Nikon Announce That They Will Announce the Z6 II and Z7 II

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Sep 29, 2020.

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  1. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    The actual announcement will be on October 14, 2020 or so, depending on your time zone.

    Z Countdown | Nikon
  2. This announcement came out of the blue. They should have announced it in advance.
  3. It used to be endless 'arty', cryptic teasing videos running for weeks, now it's a countdown clock, in Nikon colours, borrowed from some end-of-the-World scenario....:(

    I'm just hoping it will cause a steep nose dive (is there any other sort?) in Z6 MK I prices...:D
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  4. Is this a first for Nikon using the "II" nomenclature on a body revision?

    We've seen the "s" version of bodies plenty of times, but the "II" and so on was a Canon thing first AFAIK and then a Sony thing. Canons are starting to get a bit unwieldy on some of theirs :)
  5. Yes! Crossing fingers. I want one.
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  6. Nikon wants to be like Sony when it grows up--new models every quarter! Seriously, though, how does this make Z6-7 early adopters feel? Nikon seems rudderless.
  7. A two year refresh is hardly a new model every quarter.
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  8. As a friend of mine often says, "They're a fixin' to get ready."
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  9. I suppose without knowing anything certain, including pricing, about the 'improvements', no-one knows if upgrading is a sensible option for early adopters!
  10. I guess they realized that they would run out of numbers if they use other numbers like Z8 etc.. if they use the s version it's hard to name the third model.
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  11. Actually if you don't see the price drop before the announcement there won't be any price drop and possible a price increase. They tend to drop the price to the lowest before letting you know that the replacement is coming. After the replacement is released they would raise the price of the old model a bit to make it's easier to sell the new model.
  12. Now it's time for a revision of the F6. Let's have the F7.
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  13. I've been wondering where Panasonic will go after the G9... The G10 was a cut-down version of the G1/G2.
  14. I wonder too where they'll go with this...

    For one thing, I wonder how likely they are to be able to get the A7R IV sensor, and if so that might be a big upgrade on a Z7 II, although I doubt Sony is ready to give up that sensor yet.

    Aside from that, I'm wondering if it's going to be a bit of a "massage" now that Nikon is comfortable with mirrorless bodies. I haven't gone beyond playing with them in the store, so don't know if there are quirks that could be ironed out, but I always think of things like the D800/D810 situation. Fundamentally, the D810 is a body wrapped around the same basic sensor as the D800 albeit without an AA filter. On the surface, that one change alone isn't a huge upgrade, but now that I have both I can see that the D810 did get a lot of tweaking and even if no one feature makes a compelling case for an upgrade, the totality of everything(no AA, lower base ISO, deeper grip, and much quieter/better damped shutter) make it a worthwhile upgrade.

    I wonder too if NIkon has managed to work a second card slot into these bodies. The D3s and D300s, for example, did get that upgrade.
  15. I agree completely.
  16. Yeh. They could have a 12 megapixel sensor where the fresnel screen is and give you a proper WYSIWYG LCD preview of the final image. With presets for various film types and a random 'processing cockup' filter popping up on the best shots.

    Priced at a modest $5068.95, which of course would attract an additional 'polluter pays' surcharge tax.
  17. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Since Nikon is calling these the Z6 II and Z7 II, I would assume that they will reset the prices to the original introductory prices for the Z6 and Z7 back in 2018. That is, US$3400 and $2000, respectively. Perhaps they may adjust them upward (or downward?) by $100 to $200, but it won't be much. That will be sufficient separation from the fairly new Z5 @ $1400 initially.

    I think Nikon may also announce a lens or two before they wrap up 2020.
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  18. Yes, too much is never enough. But I also shoot with a Holga.
  19. Im still waiting for the Z8/ Z9 announcement. It was rumoured well over a year ago. I guess now with these two cameras, it may not come out till forever now. By then Sony will be on Mark 5 of their A7R series.
  20. Wonder if Nikon will get any closer to the expected Sony A7IV with the Z6 II and to the A7R III and IV with the Z7 II than they did with their initial offerings (Z6 vs A7III and Z7 vs A7RIII) or if they will still playing catchup. All I expect from the 2nd generation is an undoing of the unforced errors made on the first one two years ago.

    On a positive note: when was the last time Nikon announced 5 cameras in one year?

    Wondering why Nikon didn't call the Z6 the Z7 and the Z7 the Z7X - would at least have been consistent with earlier practice (and also in line with copying Sony). There would even be the option for a high-speed Z7H:D
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