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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by joshroot, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. The work on the graphic upgrade continues.
    • Subscribers should not be seeing the Amazon ads in the gallery area.
    • The fonts have been changed to a serif font. Many people prefer this to a sans-serif font.
    • The ability to edit critique comments has been fixed.
    • The beta multi-uploader should be working again.
    • Visited links (forum threads, etc) should now be showing up as a different color than unvisited links (blue and purple in my browser).
    • Fixed the "No topic ID" login error.
    • If you are not seeing any of these improvements/changes, hold down "shift" and reload the page in your browser.
      Many other issues (the AOL browser problems for example) are being worked on as well. Please continue to be patient. Things are going as fast as we can make them.
      Also, say a little "thank you" to Jin for all his hard work.
  2. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Josh (and Philip, Jin, et al)! I can not tell you how much easier it is to read through this site now; the sans-serif was truly awful. And thanks for the work on the other "bugs", too. Regards.
  3. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    missed thanking Juliette!
  4. SCL


    Josh thanks for the update...communications are critical in securing acceptance.
  5. "communications are critical in securing acceptance."
    We're trying!
    Seriously, user communication is one of the main reasons that the "Director of Community" position I hold was created.
  6. les


    I already said so in my original thread, but will say it again: well done, yes, things are much better, I know other things will be improved too !
  7. I second Stephen's comment. Letting us know what is going on is important to the future success of this site. And thank you Jin.
  8. Thank you Jin, Philip and Josh. 24 hours of getting these few things fixed was not an easy task and I know we bugged Ya'll pretty good. I do like the font... I didn't even think about that one. Thank you :) ~ micki I CAN NOW EDIT AGAIN ~ YEAH!
  9. I suppose it's worth mentioning that though, indeed, those of us who are subscribers and who are signed in are NOT seeing the large Amazon panel ad when we look at photos in user galleries... when people who are NOT subscribers are looking at those same pages (say, when you send someone a link to look at one of your shots), the large panel ads are still quite present. Not sure if this is an oversight or by design. Candidly, I can live with seeing those ads when I go to look at my own stuff... but it's nicer to not have them so prominent (and in the middle of the comments!) when other people are directed there for a look. Just sayin'.
  10. So I have no longer to think about a date with my optician :)) Although now we have a little discordance with the heading. (You know, here are artists at work!)

    Very good and avoiding some trouble that you pooled the whole text of the comments below the names now!

    Have a placid night,

  11. A simple statement: Thank you very much. Your work is much appreciated.

    John (Crosley)
  12. thanks for efforts. Lot nicer to use. But I'm certainly not getting a colour change on topics that I've read. Am I alone in this?
  13. Very nice work, guys!
  14. Too bad... I loved the sans-serif font...
  15. HIGH FIVE, KUDOS, CONGRATS, GREAT JOB! PN you have managed to pull of, with limited resources and less than 24hr, what I thought was the impossible. Thank you for removing those ads being displayed with our work. I have humbly "eaten crow" on the thread I started yesterday. Nice work and I am :))) again. LJ
  16. What happened to old ? Can i switch to the old theme ? I mean nothing works. I can't see any thumbnails, none of my images, no artist page, nothing, except the front page. How long is this going to last ? To get a feeling about what i'm talking about, here's a screenshot.
  17. Good work! Big improvement in a very short time.
  18. Can the ads at least be moved to the bottom of the comments section in the galleries? I fully
    understand why they are needed, I just see problems with their current placement of the ads.
    The new
    site design is a lot more user friendly and its great to see a management team and
    strategy that doesn't remind me of a BM.
  19. I still have issues replying to a thread. It is better, but still not quite there.

    Now when I reply and am not signed in I get a text, unformatted html page back. I back up to the thread page that I was responding on and I am signed in though.
  20. BTW, Good job overall. I appreciate your hard work.
  21. jsc


    D N, please try logging out and attempting to respond to a thread now. Is it any better? What browser are you using, by the way?
  22. jsc


    Andrei, it looks like you're having a problem possibly unrelated to the design. Could you try clearing your browser's cache, or holding down Shift while hitting reload? Please contact me if you continue to have problems.
  23. Yes, great job on responding to peoples' concerns and fixing the problems that occurred with the upgrade. Overall I'd consider the new look an improvement now. Thank you!
  24. Thanks to the staff for the improvements. I didn't particularly cotton to the font change but it actually meant little to me since I know how to change it on my browser to my preference. I am quite willing to wait a month or so to see how things work out with the other improvements, but even then it isn't a matter of dire convenience for me but I do have one extreme bias: please don't even consider white lettering on black background. That is the reason I avoid several sites with otherwise interesting content!
  25. Dan: We will certainly never deviate from the black letters/white background standard for most of our text.

    To the folks who didn't like the big Amazon ad: We are going to let it run for another few hours to collect some data and then we're going to try something else (not too many people were in a shopping mood yesterday, according to the Amazon stats), probably more subtle. Sorry that we have to use the community as guinea pigs.
  26. ted_marcus|1

    ted_marcus|1 Ted R. Marcus

    And there seems to be another "improvement" as well. The latest database update of the so-called "SmartFilter" censorware now blocks the entire site due to "nudity." Is it merely coincidence that this happened right after the site update, or does the update include a hidden offensive image on every page visible only to "smart" software? Expiring minds want to know.
  27. I still don't see the serif font -- not after Shift-F5 and not after clearing the cache. I hope you're just still working on that one.
  28. I am not sure why you wouldn't see the serif-font. Unless you have your browser set to override it somehow. What browser are you using?
  29. I'm still not seeing any color change for visited links. I use FireFox & IE and the both are set to show visited links in red. They no longer work like that for this site. I've reset them to make sure and they still don't work.
    Can this be fixed?
  30. Actually, I do see a different shade for visited links. But it's hard to see...the links appear to go from blue to purple on my sceen. I think changing to red or green would be much easier to see.
  31. I am using Mozilla Firefox with no special overrides font-wise (websites are allowed to use their own fonts). Maybe I don't have your specified font and you have still a font-family:sans-serif somewhere in your stylesheet.
    And the line-height and align-left are not correct after I used a <blockquote> paragraph in a posting (without a <p> before the next paragraph -- see my postings here).
  32. Just a simple thought: it is normal an ad to Amazon to be useless. Who needs something like that? Do I know Amazon? Yes. Do you? Probably yes. It is almost impossible not to visit their page since it comes among the firsts in the search engines for hundreds of keywords! There must be something different, something interesting and new to us.
  33. Darius, the easy way to stop seeing the ads is to become a subscriber:
    Become a subscriber.
    Subscribers support with their wallets, non-subscribers support with their eyeballs (looking at ads).
  34. But I wasn't complaining about the ad. I was just saying that is useless for Amazon to advertise here. It is a marketing strategy thing. Has been said on this topic that the ad to Amazon didn't increase the sales of this online shop. It is normal since Amazon isn't new to us.
  35. By the way, I get both problems (sans-serif and blockquote issues) with Firefox and MSIE 5.5. So it's not even browser-specific!
  36. Darius, The only person who knows if it is "useless" for amazon to advertise here is Philip. As he is the one who is looking at the clickthrough data.
  37. Visited links (forum threads, etc) should now be showing up as a different color than unvisited links (blue and purple in my browser).
    Any chance of changing this to a color that isn't so similar to blue? I really have to look hard to see the visited links, and I have two desktop computers and a laptop, all with perfectly calibrated monitors.
    Wouldn't red or green be easier to see quickly? Or perhaps you could allow browers to use the personal settings that each of us has set.
    Other than that issue, I think everything else looks fine.
  38. Josh,

    The recent changes in the bold lettering and blue titles is excellent. Very easy for me to read. Thank you. Todd

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