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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by canwewin, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. A friend of mine sent me this pictures which shows some really strange marks on negatives.
    I guess something went wrong on the developing, like negatives sticking together on the spool.
    At first I tough it was a fixer problem....

    Any suggestion?
    Thank you
  2. If it is not scratches, I would suggest it might be static electricity or even xray damage.
  3. I see lots of dirt specks and dust 'strands' -- the only odd things are the two+ vertical long marks on the left between the pole and the chimneys, but they could easily be scratches, or perhaps a very light 'crinkle' when the film was loaded on the reel. The upper part in the sky does look a little like possible static electricity, but the linear marks lower down, not so much.
  4. White on a neg means crap on the neg. Black means there is no emulsion there. I would first guess static, but there is a rectangular spot which suggests the emulsion must have just fallen off. Maybe a defect.
    What was the film?
  5. Hi,
    thanks for the responses,
    The film was hp5+, and as far as I know was shot and processed in very hot ans humid weather.
  6. Those are due to water marks, dust and scratching. More careful processing and filtered water, plus correct use of wetting agent is the answer.
  7. I think it is scratches and some residue of the calcium from the water used.
    I had similar issues with calcium deposits when I first started developing again and I solved it by using distilled or de-ionized water (whichever I can get the cheapest) for the last wash followed to a few drops of Photo-flo in some new distilled/de-ionized water.

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