What CMC are you shooting this weekend?

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  1. I found this Minolta SR-7 at an indoor flea market last weekend for $9.99, complete with the Rokkor PF 58mm f/1.4! It is in very nice condition and the meter actually responds at times (I think the battery I'm using may be near its end...), plus the glass in the lens is immaculate. I plan to add new seals before shooting but then I'll take it out and see what I can do with it. It's a beautiful camera with an elegant shape. I realize the SRTs of later years were much better in terms of functionality but this one looks nicer to my eyes. It is also my first SR-model Minolta! This will be my main CMC focus this weekend although I'll also be shooting a few frames with my Auto S2 as well. What are your CMC plans?
  2. A gret find, Andy. I am jealous. Mychoicewill depend on the weather. The worse the the weather, the less I will use
    cameras with selenium or no meters, and the more likely Iiam to go with silicon meters that may drive me to modern film
    camera forum. Or if really bad, I may just stay indoors, At my age, everyday is Saturday, as I retired in 2005.

    I have an Nikon N80 ready to go. Sunlight permitting, I would like to run my first roll through my recent Canon VT deluxe.
  3. The 58mm alone is well worth the money! Does the SR-7 actually have seals? My SR-3 had a double channel in the back so no seals were required.
  4. Leicaflex SL
    Great find, Andy!
  5. I'm driving up into Minnesota to photo the MILW 261 (steam engine.) Hmm. Now that I have my Leica IIIc back from Youxin Ye, I certainly need to try it out with some Foma 100! I'm also bringing an 1888 Prosch shutter/rapid rectilinear lens (6 inch FL), 150mm Heliar, 300mm Velostigmat to shoot on my Chamonix 4x5.
    Kent in SD
  6. SCL


    I've got some Tri-x sitting in this beauty from the mid 50's
  7. Nice ! I found mine all lonesome on a bookcase in the camera room. reinserted the battery and fired it up. Mine is a later model with the battery switch. A fine example of the Minolta offerings of the time. Now that the battery is in it'll be my user this weekend also. Have fun !
  8. Well done, Andy! A beautiful camera at a giveaway price, with the lens we all love. This Canon arrived yesterday; it's an old friend but it's nice to find a black one in such a tidy state. I've loaded it with Kentmere 200 and tomorrow morning I'll take it for a walk.
  9. I have some film loaded in various cameras that needs to be finished up and developed: the Yashica 635, Olympus 35 RC and a couple others.
  10. Nikon F3HP, though with prime lenses, rather than this zoom. Currently loaded with Kodak 125PX.
  11. Very nice, everyone! Professor K, I think you're right. I don't think it actually does have seals, but I will need to replace the mirror damping foam. David, I'm jealous of you! Everyday being a Saturday sounds nice, and those two cameras sound like a great way to spend those Saturdays. Louis and Rick, both of your black beauties look very nice and as always I look forward to seeing what the two of you have to share. Kent, your plans sound very serious! Please share the shots of the steam engine! Stephen, I really enjoy that Ricoh model. Enjoy shooting it! Red Robin, mine is a later model too with the battery switch. Enjoy shooting yours!
  12. We'll also be riding a steam train this week-end. It dates from 1900, and I don't have a contemporary camera :-( Right
    now, I'm torn between my 1938 Leica IIIa (my oldest, and it could possibly have been on this train, when it was still in
    service) or my 1969 Nikon F (for a 24 mm option and a built-in meter). Later this week, it's off to Rome with the M3 :)
  13. Sometime Saturday afternoon (PDT) my Leica M4-2 should arrive back from repair. I'm looking foward to running a roll through it. I put up with it's breakdown (slow speeds dropped out entirely) for a couple of years only using 1/30 and up so I'm looking foward to a fully functional camera for a change. Really, with my aging body 1/15 or 1/8 are not useable speeds but if I get into a situtation where it's either that or no picture at all I'll take the chance.
  14. I've been shooting (and posting) on my Canon VL2 RF and various lenses and such already (if Friday afternoon is part of the weekend).
    I just got the Start (link) bayonet to Leica Thread Mount adapter, but it only works for infinity focus with the M39 Zenit mount with more distance between the lens and film plane. At the moment, the only lens I have in that category is my MTO 500mm mirror lens, so I have a nice 135mm Jupiter on order from the Russian Federation. Not this weekend, at any rate.
  15. I'm about to go out the door, so your post was a case of good timing. I've loaded my Nikkormat FTN with 400CN to test out a newly acquired 50/F2 Nikkor. Pictured with it is the "$3 EBAY find of a lifetime" (for a Nikkormat lover), an (almost new) in the box black leather body case.
  16. I was literally on my way out when I say your post.. so now I'm back. I was out shooting a very new Bessa I folder and finishing a roll I started in a Retina 1a I started on Thursday when shooting Baby Speed Graphic with a focus problem. I'm bedeviled at the moment myMF unsharp pictures. My time and supplies are marked I had just enough developer for this roll and I will not be able to shoot for the next two weeks so I wanted to go out on a good note. I wil likely post on the Bessa I that I just bought from the Bay b/c I was so disappointed with the older folder Withe, the Compur/Skopar the leaks were plugged; but the "soft" pictures were less than spectacular.
    My light was not so good, shozuld of started earlier, but I made the best of it.
  17. Lex--I have so many unfinished rolls in so many cameras that it's not funny. I'm slowly finishing them though. Looking forward to whatever you share with us.
    Craig--the F3HP is always a joy to shoot!
    Soeren--Wow! Definitely looking forward to shots of the train and Rome!
    John--Enjoy your fully functional M4-2!
    JDM--looking forward to more shots from the VL2.
    Steve--that's a beautiful case and $3.00 is a beautiful price!
    Chuck--in spite of the other issues I hope you're enjoying the Bessa.
  18. Used my Leica M3 (with Xenon 50mm f/1.5) and a Kiev 88 "Hasselbladski" (with Vega-12 90mm f/2.8) at a photoshoot at the ruines of the abbey at Villers-la-Ville in Belgium.
    With a number of Goth, Steampunk and fantasy models.
    Hoping to shoot the remainder of the film in the M3 tomorrow at a Military Vehicle swap meet in the city of Breda. And maybe drop in at a local flea market (some lucky bar-steward picked up ROBOT camera at a flea market today grrr).
  19. Boy, all my camera's are classic.. but you've made a challenge, I'm going to dig out my oldest, and for me, the most difficult to shoot.. the zeiss ikon adoro 230/7.
    Its so small... and delicate..
    I've only shot it once... a couple of years ago, and liked it,, but so different, its the only folding camera I own.
    So tomorrow morning I'll go cut some film fer it.
  20. A beautiful, sunny October day, an unfinished roll in my Yashica and a new roll in the Canonet. What do you think it's gonna happen? Shooting side by side, I must admit the SLR viewfinder was something else. In fact, I was wondering why am I looking through this hazy Canonet?
  21. A Minolta SR5 with a slightly yellowed Takumar 50mm f1.4 attached via adapter. Even though I have a Spotmatic and a
    Fuji ST 605N, I had a roll of Tri-X already loaded in the Minolta.
  22. This compact, deluxe little Fujica, new to me and haven't seen results yet, but I keep hearing how great the Fuji glass is.
  23. New and old. Loaded some Across in my Bessa R with an old 50mm Canon lens....didn't take any pics this weekend though!
  24. Nikon F with Nikkor-O 2.1 cm f/4 Tmax 400,
  25. and Nikon FM3a with Nikon 100mm f/2.8 Ser E.
  26. Tony, That is also my current fav RF set up. The Bessa-R is so light! The finder is better than just about anything. Add TTL metering and top Canon lenses and you have a mighty nice shooting rig.
  27. Thanks Louis, nice to have a modern camera and lightmeter for all those nice LTM lenses. A lot of people criticize the Bessa cameras for their "plasticness" but they have a great viewfinder/rangefinder and excellent meter...what more do you need?
    Love that Nikon F and 21mm lens!
  28. Great find, Andy. I thought the weekend was going to be a bust CMC-wise, but today was a beautiful autumn day and I got out to an agricultural (mostly) fair with a really beat-up plain prism Nikon F loaded with Fujicolor 100 and 50/1.4, 28/3.5 and 105/2.5 Nikkors. (Non-USAns, today is Columbus Day in the States, making this a 3-day weekend.)
  29. Rick--I hope you share some of those shots!
    Peter--I hope you also share some of your shots, but also a shot of your camera. That sounds like a nice, challenging shoot.
    Brian--Nice looking cameras, but a clear viewfinder wins every time for me!
    Mike--Good things always happen with you and Minoltas!
    Dennis--The Compact Deluxe is a really nice camera with a wonderful lens. Have fun with it!
    Tony, Bela--What beautiful, drool-inducing cameras! The Canon lens on your Bessa Tony is one of my favorite lenses. Bela, any F with the standard prism is a beauty to look at, let alone a pleasure to shoot.
    Michael--Thanks! I hope you were able to capture some Fall color with that F outfit.
  30. Do the viewfinders in range finders cameras have to be hazy or is it just old age?

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