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  1. There was a K1000 and ME Super Program the same box. The battery covers were mixed up. The cover in the photo is for the K1000.
  2. Is this the correct battery cap for the Pentax ME Super Program? Odd how it has the + symbol on the cap, and the - end of the battery is against the cap, rather than the + against the cap.
  3. edit time ran out......I'm a technical guy and like technical "stuff" but I'm not a camera repair tech.
  4. I want to know if the OP ever removed the lens mount adapter that was clearly on the right lens of the vanished photo of the two lenses and after it revealed the C/Y lens mount, did he attach it to his Contax camera? (long sentence, Mrs. Blanks wouldn't approve) Looks like several or more replies have been deleted because I'm not the first to notice the silver mount adapter on the lens. I've been absent from film and photo.net for a few years and came back in June. Seems like this place has fallen apart. I really appreciate any knowledge that Gus puts on the forum, I'm a technical guy and like technical "stuff" but not a camera repair tech. In other important news, I have film and Rodinal from freestyle and ultrafine that should be here Friday.
  5. F-1n with 50mm f1.4 and might use 24mm f2.8 and 80-200 f4L. Shooting Legacy Pro 100 (Acros) Have HC110 and D76 with Rodinal on the way. Never could get good contrast with HC110.
  6. The camera that caused me to get into photography was my brother's m42 mount Sears camera. I think it was a re-badged Konica. After using it a month, I took it to the camera store and said I wanted to buy a camera that functioned the same. They gave me an AE-1 and I still have it. Best of luck this weekend with the Konica.
  7. I haven't been around in a few years but I see JDMvW still makes photos of that voluptuous water tank.
  8. In spite of itself, the thread survives, ten years later. Where have the years gone?
  9. I would like to collect information in this post about the EF, other than specifications. Specs are available in the online manuals.(canonfd.com) I think this would be interesting and would be searchable in the future for anyone desiring information on the EF. Most search results return EF auto focus information. Please contribute facts with sources and your opinions/comments. Also please provide your serial number, the date code in the film cassette compartment and the type of focusing screen. You can substitute XX for the last digits if you don't want to reveal the complete s/n. This would give a date code to s/n comparison and help approximate the focus screen change. The EF was released to the market in November 1973. (Canon Museum) When did production cease? When did you obtain yours if you purchased it new? Center spot microprism focusing screen. (undated manual) Split-image with microprism ring around it. (09-75 manual) Center spot microprism below s/n 330000 and split-image with microprism ring above s/n 330000. (http://home.comcast.net/~starka/FAQL/CanonFD_faql.htm#Efbodies) This is questionable, see my EF s/n and info below. Can anyone confirm the s/n cutoff? Do you know of any changes during the production period? My s/n 323087,date code P1225, (1975, December) and has a split-image with microprism ring.
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