T-Max Film and Using Yellow Filters?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Vincent Peri, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. You're right. Subtracting requires less circuitry.
  2. Oh, OK. I was referring to the idea of dye couplers and oxidized developers combining to form dyes.
    The developing agents have changed just a little over time, such that I believe that the older ones will still form dyes with new films.
    It seems that cross processing is getting more popular.

    There have been changes to the couplers that make the dyes more stable, but again fairly small changes.
    (But big if it is your film that hasn't faded.)

    It seems that the idea of film incorporating couplers goes back before Kodachrome,
    but they didn't get it working quite as fast.

    The idea that I was not making so well, is that with computers and computational
    chemistry now, one could come up with some newer and fancier process, but they
    did it all without electronic (no mechanical computing parts) computers.
  3. Yes but ignorance being bliss, I like the Magic.......

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