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Nikon New Camera Teaser, FX Mirrorless to be Announced on 23 August, 2018


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The images of the Z look great! Definitely not an entry level camera, the controls look very well thought out. Seemingly the construction of the camera looks like mostly metal, the grip might, I can't tell, possibly plastic. This is exciting to me, I'm a fan of small and light, mirrorless makes sense in this regard. If the info is true that Nikon will supply a lens adapter in the box to comply with Nikon legacy glass, this camera will become significant. The pictures provide some insight to the notion that this camera is a, "Semi-Pro" option. I can see professionals utilizing its size and weight for flexibility on site. It appears that Nikon hit hard with the "Z" platform and that they plan on being in the mirrorless game indefinitely. This move begs the question: What will happen to the Mirror?
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What will happen to the Mirror?


That, of course, is up to the customers, which products they choose.

Exactly. How technology progresses and what customers prefer will determine what Nikon will emphasis. I would imagine both DSLRs and FX mirrorless will continue in parallel for a number of years, but Nikon is not going to be able to maintain two full camera systems while the overall market is shrinking, as phone cameras are taking customers from the lower end.


Keep in mind that we currently have this other thread:

The sad demise of the Nikon 1



Just because cameras are mirrorless (such as Nikon 1) do not necessarily mean that they will flourish.

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