Where do you get your film developed now-a-days?

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  1. This could go in film&processing more so than Canon FD, but I'm posting here because I feel it will reach a more specific target audience - people who still shoot film, not just learning about it or discussing chemistry.
    Where do you get your 35mm developed? Locally, or send out?
    I have a ziploc bag of film in the freezer to develop and when I took one last night to get developed and scanned to CD, the two big stores in my area (Wally World, Target) said they don't develop in store anymore. I ended up taking it to Walgreens.
    Normally I use a pro shop when shooting film for profit, but it's about USD$15 to develop and scan a 36-exp roll of C-41... More for E6. So it's hard to take rolls of every day shooting to a pro shop and spend that much, and I'm not just super impressed with Walgreens. Not bad, but I wanted scans a *little* bigger than 916K file size.
  2. My B&W film gets developed in my guest bathroom. And I do take my C41 to the Walgreen down the road. They do a fine job. Then I scan them myself. I don't do this professionally, so these methods yield acceptable results for my personal purposes. JR
  3. I develop my B&W as well but get horrible scans with my all-in-one. What kind of scanner and software do you use?
  4. Day-to-day stuff goes to Walgreen, with a Fuji Frontier system, for process only. I scan 'em myself. For serious work, I use H&H Color Labs in Raytown, MO . World famous lab. A real deal dip-and dunk C-41 line. Top techs handle all formats. They actually make great high res (75mb) scans, too. All at a price, of course. One of the last of the great labs in the midwest. They make excellent prints in a dizzying array of papers, surfaces and mounting options. However, I always print my own work. Print making is one of the great joys of photography for me. If I were still shooting chrome I would use Dwaynes which is just down the road a piece here in Kansas. I no longer shoot B&W film in 35mm format. I process 120 and 4x5 B&W here at home.
  5. I still take mine to the local camera store and have them develope the negatives only. It costs about $2.50 for a roll of 36 exposures and I scan the negatives with my CoolScan V and go back to the store for the few prints I want or need. For my E-6 film I take them to Wal-Mat and send it off for about $7.00 a roll and then scan and print a few.
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    As always - bulk roll stuff is developed at home. Chromagenic stuff at Walgreens. Dwaynes (via circuituous routes) for slides. If I really need incredible large B&W work I run into Chicago and have Gamma handle it.
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    Costco was doing a great job until a little while ago haven't been in there in a while. I shoot mostly slides and mount my own So I get the Pro lab in Salem to develop in strip (I cut too) for $8.00 they even give me the little plastic box since if I had them mount I'd get one.
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    Costco was doing a great job until a little while ago haven't been in there in a while. I shoot mostly slides and mount my own So I get the Pro lab in Salem to develop in strip (I cut too) for $8.00 they even give me the little plastic box since if I had them mount I'd get one.
  9. Old school here, two trips to my local camera shop. For me shop visits remain an enjoyable part of the "process", happy hour as it were. Scanning happens at home, for prints I'm back downtown! (10 minutes by car, 5 by bicycle)
    And where else can you hear a local instructor on digital techniques shoot her mouth off, with gems like "I just cannot believe anyone still shoots film, given the modern state of digital!!!"
    It's just not my job to educate the ignorant...keep your workflow away from my funflow, I'm on happy hour!
  10. I use a V500. It's fairly good, though it does better for MF and LF than 35mm. JR
  11. Walgreens. I even shoot process-41 B+W these days. Gotten lazy in my doterage. No Costco in my area, and Walmart is not as close.
  12. I also send E-6 slides to Dwayne's in Kansas. Beautiful, clean, virtually dust-free transparencies return home. Straight out of the box, there are typically only a dozen or fewer specks to remove after scanning. Turnaround time is as good as or better than any local Kodak depot was back in the old days, even before Kodalux.
    We have a good local lab that still just barely does C-41, though they're experimenting with sending it out now.
  13. Interesting. I didn't know Walgreens was that popular for C41 developing.
    Does Wally World process E-6 when you drop it in the send-out box? I'd heard they do MF, so I dropped off two rolls of 120 last night for send-out; but I haven't heard anything about E6.
  14. I recently had a couple rolls of slide film processed by Dale Labs (www.dalelabs.com) in Hollywood, FL. I've been pleased with their work.
  15. I'm another Walgreens customer for C41, they're just a block away so that's pure convenience but the negatives do sometimes come back with lots of scratches. For E6 I've sent a few rolls to A&I (www.aandi.com) using mailers from B&H but wouldn't mind finding a good lab closer by.
  16. Ritz Camera in Lynchburg, Virginia for 35mm C41. Prints plus scan and upload to my RitzPix account. I think the store employees have an interest in photography and care about the results. Wish they did 120/220 C41.
    Send out at Walmart for all size E6, 120/220 C41, sometimes 35mm C41. The 35mm C41 is developed by Fuji- Tullahoma, TN and Fuji sends everything else to Dwayne's. It all comes back to the Walmart store.
  17. BW-do my own
  18. Robert, The secret to using Wallgreens is to just let them process the film. If you let them scan it to make prints or CD's there will be potential for scratched film in your future. I don't let them cut it either. The least amount of handling they do, the better. That said, they process film 24/7 and will often do it for you while you wait. It only costs a couple of dollars per roll so if you shoot a lot, this is very convenient. I have encountered dirty roller marks now and again but they seem to come right of with a bit of film cleaner on a Pec-Pad. I am such a regular, they give me a "corporate" discount of 8% off (ask for it!) plus they often have coupons for additional discounts. Not a bad service for day-to-day color neg shooting. Without it, I doubt I would shoot as much 35mm film as I do with my Canon's and other classic 35mm cameras.
  19. I use Walmart for 35mm playing around shots, I never let them do it in the store. I always have it sent out, cheaper and better, about three days.
    All my professional work goes to Millers Pro Labs, fast and great work. They just stopped doing B&W so I guess I need to get my darkroom going again....
    I seldom need scans, if I do I have used local drugstores in the past, but I know most are removing processors now.
  20. sorry double post.......it did not say posted...
  21. I use Costco. Print and develop 24 exp $3.99, 36 exp is $5.19. they will scan to a CD for an additional $2.99.
    Quality is reasonable. My local Costco uses a Noritsu machine and prints to fuji cyrstal archive paper.
    The scans are between 2-3 megabyte in size ... not bad for sharing and making small prints.
  22. C-41 to Walgreen's (negatives and cd only) others to AZ photo in Houston.
  23. Louis, thanks for that heads-up on the scanning. I've gotten two out of two rolls of 35mm back with scratches and spots on them. And I'm not sure if it was the film or Walgreens, but last week's roll had light magenta splotches in several places. That, and my hunt for ANY 35mm 1-hour lab, was a big motivation for my questions.
    I used to go by Ritz/Wolf Camera but they shut down the store close to me. It seemed like the only pro-sumer level store around, unfortunately; all of the other stores I've been to sell low quality scans (referring to photo stores like Walmart, Walgreens, etc).
  24. My favorite lab in Cleveland (Merrill David) stopped processing film a couple of years ago, and I stopped developing B&W about that same time. So far I've had pretty good luck with these companies: Dwayne's (K-14), Duggal (E-6, C-41, Scala), dr5 (B&W C-41) & Dodd (Cleveland) for a bit of everything.
  25. Target or Costco for negative stock. K64 goes to Dwayne's, of course. E-6 goes to either Dwayne's or Dale Labs. Dale is good for the C-41 process too, but Target/Costco are more convenient with no shipping costs. For serious (not family snaps) work, the C-41 goes to Dale. And of course, I order scanned CDs of everything.
  26. PS: The chap who runs the minilab at the local Target tells me he has seen NO drop off in film processing. Go figure!
  27. "PS: The chap who runs the minilab at the local Target tells me he has seen NO drop off in film processing. Go figure!"

    Yep, I'm hearing that from my local lab as well; in fact, business has likely increased for film processing. But of course, around here, only about 10% (SWAG) of the labs from the 70's remain! Even less if you only count pro labs.
  28. For b&w, I do it myself. For color, Costco, Target, Walgreen's, wherever if it's just family stuff. I'm a retired UPI photog and for my serious color work I use Dale Labs in Florida. A friend who used to shoot stills for the NFL told me all their color print work was done by Dale. That was a good enough recommendation for me. For chromes, Dale is good too, but the Kodachrome goes out to Dwayne's, at least until the curtain comes down on 12.31.10. Dwayne's goes a good job on the E-6 stuff and prices are comparable to Dales, though the shipping costs differ on what you're sending in.
  29. I used Walgreens once for a develop only till I saw the operator handle uncut film with bare hands, and not by the edge. I went back to my usual Dale Labs.
  30. I used to drop stuff off at Sam's club for develop and scan but whoever did their scanning did terrible work. I've never seen such grainy pixelated stuff in my life. Just sent a test run to Dale Labs to see how they do. A little bit of everything, some APS (don't laugh), some 120, some E-6, some 135, some B&W. I would love to find a place I could send everything and get good results and not spend a fortune. There's a local shop that does good work but they charge $20 a roll for develop and print 35mm. Too rich for my blood. I have a shoebox that is filling up with undeveloped film so its time to get it developed at the very least.
  31. Watch out for Target, or any other minilab, for that matter. I picked up a roll on Saturday. While waiting, I spotted the minilab operator picking his nose and then handling the negatives without any gloves -- and not by the edges. It was grotesque! I will never take another roll to these barbarians again!
  32. <p>PS: Stick with Dale for C-41 and E-6. Use Dwayne's for K-14 (no real choice there!).
  33. "This could go in film&processing more so than Canon FD, but I'm posting here because I feel it will reach a more specific target audience - people who still shoot film, not just learning about it or discussing chemistry. - Robert Scrivener"
    Robert, I wish you would have followed your instincts and posted in Film & Processing - I still shoot film - Using Pentax equipment, and I almost missed this thread.
    I send my E6 to Dwayne's in Parsons KS in Fuji Mailers. I've had them scan only one roll which I was just looking at. Not bad, good capture of image, but very flat and a little off color - going to need some Photoshop, for sure. Quite a bit different from my home-scans (Minolta Elite Scan F-2900) - in some ways better. The scans from Dwayne's are 3089x2048 pixels - 18.1M in Photoshop, or 2.5-3.0 MB as JPEGs - which balloon to 12-15MB as TIFFs. (I usually do the first Save as TIFFs for editing and archiving off site, then save a final copy as a high quality JPEG on my hard drive.)
    I've been taking my C-41 to a local camera store - Lawrence Photo - the only photo specialty store in my home town of Springfield, MO (population 150,000). While I have proven by my tests that the quality of the prints I get from Lawrence is superior to what I was getting at WalMart and Walgrens, I am not completely satisfied with their service.
    For one thing, I don't get a time and date stamp on the back of my prints - a small thing, but as the photos pile up over the years, the date becomes a great aid to organization.
    A "benefit" they do provide is a second set of prints for "free" - I hate this - waste of paper, which is not really free (I'd much rather have lower cost printing). Several times I've asked them to limit my order to one set but they always forget.
    If I continue to use the local processor, I'm going to stick with developing only - or possibly develop and scan. I have not yet tested their scans from negatives.
    As a film shooter, I am starting to feel like some kind of freak at my local camera store. Last week when I asked what kind of slide film they stocked, all I got for a reply was a dismissive snort.

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