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  1. It sometimes lacks any sense, though. Years ago, when film equipment still was the norm, i tried to buy the 60 mm Distagon for the 1000 series Hasselblad. As it happens, there were 3 for sale on eBay, auctions ending within days. All in similar good to excellent condition.
    There was a lot of interest, and bids went up quite high, too high for my liking. So the first went for a lot, with many bidders. The second a few days later, the same. And a few days later still, i got the third for less than a quarter of what the other two went for. Both the seller and me were quite surprised. Where had those people gone, who had missed out on the other two, despite wanting one enough to bid a lot of money?
    The market often is difficult to understand, because it is not a rational thing.
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  2. I have a NOS completely untouched black Hasselblad 501CM, complete with original box and paperwork. What do you think it's worth?
  3. Body? Eu 1200.
  4. Hasselblad: 501 C/M Price Guide: estimate a camera value

    says $1700 to $1800 for mint. and high accuracy estimate.

    I don't know about Hasselblad, but many cameras work better if they are used
    once in a while.
  5. Bidding is funny. It might have been two people bidding up the first two.

    Some years ago, I was buying networking supplies for a school network
    project, such as Ethernet cards and cables. I often found that an auction for
    more than one would go for less than an auction for only one. People who
    want only one, won't bid on 2 or 10.

    I don't think that applies to Hasselblad, but Goodwill auctions like to put a few cameras
    together in one auction, even when you might want only one. I got a Mercury II that way,
    along with a few other cameras I wasn't so interested in, for $46.

    At some point, it is luck.

    I often bid low, and too often win.
  6. Just had a look on Ebay. Prices of Mamiya TLR lenses are rising. A while back lenses bar the 135 were running at about £80 to a max of £100. Now the cheapest are £130 up to £250. Not to worried I have my 3 keepers a 65mm a 105mm & a 135mm
  7. I have experienced this as well with camera equipment and also with wristwatch items. For example: I have followed auctions for exactly the same Omega movement that have essentially the same shipping charges, yet the first auction ended much higher than what the second ended at. I have also seen items not sell when listed as an auction and then sell for more than the original "Buy It Now" when it is relisted. Example" A set of Omega parts manuals - listed as an auction with $0.99 starting bid, and a Buy it Now of $20.00. No takers. The same seller relisted a week later as a straight "Buy It Now" of $30 and it sells. (smacking forehead). As you say, its not rational.
  8. Guess the pandemic has drawn a very thick line between what I want and what I need. Have MF gear I've not shot in over a year and no labs open nearby to process film if I did.
  9. Time to get a digital back? Start processing your film yourself?
  10. So this is your fault... ;)
  11. Lab nearest me says that demand has gone up during the pandemic.
  12. Quite happy with my stable of Fuji mirrorless. Using a Nikon D7200 to scan negatives. Exposed 120 b&w goes into the beer/film fridge. Ontario, Canada is under lockdown till late May--possibly longer--so labs are "non-essential" and open for mail-order only if you're outside Toronto as I am. Better days ahead!

  13. I agree that cameras tend to work better when they are exercised, and an untouched (new) camera that is quite old might need a CLA before using. But I'll bet there are people who want a completely new Hasselblad and are willing to pay a premium for it. You only need one of those buyers.

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