Wednesday Landscapes, 7 April, 2021

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  1. Standing in for Leslie. I shot this at a friend's house in SW North Carolina. And, yes, I did some work on it in post.

  2. Michael, I love the purple branches at the top.

  4. Thanks, Michael--I appreciate the help! It's extremely encouraging to know that the thread will persist even if I can't post it. (I modified the thread title to be consistently searchable with the other WL threads)

    Here's my contribution for the week: I'd been searching through my archives for a different image, and tripped over this one and thought it looked familiar. It turns out that it's the same tree and almost the same pose that I posted a few weeks ago, but taken two years later. The tree? Somewhere in Howard Forest (about half way between Eureka and San Francisco). Evidently I liked the tree. And the pose.

  5. I like to avoid people in my photographs, but that bright orange surfboard was too much to resist. It seemed like the surfer was looking out into the unknown with the horizon (and the future) obscured by fog. I've been looking at my landscape photography as self portraits and therapeutic tools. It's revealing to think of pointing the camera outward as really the other way around. Otherwise, it was a quiet morning at low tide in Yachats.

    Landscape 4-7-21.JPG
  6. Covid landscape in rural Staffordshire, taken yesterday (6th April) about a mile from home. In keeping with British weather it was snowing before I got home.
    LocalLandscape_F6890-675 (1 of 1).jpg
  7. Laura, usually (but not necessarily always), I like to include a human presence - actual or implied - in a landscape photo. The benefit is adding a degree of interest. Your surfer does exactly that.
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  8. Love the moss. It adds atmosphere to me.
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  9. Another one, taken at the summit of Whiteside Mountain (North Carolina between Cashiers and Highlands).

    whiteside mountain.jpg
  10. Second encounter of the first kind
  11. For the most part, I like to let nature speak for itself. It's a matter of preference for all of us. Prior to the surfer's arrival the colors in the sand and the changing fog were everything I could ask for. Once the surfer arrived the scene became all about the person and less about the nature, even though the surfer was interacting with nature in a very intimate way. I did like the surf board, but I've never really felt warm and fuzzy about the image itself. That changed when I started looking at a series of landscape images, including this one, as unwitting self portraits. The image looks very different to me now, and I also like it more.
  12. Cracking stuff this week (like most weeks) but this week has more diverse interpretations of landscape photos
  13. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    That is so, but do they all incorporate ' ideas, poetry, and metaphor', as is apparently required ? ;):rolleyes::D
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  14. Like this?

  15. Laura, no one but you owns your work. So, it's obviously up to you to make the pertinent decisions, both artistically and technical.

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