generously helped merge my old account into my new one. That's why you'll see I have posts from before I created this account. Anyway, I'm looking forward to being active again here so I figured it is a good time for an introduction.

I'm a biology professor and natural history museum curator in Green Bay Wisconsin, USA. I grew up in St. Louis Missouri and was always interested in photography, though I didn't get serious about it until graduate school. It was there that I learned scientific illustration (out of necessity for my work) and became interested in the intersection of, and parallels between, art and science. In my capacity as curator I often host art students who use our specimens as models in drawing classes and inspiration in various design classes. I've also worked closely with the art gallery/museum curator at my university, and have co-curated a couple exhibitions there. 
I couldn't find any rules against posting my website here, but admins, please delete this or tell me to do so if I missed it. meinhardtphoto.smugmug.com

Thanks for the opportunity to share my photos, and William specifically for all his help. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about you all.


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