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Sigma Foveon Images


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I've looked at Sigma cameras more than a couple times over the past couple years. Ultimately, purchasing one just does not make sense to me. Some of these images are. indeed pretty darn nice tho!

I too have done the same...it just seems Sigma is losing interest in the Foveon sensor which is unfortunate as I thought it always had potential as seen in the images posted here on this forum.

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I noted one image had a Pentacon label.


Which Foveon cameras have interchangeable lenses?


The Sigma SD Quattro series is the current flagship, using the Sigma SA lens mount. Adapters are available to fit other mounts, hence the Pentacon tag you noticed.


sd Quattro Series | Cameras | SIGMA Corporation


Sigma SD Quattro Review - The Strangest Camera I've Ever Used

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I wouldn´t say "vibrant". True, rather. But indeed, these images distinguish themselves in their colour rendition.

So maybe a shame to turn those images into monochromes ;-)

Unless, of course one likes monochrome, having used it predominantly over a long life in photography. Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

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