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Sigma Foveon Images


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Sandy Vongries said:

I am really enjoying this thread and photo series. Amazing! I'd find one, but know I wouldn't enjoy the processing work.


I'm pleased you're enjoying the thread. I don't know if you shoot RAW but if you're familiar with the process then you'd be at home with the Fovenon files. I get the feeling that many users make rather a fuss about working with RAW, but it's really much the same as any other editing process. The Sigma Photo Pro software is simple to use despite being a little slow and clunky in the interface, and the adjusted files are saved in TIF format which can be used with all the common image processing programs. I actually download the files using my default file viewer, the excellent Faststone free software, inspect them there and then open selected frames in Sigma Photo Pro. A fresh batch of files and a good coffee provide me with an enjoyable interlude!

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q.g._de_bakker said:

Enough to make me go look for a Foveon camera.What is the best to look out for?


As blurrist observed, that's a hard question to answer. The original Fovenon sensor cameras were fixed lens and fairly rudimentary, and went through a few improvements before the sensor became available in a range of more sophisticated cameras with interchangeable lenses. The sensor was also increased in size and "improved", not to everyones' liking. I began with the simple original DP-2 and later upgraded to a DP-2 Merrill, which many users feel is the Sigma Fovenon camera in it's purest form. I've considered branching out into the Quattro cameras with the interchangeable lenses, but they use the Sigma SA mount and I'm not too sure I want yet another lens mount in my collection. So, I currently use the little DP-2 Merrill with it's fixed lens, a process that forces me to think carefully about subject matter, angles and lighting in a truly archaic fashion. It's slow, thoughtful photography, and I enjoy it; as I mentioned in an earlier post, it's not unlike reverting to the contemplative procedures of view cameras and film.


Full kits of the DP-2 Merrill are available on Ebay for around US$500.

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